Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Don’t hurt the baby

“Guopeng, now I can see that your eldest daughter usually looks pure and clean, but secretly doing immoral things outside.” Xia Guopeng’s wife Li Ling on the side is holding a fan and continue saying, “If you’re not going to disciple her, she might influence our Xing Kong to do bad things too.”

“Mom, what are you saying? I won’t be like my sister … … No, what I mean is, I’m not going to mess up with boys, not to mention, to get pregnant! I will certainly not lose my face”Xia Xing Kong words sounds pleasing to the ear and sounds gently soft, but it simply adds more fuel.

Xia Xing Chen glared at her, “Xia Xing Kong, you shut up, OK?

“I … … I’m sorry.” Xia Xing Kong eye’s turn red in her grievance, “Dad, I shouldn’t have said anything, it made sister angry.”

Xia Guo Peng angry face got stiffened, he got up and use the fan in his hand to slap Xia Xing Chen in the face, “You did something wrong and yet you still have this kind of attitude against your sister! Xing Kong didn’t say anything wrong, Xia Xing Chen you really lose your face!”

Xia Guo Peng slap the fan in her face without hesitation so she felt her ear has buzzing sound inside. However, Xia Xing Chen only gritted her teeth and keep kneeling. She refused to admit it.

She did nothing wrong! If there will be a chance to meet that man again. This injustice slap she suffered, she will give it back!

“Immediately abort that baby!” Xia Guo Peng finally give his dreadful order.

Xia Xing Kong sigh before leaving,”Sister, Brother Xu Yan is so good to you, you really shouldn’t … …”

Xia Xing Chen heart felt pain like there was a needle that stabbing her, but she also knows that she is no longer worthy for Xu Yan now.


Xia Xing Chen took a school leave and go to the hospital to abort the child.

Xia Li Ling followed her in the hospital, she got worried that there might have an accident.

“Xia Xing Chen!”

The nurse called out her name, she stood up and felt like everything was just a nightmare. If she tried closing her eyes for a while and then wakes up, this nightmare might disappear.

“Take off your pants and lie in there, Nurse ready the anesthesia! “The doctor’s voice is cold. Xia Xing Chen lies on the operating table, she had done enough psychological preparation so she can calm the expression on her face. But now, she’s having a cold sweat and she’s shivering.

She hated it.

She hated that man who made her pregnant.

But it’s funny, right?… … she didn’t even know who that man is! The ridiculous thing, how did she met him?

However, the operating room door was suddenly pushed.

A dignified person wearing a white coat rush in.

“Dean!” The doctor and nurses got up and greeted him. Xia Xing Chen who’s lying on the operating table didn’t mind their courtesy.

“Xia Xing Chen! Which is Xia Xing Chen? Is there an ongoing operation here?” The dean asked them several times, after hearing the tone of his voice they got panic.

Xia Xing Chen frown and slightly got up.

The nurse pointed at her, “Dean, are you looking for this Xia Xing Chen?”

The Dean take out a photo and look at her face carefully, then he nodded,”Yes, she is! Have you started the operation?”

“We are ready Dean!”

“Don’t remove the baby! No one is allowed to give her surgery!” The Dean gave the orders and everyone got puzzled. The Dean’s assistant whispered on the doctor’s ears:”We just received a phone call, any hospital who will operate to Miss Xia for abortion will face a big consequence.”

The doctor got curious, “Who called?”

The Dean’s assistant got closer to the doctor’s ear and lowered his voice. When she mentioned the name, the doctor got startled and scared. For a long time, the doctor wasn’t able to close his mouth.

“Miss Xia, please come out with us!” The Dean personally invited her. And someone has carefully assisted her to get down on the operating table, “You better be careful, don’t hurt the baby.”

Xia Xing Chen frowned, she cannot understand, “Why can’t I abort the baby?”

“Miss Xia, don’t ask the reason, as for the child you certainly can’t get rid of it. The whole S country’s hospital and doctors will not dare to receive you for abortion. If you don’t mind, it is better to give birth in our hospital. Just go to my office for now, and I will personally give you a check up and some nutritional supplements.”

“Did the baby’s father call you?” Xia Xing Chen keep staring at the Dean, her mood is surprisingly calm but her eyes are cold, “Dean, who exactly is that person? what rights does he have to not allow me to abort this baby?”

She hears the dean’s assistant whispered the surname “Bai”. However, she couldn’t hear the rest.

The Dean shook his head hard, “Miss Xia, I hope you don’t embarrass me, he is the baby’s father. But I don’t know who he is, if you don’t want to give up, you can go to other hospitals to try.”

Xia Xing Chen naturally will not give up. This baby cannot stay with her, so they transferred to other hospitals.

However, every hospital they went into, took out a photo and compared her face. They also didn’t do the surgery and just respectfully invited her into the dean’s room to give her a lot of supplements.

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