Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 29 - Lowly but Prideful!

Chapter 29: Lowly but Prideful!

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“Uncle Zhao, just help me this once. I’ll definitely remember your favor. Please…”

Su Qianxun anxiously tapped on the car window. For her younger brother’s sake, she did not even care that her pride was being trampled into pieces.

However, the car drove away, splashing muddy water on her in the process. Su Qianxun was completely drenched. She stood in the rain and watched as the luxury car sped away. She bit her lower lip hard. She cut a sorry figure as she stood in the rain.

She looked lowly but prideful!

Escorted by a group of bodyguards, Long Sijue walked out of the hotel entrance. With a burning cigarette between his fingers, he witnessed the entire scene that had just happened.

He raised his hand and took a drag on his cigarette. There was a cold expression on his handsome face, and his deep, cold eyes tinted the surrounding atmosphere with a sense of oppression, capable of making others tremble.

The once superior lady of the Su family, the darling whom everyone once doted on and favored, had now fallen into such a lowly position…

Su Qianxun raised her head and saw Long Sijue. She panicked and as if by conditioned reflex, started to flee.

Long Sijue stared coldly at the flustered young lady who was fleeing. He then instructed, his face devoid of any expression, “I want every person that she’s met today to go bankrupt before tomorrow!”

“Yes, young master!” Ye Gu immediately passed the instruction to his subordinates.


Over the next few days, Su Qianxun continued to run into brick walls at every turn. She did not get to see her younger brother at the police station as well.

The members of the Qiao family were even crueler than she had imagined!

Every evening, Su Qianxun would wait outside the police station, hoping that she would be allowed to see her younger brother. Although she waited until midnight every day, no one paid her any heed.

“Su Qianxun, come on in.”

An older policeman called her in.

“Can I see my younger brother now?” Su Qianxun was rather in disbelief because even though she had previously used almost every means and method available, the people in the police station were not willing to bend the rules for her.

“I can only let you see him from the outside without going in. I’m only doing this because I find the both of you pitiful… After you see him, you must leave immediately, all right?”

“Thank you, thank you so much!” Su Qianxun kept expressing her gratitude towards the policeman. As long as she was able to see her young brother, she could be at ease.

However, when she saw Su Jiye through the small iron window, her smile faded.

Su Jiye was chained to an iron chair. He leaned against the back of the chair with his eyes tightly shut. From his expression, it was obvious that he was experiencing a substantial amount of pain.

His body and face were covered in wounds. The blood on his forehead had already dried up, and his tightly pursed lips were so dry that there were cracks on them.

Su Qianxun violently grabbed the iron window before her with her hands and shouted, “Jiye!”

Su Jiye did not respond at all. Su Qianxun axiously yelled his name a few more times, but Su Jiye still showed no response.

“What happened to my younger brother? What did you people do to him?”

Su Qianxun was worried and furious. She wanted to push the door open to go to her younger brother, but the iron door before her was far too heavy for her to push open.

“Miss Su, I’m already breaking the rules by letting you in to see your younger brother. Please don’t make things even more difficult for me. Just quickly think of ways to get your younger brother out of here… You should know who you’ve offended, right? How is it possible for him to have an easy time here?” The policeman dragged her out.

Su Qianxun’s cell phone rang as she walked out of the police station. She looked at the incoming call and answered it expressionlessly.

At the same time, a car stopped in front of her.

“Get inside the car if you want to save Su Jiye. As long as you’re obedient, you can bring him back with you tomorrow,” Qiao Bonian’s cold voice rang out from the phone.

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