Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 5 - Intruding a Forbidden Area (Five)

Chapter 5: Intruding a Forbidden Area (Five)

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Su Qianxun’s skin was extremely fair and also very fragile. Usually, even just a light bump would cause a bruise.

After she was tortured by that man for the whole night, almost every single patch of her skin was not in good condition. The man did not even go easy on her calves!

Su Qianxun bore the pain and quickly wore the new pair of clothes. She hastily bid farewell to Su Ran after she came out of the washroom, and left the place at lightning speed.

Right after Su Qianxun left, Su Ran quickly exited the room too. Her hands were sweating profusely because of the anxiety and excitement!

Su Qianxun, the Su Family’s high and mighty lady, was finally soiled by an ugly and perverted man!

She felt extremely excited just thinking about it!

She ran into the room where Su Qianxun was raped last night. She had already set up a pinhole camera there beforehand.

Su Ran took the camera out and quickly watched the recording. But, she was soon dumbfounded when she found that it only consisted of Su Qianxun kicking the man and fleeing.

At that moment, her phone rang. She picked it up immediately.

“Did you get the recording?”

“There’s nothing in the recording… nothing but Su Qianxun escaping.”

“Dumba**! How did you do your work?” The other party was obviously furious. Her voice grew fierce.

“I… Although I don’t have anything substantial, there was a part where the man hugged her. That’s enough to slander her! Moreover… I have another way that will certainly destroy her until she loses all reputation!”

“You know what you need to do. If you involve me in it…”

“I won’t, I won’t. I’ll make sure to succeed this time.”

Su Ran stomped her feet angrily after she hung up, and left the room with the pinhole camera.


When Long Sijue woke up, the little one from last night was no longer there. There were only indistinct remnants of a fragrant scent.

He frowned slightly and sat up. The blanket slid down from his body, exposing his manly and muscular upper-body.

His sexy, taut bronze skin had a seductive shine to it. The lines of his body were smooth and well-proportioned, his chest was sturdy, and his waist was firm…

Long Sijue reached for the cigarettes on the bedside table with his long arm. He ignited a cigarette and placed it in between his lips. As wisps of smoke curled and danced in the air, his eyes were filled with satiation just like a languid cheetah, graceful but dangerous!

‘After devouring that little thing last night, I unexpectedly didn’t have an attack.’ There was a flash of light in his languid black eyes…

“Jue, how was it yesterday? Did you have an attack… I told you to find… that woman…” Tang Zui pushed the door open and walked inside. He stopped rattling instantly when he saw how the man on the bed looked like.

Long Sijue raised his cold black eyes lazily to glance at Tang Zui. His gaze was so sharp that Tang Zui felt as if he had been sliced by a blade…

“Jue, what… what happened to you?” Tang Zui looked at the scratch marks on Long Sijue’s body. The most eye-catching one was the love bite on his shoulder.

Tang Zui dashed towards him and stared at the new love bite on his shoulder in shock.

“This can’t be real. You got bitten on this spot again…”

Long Sijue ignored him. He extended his long arm to extinguish the cigarette. He then lifted the blanket and got down from the bed.

Tang Zui gasped in surprised. He quickly tried to get a glimpse of how Sir Jue’s d*ck looked like. He would be the luckiest man on earth if he got to see it!

However, Long Sijue wrapped a towel around his waist before Tang Zui was able to see anything.

Tang Zui was so frustrated that he wished that he could strip the towel off and take a good look at Long Sijue’s d*ck…

But, oh well, he did not want to die yet.

‘Even though I can’t see his d*ck clearly, by looking at the size of the bulge… Ahem…’

“Jue, let me take a look at that bite mark on your shoulder. Why is it on the same spot? And it looks like even the teeth are of the same size. Don’t tell me that… it was the same woman who bit you two years ago!”

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