Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 4 - Intruding a Forbidden Area (Four)

Chapter 4: Intruding a Forbidden Area (Four)

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Su Qianxun only realized how big the room was after she got down from the bed.

With her bare legs, she ran to the nearby sofa unsteadily. There were several times when she almost fell down because she felt too much pain. Finally, she reached the spot where her story with him first began…

She was immediately dumbfounded when she saw that her clothes were torn into pieces. Since she could no longer wear her own clothes, she picked the man’s black shirt up and quickly wore it.

She did not know how tall the man was. Even though she felt like a child in adult clothes when she wore his shirt, she looked surprisingly beautiful.

Su Qianxun buttoned up hastily and ran to the door without looking back. She opened the door and dashed out as if her life depended on it, fearing that the man would wake up and catch her.

Since she was running too rapidly, Su Qianxun bumped into a person with a thump. She could only feel severe pain in her nose. She quickly raised her hand to cover her nose. The moment she raised her head, she saw an extremely frosty face.

Su Qianxun’s first impression of Ye Gu was how his face resembled that of a frozen corpse in a coffin.

“Who are you?” Ye Gu stared coldly at her. Even the black shirt could not cover the dubious marks on her body.

“I-I was framed. I didn’t come here on purpose. I’ll leave… now,” Su Qianxun explained with a stutter. She then bypassed the man and quickly ran forward.

Fortunately, the man did not make things difficult for her. But because of the violent act of the man from last night, every step she took gave her immense pain.

Ye Gu turned and watched as Su Qianxun ran off. He looked as if he was deep in thought.

Su Qianxun leaned against the wall and heaved a loud sigh of relief only after she entered the elevator. That person’s stare made her feel like her back was being stabbed.

Her gaze fell on the cell phone in the elevator. It was her cell phone. Unexpectedly, it was still there.

She quickly picked it up. She clenched her fists tightly, nails almost sinking into her flesh, when she remembered the call she made to Xia Chuxi and the glass of water Su Ran gave her last night.

When the elevator arrived at the floor where Su Ran was working, Su Qianxun endured the pain and walked out. She walked very quickly and knocked on Su Ran’s door before anyone saw her.

“Qianxun, oh my God, what happened to you?”

Although Su Ran managed to feign a surprised expression, her heart was drumming. This was because Su Ran was unsure if Su Qianxun suspected that she was the one who poisoned her.

“Ran Ran, yesterday… I… Can you find me a set of clothes first?”

Su Qianxun pretended that she knew nothing about being poisoned by Su Ran the day before. Tears welled up in her beautiful black eyes.

Su Ran stopped feeling worried when she saw the way Su Qianxun acted. ‘Right, this dumbass Su Qianxun believes in me so much. Why would she think that I was the one who framed her?’

Even though Su Ran intended to get Su Qianxun some old clothes, Su Qianxun quickly picked up a set of brand new sportswear that Su Ran just bought.

Almost as if by conditioned reflex, Su Ran wanted to ask Sun Qianxun to return the clothes to her. She spent half a month’s wages just to buy them, and even she could not bring herself to wear it yet.

“Ran Ran, we’re best friends. You won’t mind if I wear your new clothes, right?”

Su Qianxun looked at Su Ran with a sincere expression. She did not feel like wearing Su Ran’s old clothes right then, as she found them disgusting.

“Yeah, of course…” Su Ran answered in a mechanical tone.

Su Qianxun carried the shopping bag and walked towards the bathroom.

All this while, Su Ran had claimed herself to be Su Qianxun’s best friend. Su Qianxun had provided Su Ran tons of help all these years because Su Ran’s family was not doing well financially.

When Su Ran could not afford to pay her tuition fees, Su Qianxun paid them for her.

When Su Ran could not afford the clothes she liked, Su Qianxun bought them for her as birthday presents.

When Su Ran could not afford her sick mother’s hospitalization fees, Su Qianxun begged her grandfather to pay for all the medical bills.

‘Yet, in the end, she wants to destroy me,’ Su Qianxun felt a chill running down her spine when she thought about it.

She took off the black shirt when she reached the bathroom. Her gaze fell on a dragon, which was embroidered with gold thread, at the bottom of the collar. The dragon was realistic in appearance. Even though it was small, it seemed alive…

Su Qianxun was panic-stricken for a moment when she saw the expensive and unique logo. Because she did not dare to look at it anymore, she quickly threw the shirt into the trash can.

No matter who the man was, she would not have further interaction with him!

Su Qianxun raised her head and looked into the mirror. When she saw the frightening marks on her body, she pursed her lips hard. ‘That man’s a real beast!’

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