Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 30 - This Is Your Only Chance

Chapter 30: This Is Your Only Chance

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Su Qianxun’s gripped her phone tightly. She knew she had no other choice. It was the last straw for her to see what her younger brother looked like just now.

She could not let her younger brother stay at that kind of place anymore!

The driver had already opened the door for her. Su Qianxun took a deep breath and went into the car without hesitation.

The Qiao family’s driver brought Su Qianxun to the cruise ship where she lost her virginity earlier due to the set-up by Su Manni and her daughter.


A Qiao family’s bodyguard walked over and opened the car door. After Su Qianxun got off the car, two people ‘invited’ her onto the cruise ship.

Because Qiao Bonian was now considered a prestigious person in Dragon City, they used the VIP tunnel.

Su Qianxun was brought into Qiao Bonian’s private lounge. Besides Qiao Bonian, Qiao Yiren and Xia Chuxi were also present.

There was also an unfamiliar middle-aged man in the lounge. He was bald and had a beer belly. When he saw Su Qianxun coming into the lounge, his eyes lit up instantly.

When Su Qianxun saw Qiao Yiren’s rosy complexion, a chill ran down her spine. She pointed at Qiao Yiren and asked coldly, “She is clearly alright, so why are you still unwilling to let Jiye go?”

“Such impudence! Su Qianxun, it has only been two years. Did a dog eat all your manners?” Qiao Bonian slapped the table in annoyance. A hint of warning flashed past his eyes.

“You’re right, I have indeed fed my manners to a pack of dogs!”

“Su Qianxun, you better think about your younger brother before you speak!” Qiao Bonian stared at her in annoyance.

“What on earth do you want?” Su Qianxun questioned through gritted teeth.

“If you want to save your younger brother, you better sit down and act in accordance to the manners of a lady of the Su family.” Qiao Bonian gestured her to sit down.

When she thought about her younger brother in the detention center who was covered in wounds, Su Qianxun took a deep breath and sat down. She clenched her fists tightly.

“This is my latest business partner, Chairman Liu. As long as you are able to convince Chairman Liu to sell his land in Yunlong Bay to me, I will let Su Jiye go.”

Su Qianxun furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at the unfamiliar man in front of her. At the same time, Qiao Bonian stood up and said, “This is your only chance!”

Xia Chuxi also rose while helping Qiao Yiren up. Within the short span of time Su Qianxun was hesitating, the three of them had already left the private lounge.

Su Qianxun and Chairman Liu were the only ones left in the private lounge.

Chairman Liu had already seen Su Qianxun’s photo before this, and he was very satisfied with her appearance. As he looked at the pretty young woman, he stood up, walked over to Su Qianxun’s side and extended his hand to grab her small hand.

“Miss Su, I have long admired you. As long as you are with me, I promise to dote on you, and you’ll never have to suffer again.”

Chairman Liu was overcome by desire as he looked at this beautiful young woman. From the moment she walked in, he wanted to press her beneath his body and have amazing s*x with her.

“Let go of me!” Su Qianxun forcefully withdrew her hand, but Chairman Liu pulled her into his embrace. ‘How can I let this little beauty go so easily, when I went to such great lengths to get her?’

Su Qianxun now understood Qiao Bonian’s intention. He was not asking her to convince Boss Liu; he was clearly offering her to Chairman Liu in exchange for that piece of land!

Since he wanted that piece of land, she refused to let him have his way! Su Qianxun picked up an ashtray from the dining table and forcefully smashed it on Chairman Liu’s head.

“Ouch!” Chairman Liu let out a miserable shriek as blood oozed out from his head. He was dizzy and disoriented after being smashed on the head by the ashtray, and Su Qianxun took this opportunity to run out of the private lounge after tossing the ashtray onto the floor.

When Chairman Liu ran out of the private lounge with his hand clutching his head, Su Qianxun was long gone. Qiao Bonian who came out after hearing the commotion was immediately stunned when he saw the injured Chairman Liu.

Su Qianxun ran all the way to the elevator. She pressed the elevator buttons with force, and rushed in when the elevator doors opened. Her finger hovered in front of the button leading to the highest floor of the cruise ship…

Her fingertip trembled. Curses and chaotic footsteps could be heard from a distance away. When Su Qianxun saw the fierce expressions on the faces of the people charging towards her, she pressed the button leading to the highest floor without hesitation!

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