Golden Time

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Chapter 21

Hana began to dwell on it after confirming Suhyuk’s nameplate.

‘Lee Suhyuk, Lee Suhyuk…’

“I’m sorry. As I said, I do not know what to say because I lost my memories,” said Suhyuk.

Suhyuk was forced to make an awkward expression. He felt that it’s really embarrasing that he could not recognize the people related to him.

On the contrary, Kim Hana broken into a hearty laugh. Her teeth, straight and white, made her look much better.

“It’s okay, because I remember all of them. By the way, what happened to you anyway? You had amnesia? Are you okay?”

Suhyuk felt relieved, nodding his head when she expressed genuine concern about him. He got worried a bit about what Lee Suhyuk of the past had done to her. This time, however, his relationship with her seemed to have been forged smoothly. It was because he could not find any malice in her attitude. Moreover, it was she who showed concern about him.

“I’m okay. Fortunately, other parts of my body are just normal.”

“They should be,” she said.

She made a wistful look on her face.

“We’ve met again like this for the first time in ages. Shall we have something to drink?”

Suhyuk looked over the window and checked the wall clock in his classroom.

He still had time.


He felt that spending time with her would be a good opportunity for him to figure out his relationship with Kim Hana. At that moment Dongsu patted him on the shoulder.

“Have a good time!”

Dongsu disappeared, waving his hands.


Suhyuk and Hana went to a coffee shop in the school, which looked like a cafeteria.

Returning to his seat with lemonade and fruit juice, Suhyuk was forced to laugh a bitter laugh because he felt other male students in the cafeteria were staring at him in a disapproving manner. It was envy and jealousy.

They threw many different kinds of glances at him, but he could not read into all of them. However, he could guess it was only one thing.

‘It’s natural that you guys envy me.’

Kim Hana was really pretty, even through Suhyuk’s eyes.

That was not all. Though he did not know it, she was famous as a beauty at Jaemyung HS. There were many students who liked her. Besides, she was also known as a beauty at other high schools. Though she was a quiet student, she found herself disturbed by many students around her.

“Well, let’s drink,” Suhyuk said.

“Okay, thanks.”

Biting a straw with her thin lips, she could not take her eyes off Suhyuk.

Suhyuk felt his face growing hot. He really felt embarrassed because such a pretty woman looked at him squarely.

“Do I have something on my face?” Suhyuk asked.

“No, it’s just because I’m so glad to see you again. How have you been?”

Suhyuk revealed to her about what had happened to him all along, namely his accident and loss of his memories as a result.

“Can you really not remember anything now?”

“Yes, I’ve forgotten most of them.”

Actually he had a lot more lost memories than recalled ones.

“I wonder what kind of relationship we had…” Suhyuk said.

“Well… what kind of relationship were we in? …” Hana slurred her words, looking out the window.

It was a sticky relationship. Even if 10 years passed from now, she would be able to recognize him at once on the street. Of course, this might be her own speculation.

Hana, who seemed immersed in thinking, opened her mouth,

“I liked you before…”

Suhyuk’s eyes became a bit wider.

‘Was it true you liked me? The Lee Suhyuk of the past?’

While he was making a surprised expression, Kim Hana looked at Suhyuk’s face squarely.

It was as if she were inspecting something. But it was for only a short time, so he did not notice it.

“Don’t you remember it at all?” She asked to reconfirm it.

Suhyuk slowly shook his head. Even though he tried to recall it, he just felt like swimming in the darkness.

When Suhyuk knitted his brows a bit, she waved the badge on her chest.

“Hi, I’m Kim Hana. Don’t forget me anymore, okay?”

He smiled at her witty remarks.

After that they had quite a lot of conversations.

It was Suhyuk who asked questions, to which Hana then replied.

Over time, Suhyuk was able to sort out his relationship with her to some extent: she liked him, and she used to go to the reading room with him on weekdays. And another amazing fact was that Kim Hana was the top student in the school. Being the first place at Jaemyung HS was really a great achievement for her. In addition to that, she was a beauty. She’s got everything.

‘She must be from a fine family,’ Suhyuk thought to himself.

“I have to stand up now.”

When Suhyuk rose from the seat, she made a wistful look on her face.

‘Was it definitely true?’

“Yeah, let’s go out together.”

A familiar voice was heard from behind when she was about to stand up and follow him.


It was none other than Kim Insoo.

“Why are you with him?” he slurred his words, with his eyes fixed on Suhyuk.

Knitting his brows, he stared at Suhyuk.

“It’s none of your business if I’m with anybody else. Let’s go, Suhyuk,” Hana said.

The moment she went by Insoo, he caught her wrist, saying, “Why are you here with this bastard?”

Throughout his whole life, Insoo had everything he wanted to have, except for one thing, Hana.

He could not possess her no matter how hard he tried. He was just speechless when he first saw her upon entering Jaemyung HS. She was like a white flower swaying in the breeze, never tainted by anyone’s hands. She looked qualitatively different from the good-for-nothing girls who looked pretty but cheap. As soon as he felt warm in the heart, he stopped at nothing to win her mind by all means. But that was all. Every time he was rejected, and her behavior was as arrogant as ever, but he did not give up to this day. She did not laugh or speak with the male students.

And now he found her laughing aloud and having a hilarious time with this bastard.

Hana moaned when she noticed an icy look in Insoo’s eyes staring at Suhyuk; for he held her wrist too tight.

Suhyuk opened his mouth, “Let go of her hands! I’m the one you should be angry with.”

Insoo’s lips were twisted with a silly laugh, then he released her hand and asked,

“What kind of relationship are the two of you in?”

“Just friends,” Suhyuk replied.

“Friends? Friends…”

“Okay, let me go. See you next time,” Suhyuk moved first.

Looking at his back, Kim Hana’s eyes were becoming more and more mysterious. She stared at Insoo who had been touching her wrist quickly, and then she faded away to follow Suhyuk.

Now Insoo was left alone. With his gaze fixed on Suhyuk’s back, he grinded his molars.

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