Godly Student

Chapter 538

Humph, threaten you? Your not worthy. You'd better tell me honestly. Where did my junior brother and sister go? Otherwise, don't blame me for being impolite The man said.

Oh, you said it yourself. It is your brother and sister, not my brother and sister. How would I know where they are? Not to mention your cultivation realm, your brother and sister should be at least experts of Nascent Soul Stage, and I It's just a weak cultivator in the mid Gold Core Stage. Do you think I can kill your brother and sister?

Although your Mysterious Sky Sect people like to bully the weak but your IQ seems to be relatively low, seeing you like this, I am really worried about you. Cheng Yu laughed, not afraid of the other side's strong lineup.

Boy, you are courting death The man was angry and directly attacked. He condensed True Qi in his hand and grasped towards Cheng Yu, wanting to directly pinch him to death.

This big hand is extraordinary. WIth the amount of true energy it is releasing, one can feel its powerful aura.

Although his cultivation realm is indeed much lower than the man's but his strength is not much weaker than a late Nascent Soul Stage cultivator due to him having Six Golden Cores.

Cheng Yu is not in any real danger so he simply threw out a punch. Cheng Yu punched towards the incoming fist that is much bigger than him

Boom! Everyone from the Mysterious Sky Sect were shocked seeing Cheng Yu's fist shadow break Yi Quan's fist shadow and it flew towards him

Oh, sure enough, you have some skills but if you really think that such an attack can hurt me, then you are delusional Seeing the fist come towards him, Yi Quan is also shocked. Pulling out the sword and holding it in his hand, he immediately slashed towards the fist shadow, causing it to immediately disperse

Originally, he thought that he could directly squeeze Cheng Yu to death. However, he didn't expect this guy to be as strong as the rumors say. He can even fight against a late Nascent Soul Stage expert, his strength is even more exaggerated than the rumors

According to those who have watched the scene at the Kunlun's Sect Gate in the cultivation world, Cheng Yu's strength is strong but he still can't handle those in the mid Nascent Soul Stage and the only reason he was able to beat him is because of his magic treasure.

But now, he is still in the mid Gold Core Stage but his he can already compete with late Nascent Soul Stage experts, how this is not shocking

In fact, Cheng Yu's strength has really shocked everyone. A mere Gold Core cultivator can actually resist the attack of a cultivator in the late Nascent Soul Stage. Such a thing has never been heard of in the cultivation world

Even the man in the Spirit Severing Stage frowned. This boys talen is really going against the heavens. It is rumored that he has Six Golden Cores. Is this the power of the Six Golden Cores?

Earlier, the pressure he exerted towards Cheng Yu was definitely because of his powerful magic treasure but at this moment, he is sure that this power is definitely coming from his own body.

Other than him having Six Golden Cores, he couldn't find any other reason for him to be able to fight against a strong expert in the late Nascent Soul Stage.

Thinking of this, he looked at Cheng Yu with eyes full of greed. He is only in the Gold Core Stage he is able to fight against someone who is a whole realm above him. If he can successfully obtain Cheng Yu's method, he doesn't know what kind of strength he will have in the future

If he is able to have Six Primordial Spirits, then what kind of scene will be? The man became even more excited as he thought about it

Today, it doesn't really matter whether he really killed Yi Feng and the rest because he definitely can't survive since he has something that every cultivator wants

However, he is not in a hurry to kill Cheng Yu. Although Cheng Yu's talent is basically going against the heavens, in the face of absolute strength, he is unable to do anything. Therefore, if he wants to take his life, Cheng Yu will die in just the blink of an eye

Kid, I really underestimated you. Although I have to admit that your strength shocked me but if you want to beat me, it is impossible. I can easily kill you After a brief fight, Yi Quan is extremely shocked

When he was in the mid Gold Core Stage, he regarded Nascent Soul Stage experts as a god-like existence but this boy can actually fight against a Nascent Soul Stage expert at the mid Gold Core Stage

This embarrassed Yi Quan. He is in the late Nascent Soul Stage but he can't even beat a mid Gold Core Stage boy after so long, this is simply shocking.

The long they fought, the more angrier he became. This boy must be killed

Black Dragon Slash Yi Quan shout and the spirit energy around him suddenly surged. As the spirit energy continuously revolved, the figure of a dragon formed around his sword

Shua! Yi Quan slashed with his sword, causing the dragon to rush towards Cheng Yu

Cheng Yu's face turned grim, this dragon made him feel danger, causing him to immediately draw back. He hurriedly condensed his True Qi and his body erupted with a formidable aura

Roar! Roar! Two blue dragon shadows circled around Cheng Yu and one of them directly rushed to Yi Quan's dragon shadow and the other one was directly rushed to Yi Quan himself

Although both of their dragons are condensed by True Qi, it is obvious that although Yi Quans is like a dragon, but it is not a complete dragon. However, Cheng Yu's twin dragon is almost like the real thing

Especially because of his strength improving, the cohesiveness of this twin dragon has become more powerful. The original illusory body is now much clearer. If it isn't because of their high cultivation, they would have believed that these are real dragons

Boom! Cheng Yu's blue dragon collided with Yi Quan's dragon and suddenly exploded. At this time, another blue dragon has already rushed towards Yi Quan

Yi Quan was shocked in his heart, this blue dragon's aura turned out to be as powerful as a real dragon, making him feel fear. This kind of thing is hard to understand. Cheng Yu, a little Gold Core cultivator can actually summon such a powerful dragon and there's even two of them.

However, at this time, he doesn't have mood to think about this because he feels that if this dragon were to land on his body, he will definitely be seriously injured.

Therefore, he raised his right hand which is holding the sword near his chest while his left hand formed a palm as he started an incantation

The sword suddenly flashed a ray of light and started to continuously circle around the blue dragon.

At this time, Cheng Yu clearly saw that his blue dragon was slowly becoming illusory under the continuous circling of the sword

Boom! However, the distance between the two is too close, and the speed of the blue dragon is not slow. Yi Quan is able to completely dispel the blue dragon and has been hit by the blue green

An explosion resounded and the dust was flying everywhere. The entire area exudes a strong sword aura. As the dust dissipated, everyone was shocked

Yi Quan no longer has his previous majesty, his entire body is completely tattered, his face was pale, and his hair is a mess

I must kill you! Puff! Yi Quan was already filled with anger but this made him even more angrier. He shouted angrily, wanting to fight with Cheng Yu again but just as he had shouted, he directly spat out blood

Junior brother Yi Quan One of the men hurried to Yi Quan, wanting to support him from falling. Looking at Cheng Yu, he said, Boy, you dare to hurt my the Mysterious Sky Sect people, you are dead today

Ha ha! Cheng Yu did not speak and only loudly laughed

What are you laughing at? The man was angry.

I laughed at your ignorance. I bet that you think that once you shouted out the words, The Mysterious Sky Sect, you can be invincible in the world. It is you who come to cause trouble and I merely dealt with you accordingly. However, since one of you can't win against me, you plan to use the Mysterious Sky Sect to pressure me? If you want to fight, then you will get a fight Cheng Yu shouted a few times and two red lights suddenly shot out from his body, Shi Ji and Huo Yu suddenly appeared, standing on the left and right of Cheng Yu

What? A Spirit Severing Stage expert? Seeing the aura of Shi Ji, everyone was shocked. They did not think that Cheng Yu actually had a master of the Spirit Severing Stage expert with him

Boy, it seems like you are the one who killed our Mysterious Sky Sect disciples? The Spirit Severing Stage man suddenly said coldly.

At first, he doubted if Cheng Yu could truly kill experts at the Nascent Soul Stage but he had no doubts at this time.

The fact is already in front of him, Cheng Yu alone has the strength to defeat the late Nascent Soul Stage and although the magic pet beside him is only at the late Gold Core Stage, it's aura is similar to that of Cheng Yu's. It most likely is also able to fight against Nascent Soul Stage experts

If this is not enough, then add a master of the Spirit Severing Stage. An early Spirit Severing Stage expert can easily kill two late Nascent Soul Stage expert

I don't know what you are talking about? I never kill innocent people. We have no enmity or resentment against each other but if you think that just because you are a disciple of the Mysterious Sky Sect, you can trample on the dignity of others and kill them as you wish. If so, get lost, otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless Cheng Yu has the lowest cultivation here but his words are absolutely the most overbearing.

The death of the three from the Mysterious Sky Sect, he will not admit it no matter what because it will be extremely troublesome, no matter who is right or who is wrong.

Because in the cultivation world, no one cares about whether it is right or wrong. They only care about strength and because the Mysterious Sky Sect has the strength, they do not place everyone in their eyes, because in their eyes, as long as someone does not look pleasing to the eye, it is the other person's mistakes.

There is no point in trying to talk reason to such a person and there is no need to talk about it. The only thing to do is to show his strength and let them know that he isn't easy to bully

Kid, you are very courageous,you dare to talk to me like this. However, even if you have an expert at the Spirit Severing Stage here, I can still kill you The Spirit Severing Stage man finally spoke, pointed his finger at Cheng Yu and a dazzling light shot towards him

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