Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 27 - He Does Not Know Better, but You Do!

Chapter 27: He Does Not Know Better, but You Do!

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Su Qianxun’s felt extremely disappointed. She nursed her younger brother’s stomach, gently rubbing the spot where he was kicked and hoping that it would ease his pain.

Frankly, she was also worried. She hoped that the child in Qiao Yiren’s womb was unharmed—not out of kindness—but because Jiye would be in big trouble if something bad happened to the baby in Qiao Yiren’s womb.

After Su Jiye’s pain lessened slightly, Su Qianxun helped him up. She wanted to leave the place together with him first.

Su Manni had been glaring at the siblings the entire time. How could she let them go so easily?

The moment both of them stood up, Su Manni rose and walked towards them. She raised her hand and swung it at Su Jiye who still looked like he was in pain.

Su Qianxun quickly inserted herself between them. She lifted her hand and grabbed Su Manni’s.

There was a loud smack. Su Manni had slapped Su Qianxun across the face with her other hand. The latter gasped in pain and shoved the older woman before her with force.

As Su Manni was wearing high heels, when Su Qianxun shoved her, she twisted her ankle right away and fell on the floor.

Su Manni began to wail miserably, and the servants quickly rushed towards her. Another commotion followed.

Su Jiye pulled his older sister over. When he saw her swollen, red cheek, a few drops of tears rolled down his eyes…

He stroke his older sister’s cheek gently with his large hand. His beautiful, black eyes were filled with pain, for he could not bear to see her being hurt like that.

Su Qianxun was rather shocked. Her brother seemed to be acting a little different than usual that day. “I’m not hurt, silly. It’s not painful at all.”

More and more tears fell from Su Jiye’s eyes. Su Qianxun held his hand and said, “Let’s go! Let’s get out of here first!”

When he heard that, Su Jiye immediately ran towards the exit, dragging Su Qianxun along with him. Su Qianxun got even more surprised. Her brother actually understood what she said!

Unfortunately, they had underestimated the complexity of the situation. Before they managed to go far, they were surrounded by the Qiao family’s servants. Every single one of them was holding a club, and they had fierce expressions on their faces!

This time, Su Jiye stood between his older sister and the servants protectively. As she looked at the towering figure of her younger brother who stood in front of her, Su Qianxun was so touched that tears fell non-stop from her eyes.

Her younger brother whom she had sheltered and protected all this while had finally grown up.

“Su Qianxun, I never thought that you could be so cruel!” Xia Chuxi’s voice echoed behind her. Su Qianxun turned and saw him walking towards her from afar with an extremely disgusted and chilly gaze.

“You clearly know that Jiye didn’t intentionally do that. He doesn’t know anything at all!” Su Qianxun was deeply disappointed.

“Yes, he doesn’t know better, but you do!”

“You… What do you mean by that?” Su Qianxun asked and immediately realized that Xia Chuxi just accused her of instructing her younger brother to attack Qiao Yiren. All of sudden, she started laughing sadly. “Xia Chuxi, I thought that after spending more than ten years together, even if you didn’t love me, you would at least know what kind of person I am… Turns out that I was being too naive again.”

“I know you. Of course, I do. You’re selfish, unreasonable, and stubborn!”

Su Qianxun’s breath froze. She could not believe that this was actually Xia Chuxi’s perception of her. But she no longer wished to explain herself to him because it was pointless to say anything now.

“Which one of you is Su Jiye? We received a call accusing you of intentional assault. Please come with us.” A number of police officers walked towards them with a pair of handcuffs, ready to arrest Su Jiye.

Frightened, Su Jiye wanted to escape, but he was caught and handcuffed by two police officers.

“Jiye! What are you guys doing? Let him go, he’s just a teenager!” Su Qianxun tried to rush to her younger brother’s aid but was held back by the servants beside her.

“Jiye.” Su Qianxun stretched her arms out, reaching for her younger brother.

There was a horrified look in Su Jiye’s eyes. He, too, extended his hands with all his might, attempting to grab his older sister’s hands.

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