Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 26 - The Difference between Love and the Lack of Love

Chapter 26: The Difference between Love and the Lack of Love

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The former Su family mansion had already been encroached by Qiao Bonian, and everything in there had taken on the Qiao surname now.

In the magnificent main hall, Qiao Bonian was seated in the main seat while Su Manni and Qiao Yiren, who were dressed in gorgeous clothes and accessories, sat on either side of him.

Su Qianxun who had on her simple clothes and Su Jiye who cut a sorry figure stood at the center of the hall. With their shabby appearances, both of them no longer looked like they belonged there.

Su Qianxun teared up even more when she saw all the things that were familiar to her.

The old saying, “things remain the same, but people change” was probably used to describe situations like this.

Someone was walking down the marble stairs. Su Qianxun lifted her gaze and saw that it was Xia Chuxi.

At that moment, she was in a trance, as though time had reversed. In the past, every time she saw him coming down, she would run up to him happily and wrap her arm around his as they walked down the stairs together.

Right now, the scenario was the same, just that the person next to him had changed.

Qiao Yiren held on to his arm lovingly and walked down the stairs with him, a timid expression on her face. She whispered affectionately into his ear, and Xia Chuxi smiled. He then lowered his head to place a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Su Qianxun was in a daze. Xia Chuxi never treated Su Qianxun so affectionately in the past. Even though they seemed close, the look in Xia Chuxi’s eyes when he gazed at Qiao Yiren was completely different compared with how he used to look at Su Qianxun.

She felt a sharp pain in her chest. Now, she understood the difference between love and the lack of love.

Su Manni looked at her daughter and Xia Chuxi with a satisfied expression. She felt even more delighted when she saw the pale-faced Su Qianxun from the corner of her eye.

‘Su Ci, so what if you’re dad’s biological daughter? Everything that you used to have is mine now; your husband is now my husband, and your daughter’s fiance will also become my daughter’s husband!’

Qiao Bonian had not spoken a word. He sat in the main seat and drank tea using a high-class porcelain cup from old man Su’s collection.

Su Qianxun suddenly lost her grip on her brother. Si Jiye had been standing quietly next to her, but he suddenly rushed towards Xia Chuxi and Qiao Yiren who had just gotten down from the stairs.

“Jiye, come back!” Su Qianxun panicked. She and her brother were at a disadvantage right now, and could not afford to offend these people!

Su Jiye dashed towards Xia Chuxi and Qiao Yiren. He angrily shoved Qiao Yiren away. He then grabbed Xia Chuxi’s hand and dragged him in his sister’s direction.

Su Jiye was strong, and Qiao Yiren fell onto the floor. Her small face twisted in pain.

“Yiren!” Xia Chuxi raised his leg in fury and gave Su Jiye’s stomach a hard kick. Su Jiye staggered a few steps back and fell onto the ground as well, clutching his stomach. He was in so much pain that sweat began to form on his forehead.

Su Qianxun ran towards Su Jiye and hugged her younger brother worriedly. Tears were falling out of her eyes like raindrops. “Jiye, how are you feeling? Is it very painful?”

Su Jiye’s head was lowered. It was obvious from his twisted face that he was feeling a lot of pain.

“He isn’t the Chuxi we know anymore. I…” Su Qianxun recalled everything she used to share with Xia Chuxi. She embraced her brother tightly and said in determination, “I don’t want him anymore! So, don’t do any more stupid things like this.”

Everyone ran in a flurry towards Qiao Yiren, who had fallen on the ground, and showed concern for her. Su Qianxun and Su Jiye, who were locked in a tight embrace, only had each other.

“Mother, my stomach is in so much pain. Chuxi, our baby…” Qiao Yiren was weeping.

“You two b*tches, if anything happens to Yiren and her baby, you guys will have to compensate for it with your lives!” Su Manni glared at Su Qianxun and Su Jiye with a ferocious expression. It was as if she wanted to eat them up.

“Why isn’t the doctor here yet!” Qiao Bonian looked enraged as well. He glared fiercely at Su Qianxun and Su Jiye.

Xia Chuxi embraced Qiao Yiren and comforted her non-stop. His gaze became especially fierce when it fell upon Su Qianxun. He believed that Su Jiye only acted under Su Qianxun’s instruction. Otherwise, why would an autistic person suddenly run towards them and shove Qiao Yiren away?

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