Golden Time

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Chapter 29

Suhyuk, who got out of the taxi, had white earphones plugged into his ears.

The music was so loud that it could be heard by the two before him.

Suhyuk looked straight at them blankly. One could read from his face that he was thinking ‘why are you blocking the road?’

Hana, wrinkling her forehead, went face to face with the male student without avoiding his eyes.

She did not like his blatant and unpleasant gaze on her. He soon left.

“That’s ridiculous!” said Hana. She leered at him passing by her.

“Let’s go eat the pizza that my daughter loves!”

Hana smiled brightly again at her dad’s voice.

“What kind of pizza do you want to eat?”

Her gaze fell down on her hand that suddenly felt empty at once.

Her dad had been holding her hand warmly, but it was empty now.


Hana turned her gaze to one side at her father’s voice.


A surprised Hana rushed to the place her father moved. There was a gigantic, red H-beam erected slantly at one side, which could be used on construction plates. Eventually it fell down.

His father was blocking the giant H beam from falling off with his back. And underneath it Suhyuk lay fallen down. When the H-beam was about to press down Suhyuk, he blocked it with his body. Blocked by his body.

“Student, get out of here quickly,” came out an agonizing voice from her father who had been blocking the H-beam. Looking up slightly at him, Suhyuk got out of it.

And he spoke briefly, “Thank you.” That was it.

Suhyuk turned his back and went to his destination.


Hana, bruised on her knees when she collapsed, rose up again to approach her father. Then, she supported the beam with both hands, shouting, “Help me! Help me!”

However she shouted, there were no-one around.

“Hey, help me!” Hana fixed her gaze on the back of Suhyuk.

However, it was impossible that he could hear her voice, because only the sound of music was ringing in his ears.

At that moment a Bang! was heard.


Many people rushed into the place where there was smell of beer.

“Get rid of it quickly!”

“Oh my god…”

The beer boxes were removed by them.

Suhyuk was crouching his body. A voice spilled out of his mouth that did not move a bit.

“Are you okay?”

At the same time burst out a baby’s crying from his bosom.

“Mom…boohoo, mom!”

Suhyuk, slowly rising from his seat, confirmed the child’s condition.

“Huh …” Suhyuk’s facial expression showed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, the child seemed to have no injury anywhere. For he hugged the child tightly.

The child’s mother rushed in haste.


Hugging the child in her arms, she thanked him continually.

“Thanks so much, student. Weren’t you hurt?” she asked.

Only then did Suhyuk touch his shoulder with a smile.

Fortunately, he got only a light bruise as he was bumped by the boxes slipping off the truck.

Broken pieces of glasses bounced off everywhere but did not hit him.

He was lucky.

“You…” Hana slurred.

He smiled though, as if he were okay, at her whose body had become frozen like ice.

‘Is he really breathing?’

A sigh came out from her mouth while was staring at him like a stone statue.

“Hah …”

Suhyuk approached her.

“Why did you do that? It was dangerous,” said Hana.

Suhyuk scratched his head at her blunt tone.

“Doesn’t matter because I wasn’t hurt. Let’s go,” said Suhyuk.

“Are you okay?” said a man rushing over to Suhyuk.

He was the owner of the truck that carried the beer.

“Yes, I’m okay. Next time it looks like you have to fasten the boxes more tightly.”

The man, nodding at his words, said, “Let’s go to the hospital with me, just in case.”

“I’m okay,” said Suhyuk.

“Yeah, go to the hospital.” said Hana.

“I’m really alright…”

Actually there was no dark bruising or bleeding caused by the destruction of cell tissue.

His muscles were fine and his bones were fine. Over a little time, his condition will improve.

“Go to the hospital!” shouted Hana.

He was embarrassed to hear her sharp voice with an angry tone.

It was the first time he found such a behavior in her.

“Yeah, come with me to the hospital,” said the man.

His gaze fixed on Hana, Suhyuk nodded his head.

“Go to the hospital then. Let me go back home,” she said, turning back.

At that moment, she was stopped by his voice.

“Hana, here is the card,” said Suhyuk.

It was the business card he received from that guy, the team leader of an entertainment agency. It was soaked by spoiled beer. He made a sorry expression.

“Sorry, it’s completely wet,” said Suhyuk.

She sighed again.



Hana opened the door and stepped into the porch.

After taking off her shoes she went inside. It’s just an ordinary house. It’s quiet as ever.

After taking a shower, she boiled one ramen and sat at the table.

“Thanks for the food.” she said to herself.

With a blank expression, however, she soon turned to the sink without eating half of it.

She washed the dishes and dried her hair.

Then she sat in front of the desk. A small framed picture sat on the side.

In it was her dad smiling brightly with her.


Hana looked at the frame quietly.

Wiping her wet eyes, she mumbled, “Dad, he has become weird. He’s saved as many as three people’s lives.”

She looked at the picture briefly.

And then she was busy doing homework.

In no time she closed her notebook and stood up from the seat.

On her side was seen a business card printed Sole Entertainment.

It was slowly torn by her hands.


Casually dressed, Hana went out. An hour later, she arrived a traditional market.

She walked easily along the meandering alleys as if she were accustomed to it, and she saw a small restaurant sign.

Hana’s Rice and Soup.

When she opened the door, a man in his early 50s welcomed her.

He was none other than Hana’s father.

“Darling, I told you not to come here! You’re coming every day…”

Approaching her, he was limping.

She sighed a little at him like that.

After the accident, he quit his job and opened a rice and soup restaurant.

“I’m just bored of being alone at home.”

With a bright smile, she rolled up her sleeves to work.


The next day Suhyuk, who went back to school, could see Hana smiling lightly.

“Are you okay?”

Suhyuk smiled a bit, “Of course, it’s only a light bruise.”

Her face became brighter.

“I’m really glad to hear that. Don’t do that from now on, okay? It’s not just you who gets hurt by a moment’s judgment of yours. You have to think about your acquaintances and family members,” said Hana.

Suhyuk nodded his head. She was absolutely right.

She is pretty and smart, and kind-hearted.


“You’re welcome. I’m really worried about you.”

“Hey, did you make any trouble again?” asked Dongsu.

Suhyuk just smiled at his words.

“Let’s go eat.”

The three of them went to the food cafeteria.

A group of kids were watching them heading there.

“Insoo, you want to sit idle?”

Kim Insoo, who cherished Hana in his eyes, fixed his gaze on Suhyuk.

“I just have no idea how Hana likes and is hanging around with that bastard Suhyuk,” said Donghyuk.

At his words Insoo uttered in a dry tone, “Shut up!”


It’s 2 am.

Suhyuk, sitting at the desk, closed the workout book, and he wrote some letters on a Post-It card and put it in front of the desk.

SAT D-100 Day.

‘Daehan Medical School, I’ll surely be admitted there.’

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