Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Xia Xing Chen is pregnant

The night is deep.

Inside the Villa, all the furniture and designs are priceless.

Xia Xing Chen was dizzy and lying in the bed. Every pattern in this bed was hand carved by expert craftsmen.

The door was suddenly pushed open and several people has entered. They obediently stand up straight near the door and respectfully wait for the last man to step inside.

The room was dark, Xia Xing Chen tried hard to keep her eyes open, but can only vaguely see a tall and straight figure. Under the moonlight, she can feel the man’s powerful presence.

“Is she the girl you investigated and passed the screening for my baby?” The man’s voice is deep but soothing. She can barely hear him, but she felt that it’s quite not real.

“Yes, Sir! Indeed she voluntary wants to give birth to your child and we determined that today is her ovulation period”

“Get out.”

The Man waved his hand and all the people immediately and quietly retreated, as if nothing had happened.


… … Ah!

Xia Xing Chen opened her eyes and suddenly got surprised. From outside, it’s already a sunny day, her slender back got a burst of cold sweat.

She had a dream! And a perverted dream!?… … There was a man, but she didn’t see his face. Who is that man?

Xia Xing Chen sighed a deep breath, she holds the blanket and slowly sat up. However, she felt like her body got run over by a heavy truck and is sore.

She frowns her eyebrows.

If that was a dream, then it’s too … … too real ah!

Even now, her legs are also sore … …

Xia Xing Chen became speechless!

When did she become flirt, ah? She has a boyfriend and yet she still dreams of a strange man and done that perverted stuff. The more ridiculous is … … that man actually wants her to give birth to his child?

Very funny! She is only 18 years old now, why would she give him a baby ah!? Who does he think he is?

However, she did not expect that this strange and beautiful dream is not a dream. For a whole week, she can’t forget about that night and she even doubted that all those stuff was not a dream, because it felt too real … …

It’s true, she can remember that man’s highly aggressive hormones, and she can even … … remember his eyes clearly, because there’s no coldness in his eyes.

Those dark ink colored pupils, his noble,quiet, and mysterious presence … …

He is so flashy. As if she is one of his people in this world. In reality, there should be no such a man!

Therefore, Xia Xing Chen convinced herself more and more that, that night was just a dream, just a dream!


Two months later.

Xia Xing Chen is reading Shakespeare’s collection, which is an English book, but suddenly she felt a bursting pain in her stomach.

“Wooahh!” She covered her mouth, open the restroom’s door, and then rushed to the toilet bowl. She squats in front of it and started vomiting.

“Miss, are you all right?” Their housemaid heard her, and hurriedly went over to patted her back.

With too much commotion, another person entered her room and sees that she was vomiting, and thoughtfully asked: “Sister, did you eat something bad?”

Xia Xing Chen doesn’t have much strength to reply to her half-sister. She only reached out her hand and flushed the toilet, she wants to get out soon in the restroom but the result is, her stomach aches once again.

What’s wrong with her body? Did she really eat something bad?


The next day.

Xia Xing Chen went to the hospital for a check up with her boyfriend Xu Yan.

At first, the doctor was suspecting that it is gastritis. But when the result was out, he advised her to go to the gynecology department.

“Doctor, what do you mean? Did you make a mistake!?”

Xia Xing Chen and Xu Yan check out the results and they are both shocked.

“What’s wrong? Young people these days doesn’t pay much attention now. You are still young. You’re not afraid to be intimate with her, but now you felt fear because you got her pregnant.”

“I … … My girlfriend and I haven’t crossed that line!” Xu Yan tried to suppressed his anger and explain.

The doctor pushed the bridge of the eyeglass on his nose, he looks at Xu Yan and Xia Xing Chen, he tried to explain more: “If that is true, that you haven’t crossed that line. You have to ask your girlfriend, she might have done it with someone else.”

Xu Yan got stunned.

The doctor words are like a heavy hammer that have dropped on him.

He turned to look at Xia Xing Chen, he cannot believe it.

Xia Xing Chen shook her head, her lips are trembling, “I … … I haven’t had sex with other men … …”

These words sound like a positive sentence, but she knows it better than anyone. If she really is pregnant, then the only explanation is that a few nights ago … …

That was not a dream!

“Okay, but you are no longer a virgin, right? Think about it more, it’s been a long time since you had your menstruation, right? and lately, you always feel sleepy and dizzy, right?”

“… …” Xia Xing Chen got speechless to the doctor’s questions.

A loud thunder could be heard, but not only from the outside but also in their hearts.

When they leave the hospital, Xia Xing Chen and Xu Yan’s face are pale.


Xia home

In the hall, Xia Xing Chen is kneeling on the ground. And Father Xia Guo Peng is sitting on a high chair with a cold face.

“Since you said that you are not pregnant with Xu Yan, then tell me, who is that baby’s father?” He asked loudly.

“… … I don’t know.” Xia Xing Chen’s voice float in the air. She also wanted someone to answer that question for her.

“You! don’t you dare lie to me ah!” Xia Guo Peng got furious, “bang” sound was heard, the palm of his hand hit the arm of the chair, “I will ask again, who is that baby’s father!?”

“Dad, no matter how many times you ask, I still don’t know the answer.”

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