Golden Time

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Chapter 28

It was Sunday.

Suhyuk was heading to the appointed place by bus to meet Hana.


When he looked back, he had never gone to a movie theater.

For his time was consumed with studying all along.

Of course, he might have watched one before he lost memories due to the accident.

Suhyuk looked at the passing scenery through the bus window.

There was a doctor rushing somewhere, in a surgical suit with his white gown blown away.

Holding a coffee in his right hand, he seemed to be up against the wall.

Was it because there was an emergency patient?

Suddenly the man he met in his dream came to his mind. He handed down his medical knowledge to him. How could that happen? His medical knowledge was genuine medical practice that could be applied in the real world.

Was it something one could find in magazines or on the internet?

He saw occasional instances where people who wake up from a dream or a coma used another language as their mother tongue. For example, An Englishman who had never stepped on the land of China had an accident and woke up to speak the Chinese that he was not interested in.

Not only that, but often times, similar cases were found all over the world.

‘Then, do I belong to that kind of group?’

Again there was no way for him to know.

“Oh my god! Look at that…”

“Oh my gosh. What should we do?”

Suhyuk turned his gaze at the turmoil in the bus. There was a traffic accident.

Although it did not seem like such a big accident, some of the people coming out of the bus grabbed their necks and waists.

Fortunately, the hospital was nearby.

When he saw the car accident, he could recall some old memories which were like a puzzle piece.

He had an accident while he caught a taxi to go to the private academy, and then amnesia came to him. He could not understand it one bit. Usually, amnesia occurs when the function of cerebrum is reduced due to concussion or from severe brain damage occurring from any other reasons.

Of course, psychological factors cannot be ignored. However, it’s impossible that Lee Suhyuk who was a psychopath with a steely mindset in the past, went through emotional suppression.

No damage to his brain, and no psychological factors. ‘What the heck…’

While Suhyuk was absorbed in that thought, the bus arrived at its destination.

After shaking his thoughts, he got off the bus.

“You just arrived here?”

Hana, waiting at the bus station, waved and smiled at him.

She was wearing a casual attire with a red shawl. Nevertheless, her beauty glowed.

Suhyuk had a sorry face.

“Sorry, I was late, right?”

He came 10 minutes late for the appointment and it was very cold.

She shook her head gently.

“What’s the big deal about 10 minutes late? It can happen. Let’s go.”

Both of them walked along. The streets were crowded with people.

“I heard this movie is really funny.”

Hana, close to Suhyuk, showed him a relevant report on his cell phone.

The genre of the movie is a romantic comedy.

“Excuse me!”

Both of them raised their heads at the sudden voice.

A man in his early 30s in a clean suit. His gaze fixed on Hana, he gave a business card.

“You look really pretty.”

Suhyuk received the card from him. Hana got scared and shrunk back, grabbing Suhyuk’s arms with her hands. On the card was written Sole Entertainment.

The man laughed bitterly at Hana’s behavior.

“I’m not a weird person. You know Idol Speed, right? I’m a team leader from their company.”

Suhyuk’s eyes became slightly bigger.

‘Is this the so-called street casting? Is Idol Speed all the rage these days?’

“As a rule, I don’t show my cards on the street, but you’re so pretty.”

“Suhyuk, let’s just go,” Hana said as if whispering to him.

Nodding his head, Suhyuk spoke on her behalf, “Let me think it over and contact you.”

“Okay. Please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Suhyuk and Hana passed by him, and the man did not take his eyes off the back of Hana as if he regretted the missed opportunity.


Holding popcorn and cola, Suhyuk and Hana went straight to their seats.

‘Big screen… Have I ever sat in front of such a big screen?’

The movie started right after the promotional movie ads.

As the movie was a romantic comedy, people burst into laughter here and there. So did Suhyuk. But there was one person who did not, and it was none other than Hana.

He could find no trace of change in her facial expression.

Only the light reflected through the screen would change her face color.

Soon the movie ended, and people began to go out in a row.

“It was really fun.”

Suhyuk nodded at her words.

“The movie was interesting enough to convey humour as well as impression to the audience.”

“Let me treat you to a meal,” Hana laughed at his words.

After eating spaghetti they stopped by a coffee shop and took the drink to go.


They walked along, chatting together. When it got dark in the evening, more people and neon sign lights filled the streets. They felt good, partly because the drinks were warm and it was the evening time.

“He’s cute.”

Suhyuk cast his gaze forward at Hana’s words.

A little child, looking like a 7-year-old boy, was holding a cotton candy.

Like she said, the child who wearing red and had a red fur hat was pretty cute.

“Uh?” Hana’s eyes became slightly enlarged.

A truck was passing by the child slowly.

At that moment, there was an uneasy sound coming from the beer bottles stacked high up in the truck. The moment she felt that way, she heard some tinkling sounds. Boxes containing beer bottles fell down after losing balance, and poured out.


The child’s mother called her son urgently.

At the same time, a paper cup from Suhyuk tumbled about in Hana’s way.

Tinkle, Tinkle.

The beer bottles falling on the floor crashed in all directions.

Hana was forced to make an absent expression. For Suhyuk swiftly moved himself to hug the child for cover and got buried in the beer boxes.

She moved very slowly, like a person who was totally distrait.

“Lee Suhyuk… You were not this type of person…”

Hana’s hands, lifting as if to catch something invisible, trembled.


Dad held Hana’s hand tightly.

“My darling Hana, what do you want to eat?”

She smiled brightly at her father.

“Um… pizza.”

“Yes, let me buy everything my daughter wants to eat! You got first place in the whole class.”

At that moment, a taxi stopped in front of them.

Bump. The door of the car opened, and a student who looked about Hana’s age got out.

It was none other than Lee Suhyuk.

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