Godly Stay-Home Dad

Chapter 1476

Chapter 1476 Making a Lot of Money Every Day

“I’m going to start a business.”

Chen Yang was extremely happy.

He felt a little dizzy.

Although he had a plan in mind, it was not easy to carry it out. Everything was difficult to start at the beginning, and he didn’t even have the start-up funds.

But now, it had been perfectly resolved.

Chen Yang said with a smile, “Well, let’s sign a contract.”

“We don’t need it. You’ll just get the work done. I’m sure you won’t welch on our agreement,” Mengmeng waved her hand and said.

“Hahaha, if I turn out to be a deadbeat, feel free to beat me up.” Chen Yang laughed out loud. “Now we’ve finished eating, and it’s only noon. I’ll clean up the table. Shall we go to check the location together then?”

Mengmeng and the girls looked at each other.


“We don’t have much to do in the afternoon anyway, so we’ll go check it out.”

All of them replied.

For the first time in his life, Chen Yang felt so happy while cleaning up the utensils. He put them in a bag and placed them at the back of the classroom casually.

“Let’s go.”

Chen Yang felt that it was the peak of his life to take a few beautiful women to study how to run a restaurant.

However, when he thought about it carefully, he realized that the girls behind him were all big shots.

After walking for more than ten minutes, they arrived at the prosperous area of the commercial street.

“This is the place I told you about. It’s being sold.” Chen Yang pointed at a storefront.

Li Muen looked around and said, “It’s a little remote.”

“It’s indeed a little remote, but a restaurant in a good location would be even more expensive. Moreover, very few people are after it, so we may not be able to rent it,” Chen Yang replied.

“Let’s go and check it out,” Li Muen said. “We can always spend more money on it.”

“I’m happy to hear that, haha!” Chen Yang laughed and took the lead to walk forward.

“This is a good place. It has floor-to-ceiling windows and three floors.” Li Muen suddenly noticed a steak house. It had three floors and was located in the middle of two buildings. Next to it was the pedestrian street. It was in an excellent location.

There were two such storefronts. One was a fast-food restaurant across the street, and the other was that steak house.

“I’m afraid we can’t get it.” Li Muen felt that it was a little difficult to get it.

“We can ask the boss about it. We have the money now anyway,” Chen Yang said. “This steak house is doing well, but it’s not like we don’t have a chance.”

He was bold enough to go straight in and said politely at the counter, “Excuse me, I want to talk to your boss.”

“What?” The receptionist was stunned.

“What is this young man up to?”


Chen Yang smiled faintly, took out his mobile phone, browsed it, and clicked open a message, which showed the money he received. There were a lot of zeroes at the end of the number.

He looked at the receptionist and said, “I have a major business transaction to negotiate with him. Could you please give me his contact information?”


The receptionist didn’t see the message clearly, but he knew that there was a lot of money. Maybe the boy did have a business transaction to negotiate with the boss. He couldn’t delay it, and he couldn’t call the shots, so he contacted the lobby manager.

“Hello. If you’re here for business, you can talk to me first,” the lobby manager said with a smile.

“There’s no point in talking to you. I need to talk to your boss.” Chen Yang shook his head.


The lobby manager took out his mobile phone, dialed a number, and explained the matter in a low voice. Then, he handed the phone to Chen Yang.


“Well, hello.”

“I wonder if you have any intention of transferring the lease of the restaurant? The price is negotiable,” Chen Yang said with a smile.

“The price is negotiable?” The other party smiled. “My steak house nets a profit of 100,000 bucks a year. Why should I transfer the lease to you?”

“Well…” Chen Yang didn’t know what to say. He glanced at Li Muen and the others, and shook his head, indicating that the boss was unwilling to transfer the restaurant.

“Why don’t we contact the landlord and ask him?” Chen Yang asked softly.

However, the person on the other end of the line seemed to have heard it and said with a faint smile, “Don’t bother. I’m the landlord.”

“Alright. Sorry to have disturbed you.” Chen Yang completely gave up on the idea.

But unexpectedly, there was a sudden change.

“I can’t rent the restaurant to you, but if you want to buy the storefront, I can consider selling it,” the other party said.

“What? Buy the storefront?” Chen Yang was shocked.

Hearing this, the person on the other end of the line knew what was going on. He felt that the few people on the phone had the money to rent the restaurant but were not rich enough to buy it.

“Give the phone to me.”

Li Muen took the phone. She was indeed Li Kai’s daughter. She got straight to the point and said, “If we want to buy it, how much does your restaurant cost?”

“3.2 million, no bargain.”

“It’s too expensive. As far as I know, among the storefronts over here, a three-story restaurant like yours is only worth about 2 million,” Li Muen said.

“Haha, little girl, you need to take the location into account as well. My restaurant is close to the commercial street. It’s the best place in the college town. The market price of the restaurants that are in urgency of sale is about 2.6 million bucks, which is also in a hurry to sell. I’m not in a hurry to sell mine. The steak house brings me a lot of money. If the price is low, do you think it would be necessary for me to sell it?”

Li Muen was also a little uncertain. She cast a glance at Mengmeng.

Seeing Mengmeng nod casually, Li Muen made an “OK” gesture and said, “2.8 million, and we’ll buy it directly. What do you think?”

The other party instantly fell into silence.

Ten seconds later, the man said decisively, “If you really want to buy it, 3 million. If you offer a lower price, the deal is off.”

Li Muen made a gesture of three, indicating that the man asked for 3 million.

Seeing this, Lv Zihan stood still, for fear that she would disturb them.

Chen Yang felt that his mouth and tongue were dry, and he was quite dumbfounded. “Are these big shots so rich?

“Oh my god, they’re negotiating a deal worth 3 million!”

The lobby manager looked at them in confusion. “They are college students, right…?”

Under several people’s gazes, Li Muen nodded and said, “Okay, 3 million it is. We are in your restaurant now. Can you come here with the contract?”


The other party was stunned. He did not expect his restaurant to be sold so hastily.

“I will be there in an hour.”

After that, he hung up the phone.

He was not sure, and he didn’t have much hope for the deal. But it didn’t matter. He hadn’t been to the steak house for a long time, so he could go and have a look. He wouldn’t mind even if they were joking.

After hanging up the phone, Li Muen said excitedly, “3 million. The three of us can each invest 1 million bucks. It’ll be convenient for us to cast up the accounts.”

“Okay,” Yue Xiaonao replied.

“Dear sir and ladies, please have a seat. What would you like to drink?” The lobby manager’s attitude was very humble.

He was this close to kneeling to them.

The students sat at the table and ordered some drinks.

Mengmeng was drinking cola on ice.

She seldom drank fruit juice when she was not home, and no fruit juice could compare with the kind on Mount New Moon. However, she was a little interested in cola and Sprite.

Li Muen said, “I have less than 1 million. I’ll call my dad.”

Chen Yang almost bit his tongue when he heard that.

Among the three big shots, Li Muen was the only one who didn’t have more than 1 million in her account. As for the other two, they both had more than 1 million in their accounts.

“I have 0.6 million here. Each of you only needs to take another 0.8 million.” Chen Yang reminded.

“You’re not going to decorate the restaurant? You’re not going to buy the necessary items?” Li Muen looked at him as if he was a fool.


“You need to set up a company. As we agreed before, you’ll buy the restaurant in the name of the company. Sign an agreement with the landlord today. When the company is established, you can go and deal with the transfer,” Li Muen said.

“That’s amazing.” Chen Yang sighed in admiration. He had never thought of these things.

As he spoke, Chen Yang took out his phone and checked the process of the establishment of the company.

It seemed to be quite complicated.


Li Muen said directly, “I need one million bucks. Mengmeng, Xiaonao, and I need to invest. We’ll run a restaurant together… Okay. Got it.”

She hung up the phone.

Li Muen made a face and said, “As soon as my dad heard that I would run a restaurant with you, he transferred the money directly without asking about anything else. He gave me 2 million.”


Chen Yang bit his tongue.

He almost burst into tears.

He had thought that he had stuck to a few rich people, but the girls turned out to be super-rich.


Lv Zihan sat there, feeling a little uneasy and unaccustomed. “Why don’t I go back and read?”

There was nothing she could do to help, and she heard that they seemed to be very casual about the money. Her idea was that it would take a long time to spend 2 million dollars.

“Just sit there and watch. This will be our restaurant in the future,” Chen Yang said.

“Are you up to no good again? Enough with that, you jerk.” Mengmeng snorted.

“I’m not a jerk,” Chen Yang said with a smile. “Besides, I won’t be up to no good to you, Sister Meng.”

“You’re so shameless.” Yue Xiaonao touched her forehead and said, “You’re an unbelievable douche, aren’t you?”

Chen Yang had always been like this. He was very talkative and seemed not to mind others joking about him. It was just that he was trying to two-time the girls he liked.

Moments later, the owner of the steak house came, driving a Lexus 570.

He was bald, easy-going, and dressed in ordinary clothes with a bag under his armpit.

Seeing this, the lobby manager immediately went up to him and took him to the girls in person.

“Nice to meet you.”

The owner was a little surprised to see Mengmeng and the others.

“They are negotiating a deal with me at such a young age?

“Perhaps they come from a wealthy family.”

The boss did not show any contempt. He took out the contract and said, “This is the purchase contract. If there is no problem, we can sign it.”

“Shall we sign an agreement first?” Li Muen said, “We want to buy the restaurant in the name of the company, which, however, has not been established yet.”

“Alright then.”

The boss changed the contract.

After a discussion, the girls paid the deposit. When the company was established, they would pay the rest of the money, and then the ownership of the restaurant would be transferred to them.

“Well, I’m looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with you,” Mengmeng smiled.

Although she was only paying for the establishment of a company, she found it quite interesting.

“Hahaha, right back at you. Are you guys available? I’ll treat you to high tea.” The boss laughed.

Since he could sell his restaurant, he could actually do a lot of things and choose more selectively with 3 million bucks. In his opinion, it was not a loss for him to give up the deal of making hundreds of thousands of bucks a year. He could even make a small profit by selling the steak house.

Back then, he had only spent 0.8 million dollars to buy this storefront.

“We won’t be having high tea. We still need to set up our company,” Mengmeng said.

The boss was very practical and took the initiative to say, “It will take at least nearly a month to set up a company. How about this? The staff can’t get another job in a short time. Can you keep them for a week or two? The steak house will continue to operate, and the turnover will be yours. You will also give the guys time to find a new job.”

“Sure.” Mengmeng, of course, was okay with it and nodded.

“Thank you, boss.” The lobby manager and a few waiters were very touched since the boss respected them.

Not every boss had a bad temper.

“I’m going to Fralop this month and will be back in about three weeks,” the boss said.

“We should be done with the establishment in a week,” Mengmeng said.

“Can it be done so soon?” The boss was stunned, but then he remembered that they might have a way out, so he said, “Well, I’ll wait for you here first.”


After a few simple words, Mengmeng and the others said goodbye and left.

“One week is too short.”

Li Muen said, “But that’s not a problem for Mengmeng.”

“I think so,” Mengmeng said. “I’ll ask about it first.”

“Wow, Mengmeng has so many connections.” Chen Yang said timidly, “I feel like I’ve gotten to know a big shot.”

“It’s too late to flatter me now.” Mengmeng rolled her eyes and said, “You’re already a jerk to me. Don’t always pester Zihan.”

“Representative, Representative is not a jerk,” Lv Zihan whispered.

Her words made Mengmeng’s mouth twitch.

The others burst into laughter, especially Chen Yang, who was laughing happily.

“It’ll be too late by the time you realize that he’s a jerk.” Yue Xiaonao said bitterly, “Why do you acting like a silly sweet girl?”

“I…” Lv Zihan’s face turned red, “I’m not silly.”

Chen Yang chuckled and said, “We’re just friends. Don’t misunderstand us.”

He wasn’t sure what to do.

“Why do I feel that I have to get Mengmeng’s permission if I want to woo Zihan?

“However, it seems that they won’t agree.

“I still have a long way to go.

“I’m just a sentimental man, not a jerk.”

Chen Yang thought about it happily.

He didn’t think much about this cooperation. It was good to make money, but he felt that it was just the first bucket of gold in his life.


Mengmeng dialed a number and asked, “Do you have Ye Tianlang’s contact information?”

“Yes. What’s up, Mengmeng? I miss you. When will you come back?”

“I’ll go back in a few days.”

“Why are you looking for Ye Tianlang?”

“I have some business to do.”

“I’ll send his number to you now.”

After chatting for a while, Mengmeng dialed Ye Tianlang’s number. At this time, she was slightly more than ten meters behind the crowd, and her voice was not loud.

“Chief Instructor Ye.”

“Eldest Lady.”

“I have something to trouble you with.”

“Just name it. You don’t need to be so courteous with me.”

“I’m in the West Capital. I don’t know the director here. Can you give me their phone number?”

“Where are you? I’ll ask him to go there in person.”

“That will be unnecessary. I can just make a phone call.”


The third call was made to the director of the National Security Agency in the West Capital.

The director seemed to be a little nervous.

“Eldest Lady, what can I do for you?”

“I’m going to start a company here.”

The director’s face was covered with tears. “It’s such a trivial matter. Boss Ye contacted me personally and warned me about it. My life is so hard…”

He immediately made the arrangements.

Less than an hour later, several Hummers arrived at the school gate. Mengmeng and the others got in the cars. The process didn’t take long, and they were offered the best service.

Chen Yang was rendered speechless by the fast speed.

In just three days, it was all done.

When the boss of the steak house transferred the ownership, he was also stunned.

“Your efficiency is too high.”

He felt that he had underestimated these young girls. They were definitely from rich and powerful families.

The company was called Flying Hero Catering.

It was a rather casual name.

Chen Yang began to get busy with his work.

The class representative had begun to skip class.

When he got out to run errands, it would take him an entire day.

He would go to the market and do research.

The restaurant couldn’t serve just one kind of food. They needed to offer pizzas, lobsters, and some other kinds of delicacies.

The menu was initially set.

The steak house was still open, but after the boss was replaced, almost all the original waiters stayed.

Chen Yang ran back and forth to make arrangements.

Although he was tired, he felt that it was particularly meaningful.

Finally, after the second week.

In the teaching building, Counselor Hou was helpless and said, “Chen Yang, you are the class representative. How many classes have you skipped recently?”

“Counselor Hou, I’ve been so busy recently that my legs almost broke down,” Chen Yang said with a bitter smile.

“What have you been busy with?” Counselor Hou frowned slightly. “Isn’t studying more important than other things?”

“I have my reasons,” Chen Yang quickly explained. “I, I’m just about to run a restaurant. I think there are some people in the university who are not very well-off and want to be frugal, such as Lv Zihan. I want to provide them with a part-time job.”

His words were imposing.

When he said it, he had such a noble and righteous aura.

“You’re about to run a restaurant?” Counselor Hou suddenly smiled. “You’re just a freshman, and you’re already starting a business? Besides, you can’t skip classes every day even if you run a restaurant.”

“You’re right. I’m done with my work. I’ll definitely focus on my classes this week,” Chen Yang replied.

“All right. I’ll let you go this time. Focus on the following classes and don’t fail your exams. As the class representative, you can lead the class. That’s all.” Counselor Hou waved his hand.

“Thank you, counselor,” Chen Yang smiled.

That was to say, there was no punishment this time.

Counselor Hou was also a little surprised. He didn’t expect that Chen Yang would start doing business after he started college life for only two months.

Counselor Hou thought it was a small restaurant, but he didn’t expect it to be so big.

At about six o’clock that night.

“Bosses, the renovation has begun today. This is the beginning of our legend!” Chen Yang patted his chest.

“A legend? It’s just a restaurant.” Mengmeng touched her forehead and was a little speechless.

In front of them, the sign of the steak house had been taken off. The outer walls were being renovated. They guys wanted to decorate the restaurant with some good-looking decorations. The floor-to-ceiling windows were very big, and the appearance of the restaurant had not changed much.

The interior decoration had undergone a great change.

The elegant environment would show off the restaurant’s classiness.

The dining area was on the first and second floors, and the kitchen and warehouse were on the third floor.

“We should place a piano on the first floor and a small stage for the resident singers to perform,” Mengmeng pointed to a place and said.

“Huh? How many seats would be wasted if we do that?” Chen Yang was stunned.

“We don’t need too many seats. The environment needs to be great,” Li Muen said. “This will be a chain restaurant. This is the first step of the brand. Once the restaurant becomes famous, we’ll earn a lot with the initial fees alone.”

“All right.” Chen Yang said, “I’ll get some guys to design it. We’ll try to set up as many seats as possible on the second floor. Will that be okay?”


After studying the layout for a while, Chen Yang rejected some of his ideas.

According to his thoughts, he could set up more seats in the restaurant, like how it was in the college canteen, and the customers would fill them up every day. How much money would that get him?

Every day, he would make a huge profit.

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