Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 10

She said and turn around to walk away before Xia Xingchen could even react.

Xia Xingchen got angry and felt embarrassed. But right now, she is in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as a staff she should pay attention to her image. So right now, she can’t approached Xia Xingkong and get noisy with her.

“Mr. President …”

Xia Xingchen was going to tidy up herself when she heard a voice not far away from her. In her astonishment, she confusedly look back and saw Bai Yeqing. She doesn’t know when exactly did he appeared in the long corridor behind her. Bai Yeqing looks more almighty and powerful with all the henchmen that was coldly following behind him.

At that moment, all the people in the party stand upright. Their face showed full of worship and reverence for him and his men.

This man’s handsomeness is enough to make all the women loses their mind ah!

However, at this moment, Xia Xingchen’s heart only feel grievances for him. Especially, after she sees Xu Yan and Xia Xingkong together.

If he didn’t deliberately picked her up to be his baby’s mother, she will not lose her love and wouldn’t get affected by Xia Xingkong’s provocation. President Bai Yeqing keeps walking forward. While, Xia Xingkong almost forgot to breath and almost fainted in excitement when the perfect man gets closer and closer to her.However, the perfect man just walked past by her and instead went towards Xia Xingchen. Bai Yeqing didn’t even glance at her, as if she’s only made of thin air or just simply didn’t exist.Xia Xingkong turned around in disbelief and stared at Xia Xingchen. “Why you!”“Hello.” Xia Xingchen bowed her head slightly in an attitude that is not cold toward Bai Yeqing.

Bai Yeqing frowned his eyebrows, but didn’t say anything. He hold her chin and slightly lifted her embarrassed face. He look at her neck, all the way down to her … …

The strength in his hand is not light, so Xia Xingchen felt the pain with his pinching. Her heart felt grievances more and more.

Bai Yeqing stare at her with his eyes that is not angry nor calm. Even though Xia Xingchen’s heart felt more grievances, but she didn’t dare to move. However, she doesn’t understand what this man is planning to do and… …

The two of them where standing close together. His slender fingers was touching her face and his fingertips is somewhat hot. And because of that, Xia Xingchen inexplicable feel hot and her heart started to beat fast.

And … … his line of sight: Where exactly is he looking at ah? Is he looking at my chest!?

“Ahm, Mr. President … …” Xia Xingchen said and pursed her lips to break the ice. But after that, her body got stiff like a fossil instantly.

At that moment, President Bai Yeqing releases her and look at Leng Fei, then said: “Look for a doctor and ask him to come.”

“Yes, sir!” When Leng Fei heard his words, he no longer stay beside him and immediately turn around to leave.

When that happens, Xia Xingkong’s eyes slightly look at Xia Xingchen. Her dark line of sight made Xia Xingchen’s back felt the chill.

Xia Xingchen didn’t move for a long time. But when Bai Yeqing completely disappear, she touches her face, as if she was feeling the remaining temperature of Bai Yeqing’s hand. So… … he look at my chest because it was burning red?

If that is the case, then it seems that man … … is not that annoying.

At that moment, Xia Xingkong also recovered her mind. When she saw what just happened, she couldn’t help but sarcastically laugh and said: “Sister, why don’t you look at your face that was longing for love?”

Xia Xingchen turn around and give her a supercilious look: “Your expression look a bit more like that, than I.”

“I already have Big Brother Xu Yan that’s why I’m not longing for love anymore.” Xia Xingkong proudly said and continue: “But, let me give you an advice sister. Mr. President is just kind to his people. And for someone like you who already have a child, your not fit to be with the President, just like how your not fitted to be with Xu Yan. So, don’t even dream about it!”

Xia Xingchen smiled, “Mr. President is indeed kind to his people. But even though he is kind, he just treated you like a thin air.”

“… …” Xia Xingkong got angry again, but couldn’t refute her. Until, someone hurried over and ask, “Miss, who is Miss Xia?

“Both of us!” Xia Xingkong said in a bad tone.

“Miss Xia Xingchen.” The other person on the side added.

“… …” Xia Xingkong just closed her lips and didn’t say a word.

The other person’s line of sight fell on Xia Xingchen, then smile and respectfully said: “Miss Xia Xingchen, please come with us. The President order us, to treat your injury.”

Xia Xingchen went along with them. While Xia Xingkong could only stay on that spot and stomp her feet in anger!

This woman really have a good luck!

In fact, it is not an injury, but some redness in the skin. Xiao Xingchen received a simple treatment. But because of this she could no longer wear her dress and just wear her work clothes. And in a group of people that were wearing a grand dresses, only her stands out because of her different attire that was out of tune.

Xia Xingchen sit at the back, which is too far from the first row. However, that man is still so dazzling. So even though he is very far from, she could still see him clearly. The people around him are also powerful figures, but each one of them bow their head in front of him to show respect.

“Stop looking! Instead, look at the person who was staring at you!”

Chi Weiyang shook her hand in front of her. Xia Xingchen realized that she was not actually paying attention to the programs, but stared at Bai Yeqing. She felt embarrassed and guilty, so she casually said: “The program is going smooth ah!”

“Come on, I know you are looking at our president, but I’m not gonna make fun of you. If you don’t stare at a charming person, that would be more strange for me … … But, look also on your right side. Xu Yan has looked back at you several times now. Hey, does that mean Xu Yan is still interested on you? You two can still make it!”

Xia Xingchen’s hand pressed tightly her knees and took a deep breath. Then plainly said: “He is now Xia Xingkong’s boyfriend. Do you think… … we can still make it work?”

Due to her ignorance, Chi Weiyang forgot to close her mouth and look like big goose. But the next moment, she couldn’t help but cursed: “Did she blinded his eyes? That Xia Xingkong is a bitch! When you and Xu Yan are still dating. I could already sense that she’s not simple. And now, she finally exposed herself!”

“Shh … …” Xia Xingchen made a gesture to silence her. Now, they are in the Foreign Ministry of the lobby. In which all the big men are present, if those people heard her, it will be put them in terrible situation. When Chi Weiyang realized it, she quickly covered her mouth and closed her lips.

In the end, Xia Xingchen couldn’t stop herself to look at Xu Yan. But, she didn’t wait for him to look back and just look away quickly.

Her chest felt tight and slightly felt bitter. The world really change. Before, she didn’t even think or consider that Xu Yan and Xia Xingkong will be together.

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