Golden Time

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Chapter 20

They recoiled at Dongsu’s fighting spirit. But it was only for a brief moment.

“Are you going to hit me? Then, hit me,” said Donghyuk, touching his cheek as if he were inviting Dongsu to hit him.

Dongsu, looking at his clenched fist, opened his mouth with a cynical glean.

“Hey, I wonder how our young masters will react if they get beaten.”

‘Certainly they will kneel down and cry. Or they will cast down their eyes without uttering any words.’ Those who fought with Dongsu used to behave like that.

Dongsu was about to hit Donghyuk’s face with his fist when Suhyuk took his hand.

“This is none of your business,” said Suhyuk.

“Leave me alone. This motherfucker said something about ‘third-rate person’. I’m going to smash him…” Dongsu said.

“Are you here to fight?” asked Suhyuk, moving forward to stop him.

If he let Dongsu have his way here, nobody knows what’ll happen to him.

In the worst scenario, he could be kicked out of school.

“It’s about me, Dongsu.”

Suhyuk once more talked to him, and then said to them, “It looks like you have not eased off your anger.”

“Anger?” said Insoo who kept silent.

“Were we angry at you?” His laughter grew bigger.

“As I said before, don’t be mistaken. You express anger at the other party only when they’re in the same position as you. Don’t you understand me? We just…”

Insoo’s eyes gazing at Suhyuk created a half-moon-shape, “It’s a joke that a guy like you is in this school. I don’t know how you got here, but stay quiet without making the water muddy here. Has this place already become muddy?”

With these words Insoo went back.

Donghyuk, staring at Dongsu, said, “Be careful.”

And then all of them disappeared.

“Who the hell are those guys?”

Dongsu’s face was burning with anger. Obviously he was trying to suppress it.

“I’ve done something bad to them before,” Suhyuk said.

“Did something bad to them?” asked Dongsu.

Suhyuk slowly his nodded while watching them disappearing away.

He thought he apologized to them enough with sincerity. No, it was far from an apology. For they regarded his existence as something like a worm. Was it funny for a worm to apologize to a human being? Because he wronged to them, he deserved it no matter how badly they treated him.

Suhyuk cast down his eyes gradually. ‘But if they keep behaving like this…’


It has been a week since Suhyuk transferred to Jaemyung HS.

In the meantime, he adapted himself well. Dongsu also worked hard enough to make his eyes bloodshot. He had tutoring too. No matter how stupid he was, it’s impossible for him not to notice his grades going up with that extra help.

The final exam time came. With his gaze fixed on the test paper being handed out by the front row students, Dongsu breathed deeply,

“Huh … I’ll get at least 10th place in my class.”

Suhyuk, sitting a little away from him, encouraged him.

“You’ll get good grades because you worked hard.”

That was true for him too. He worked harder than ever. Given the situation he was in, he had to work harder not to miss the opportunity.

One week later he would see the tests outcomes.

After receiving the test paper, Suhyuk’s eyes began to shine.


They finished all three examinations for the day. Dongsu came to Suhyuk with a test paper.

“Let’s check the answers.”

Suhyuk nodded easily.

“Isn’t this answer #3?” “No, it’s #2, look at that.”

“How about this? #1 is right?” “No, it’s #4…”

“Ooops …”

Dongsu scratched his head loudly. More than half of his answers were different from Suhyuk’s. Suhyuk was confident his answers were all correct.

Dongsu felt an ominous feeling.

“Wow, it drives me crazy.”

Suhyuk patted him on the shoulder as if he were comforting him.

“Do not worry too much. You can do better in your next exam.”


One week passed by in the blink of an eye, and he was able to confirm his scores.

“Last place…”

Dongsu grabbed his head. He tried so hard, yet got last in the class.

Fortunately, he was not the last in the whole school. There were 50 students behind him.

Still, the last in his class means he is the last. Dongsu, looking around his classroom, saw his classmates. Each of them looked to him like a monster engrossed in studying after eating, and there was Suhyuk gazing at his report card quietly. 2nd place in class, 15th in school. He looked like a reckless monster to him.

However, Suhyuk was not very satisfied. He felt bitter because his goal was to get at least 10th in school.

‘Let me do better next time.’ There is nothing that he can change even if he feels regretful about it. Next time he can get twice as much.

“Don’t blame yourself too much.”

Suhyuk comforted Dongsu who was knuckling himself on the head and shouting he was a bonehead. Actually his current grade was high enough to get him at least 10th grade at his former high school.

The reason was that students at Jaemyung HS were too smart. However, Dongsu soon regained calmness and burned his will to do better.

“I’m going to have to ask my teachers about what I missed.”

He was determined to ask his tutors and review his mistakes.

The two of them left the classroom to go to Kim Hyunwoo’s house. As they walked down the hallway, they heard someone calling from behind,

“Hi there!”

Dongsu, who turned his head towards the voice first, could not close his mouth.

There stood a considerable beauty with her long straight hair flowing down the shoulder calmly, as if she were seen on TV. A pitiful girl with utmost innocence and purity, with her trembling eyes.

“Did you go to Jaemyung HS from the start?”

It was not Dongsu she asked. Her eyes were firmly fixed to Suhyuk.

“It’s been a while since I transferred here…”

Who is she? It is a face that was registered in his memory.

Suhyuk had no choice but to make a baffled expression.

It was clear that retrograde amnesia came to him, and at the same time the existence of a female student in front of him disappeared.

What kind of relationship did she have with me?

Suhyuk confirmed her nameplate and said frankly.

“As I have amnesia, I can’t remember people well.”

Her eyes grew a little bigger. It was only one meeting, and one which was only 10 minutes long in the past.

No, it may have been shorter. Therefore, even if he had not suffered from amnesia, he could easily have forgotten it. But it was a face he could never, ever forget.

“It’s been a long time, Suhyuk.”

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