Godly Student

Chapter 537

Cheng Family, Cheng Yu's room

Yu'er, what's the matter? Yang Sifeng said as she sat in a chair.

Seeing that her handsome baby son came back, Yang Sifeng was very happy. She has spoiled him ever since he was a child and although he often made trouble as he grew up, she still could not bear to scold him.

Although she wants her son to succeed, she does not want to see her son suffer because he is the only male of the three generations of the family. The family was very dissatisfied with his previous performance and they were very reluctant to hand over the Cheng family in the future to him

But now, her son has experienced many things in Yunhai for two years and he has made many improvements. Although he is only 18 years old, he already has the rank of lieutenant colonel. This glory is not something that anyone can get.

More importantly, Cheng Yu is now more mature and has no previous bad habits. Now he is also recognized by the whole family, especially his grandfather who simply treats him as the precious gem of the family. He is basically the head of the household already so how can she be unhappy as a mother?

Mom, there is something I want to ask you, just... Looking at his mother's loving eyes, Cheng Yu was hesitant in his heart. He saw that Yang Sifeng really loved her son very much but he wants to ask this question that might hurt her

Oh, what are you hesitating for with your mother, ask anything Yang Sifeng laughed.

Hey, I want to ask, I... am I your biological son? Cheng Yu was depressed for a while and finally asked.

After all, he is very confused about his situation because of the discovery in the Dark Nether Realm. The realization made him pay attention to this problem.

Silly child, why are you speaking such nonsense? If I didn't give birth to you, how would you be able to talk to me like this today? Yang Sifeng did not have any other expressions and regarded Cheng Yu's question as a joke as she flicked his forehead and smiled.

Are you sure? Mom, I am very serious about this, it's not a joke Cheng Yu said with a serious expression.

Of course you are my own, you are born in October straight out of my womb. Did you come back just to ask this? Yang Sifeng saw her son's serious expression and was startled but then said.

However, Yang Sifeng still did not take Cheng Yu's words seriously.

Cheng Yu looked at his mother's loving eyes and he was puzzled. Is this body really just an ordinary person and nothing special? Is that blood really brought by myself?

If this is the case, why did I not have multiple Golden Cores in my previous life? Moreover, Soul Suppressor also said that people who do not have the blood of the Holy Cluster cannot cultivate this cultivation technique. Didn't I successfully cultivate it in my previous life? Although I didn't get any extra Golden Cores, I definitely successfully cultivated it

Yu'er, what are you thinking about? Silly, am I a bad mom to you? Yang Sifeng noticed that Cheng Yu was a little worried and lost in thought, she didn't know what he is thinking about

No, Mom, did anything unusual happen when I was born? Cheng Yu responded and asked again.

Unusual things? Although she doesn't understand why her son is asking this but looking at him being so serious, Yang Sifeng still tried to remember anything unusual and said, Hearing you talk about this matter, something really did happen when you were born. I don't know if it is just an illusion or not because I was in extreme pain at the time

Oh, what is it? Cheng Yu's eyes lit up.

I remember that on the day of you being born, a magical light flew into my stomach and I asked the doctors who helped me give birth afterwards but they said that they didn't see any light so I am not sure if this is an illusion or not. Yang Sifeng recalled.

Mysterious light? Cheng Yu pondered. Does this light have any connection to the bloodline of the Holy City in his body?

Yu'er, what happened to you today? Why do you ask this kind of thing? Did someone say something to you? Yang Sifeng said to her son.

She thought that he heard someone talk nonsense in Yunhai wondered if it is true so he came back to confirm

Oh, no, I am just casually asking Cheng Yu smiled lightly.

You, this child, is very mysterious all day long. Forget it, how long are you planning to stay at home this time, how is my little daughter? Why didn't you bring her back to your grandfather so he can see her? Yan Sifeng said to Cheng Yu after thinking about the little girl who Cheng Yu brought back

Oh, I came here in a hurry. I have so many things that I need to do in Yunhai so I will go back tomorrow Cheng Yu said. He originally wanted to inquire about this situation so that he could find some clues about the blood of the Holy City that may or may not be in his body but now, it seems that this clue is so vague.

However, one thing that Cheng Yu can be sure of is that the bloodline is related to his fleshly body

What? Going back tomorrow? Can't you stay at home for a few more days? Mom hasn't seen you for so long Yang Sifeng reproached.

Mom, why don't you go back to Yunhai with me? Anyways, our family is not in a bad spot and your son can make money now Cheng Yu said.

Our Cheng family's ancestors are in this capital city, how can I return to Yunhai Yang Sifeng said.

Therefore, Cheng Yu had to stay in the capital for a few more days before he left alone at night.


On this day, Cheng Yu just studied the runes of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda with Soul Suppressor but there is no harvest at all. After feeling depressed, he decided to cultivate and try to break through. Just as he sat down on his bed to cultivate, Cheng Yu felt several formidable auras coming towards him, causing his face to greatly change

Cheng Yu ran out of the villa and saw six lights shining like a meteor coming towards his direction. When the six rays of light appeared in front of him, there were six cultivators dressed in brocade robes, four men and two women.

However, it can be seen from their robes that they are wearing is exactly the same as Yi Feng's and the rest. They must definitely be disciples from the Mysterious Sky Sect

The six looked at Cheng Yu, and suddenly, a formidable pressure exerted on him

The Spirit Severing Stage? Cheng Yu was shocked. They actually sent experts at the Spirit Severing Stage. It seems that the Mysterious Sky Sect already knows about the matter

The strong pressure made him feel a little suffocated. It felt as if a mountain is being pressed down on him

Cheng Yu's feet were on the concrete road and he was sinking. His face is a little pale, his legs were trembling, and he seemed to be about to submit

Humph! Suddenly, Cheng Yu's body radiated golden light and the pressure on Cheng Yu's body was instantly offset and his face slowly recovered.

Oh, sure enough, he has some skills. A small Gold Core can actually block my pressure, it seems that there is indeed a powerful magic treasure in your body, you are Cheng Yu from Limitless Palace? A 30 year old looking man looked at Cheng Yu and said lightly.

It is indeed me. I don't know the reason for the several Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters to visit me? Cheng Yu's eyes are concentrated. These guys are really prepared. They even knew his name. It seems like Yi Feng told his sect about him

At this time, Cheng Yu's heart is a bit heavy because the guy who spoke is at the Spirit Severing Stage and three of them are at the Late Nascent Soul Stage while the other two are in the Mid Nascent Soul Stage.

Do you know our origins? The man asked again.

I don't know, I ask this senior brother to tell me Cheng Yu said.

Although the other party was prepared, but no one saw him killing Yi Feng and the others. As long as he does not admit it, no one would know the truth

Oh, I heard that you killed Kunlun's Nascent Soul Stage experts at the mid Gold Core Stage. I thought you would be a bit courageous but now, it seems like you are just a coward. You dare to say that you don't know that we are from the Mysterious Sky Sect? The man looked at Cheng Yu and sneered.

It turned out to be a senior brother from the Mysterious Sky Sect. I don't understand what senior brother means by that but I really don't know who senior brother is Cheng Yu said in a humble way.

Boy, you dare say that you don't know our people. I am the senior brother of Yi Feng and Yi Qing. Aren't you the one who killed them? At this time, a young man in the late Nascent Soul Stage shouted at Cheng Yu.

This senior brother, rice can be eaten indiscriminately but words can not be said indiscriminately. I don't understand what you are saying but you and I are all from the four hidden sects. If you say this, are you are not afraid of causing a dispute between the two sects? Cheng Yu said.

Are you threatening me? The young man angrily shouted

This senior brother has exaggerated. I am a little Gold Core so how would I dare to threaten you. The several senior brother and sisters, this senior brother have come to my house and come to me to make irresponsible remarks. It should be this senior brother who is threatening me Cheng Yu faintly smiled.

Although these people are strong and is exerting a lot of pressure upon him, he isn't scared because he still has a lot of trump cards

Shi Ji is also at the beginning of the Spirit Severing Stage and she can deal with the Spirit Severing Stage expert from the Mysterious Sky Sect. Unfortunately, the Spirit Severing Stage expert who he saved from the Dark Nether Realm has not recovered. Although Black and White Demon used to be in the Spirit Severing Stage, they cannot appear in front of them as of right now because at their current cultivation realm, they won't be able to do anything to turn the situation around

Although Gui san is an expert in the mid Spirit Severing Stage it is not possible to kill all six people. At least, it will be easy for the Spirit Severing Stage expert to escape so without full confidence, Cheng Yu will not use Gui San casually.

However, if he brings out Hou Yu, she can resist one or two experts at the Nascent Soul Stage. Her strength with four demon cores is not lower than that of himself. Although they will face a lot of pressure fighting two against five, they will not necessarily lose

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