Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 9

Xia Xingchen pretended that she still doesn’t know who Xia Dabai’s father because she doesn’t dare to say that, that person is the President of their country.

Chi Weiyang has changed the topic and said: “I heard that tonight, the President will come to our company’s party program.”

“Oh? Why I haven’t heard that?”

“I just heard it from the Secretary when I passed by.”

“… … Oh.” Xia Xingchen couldn’t say much because she hasn’t seen Bai Yeqing for several days.

“How come your respond is so dull?” Chi Weiyang excitedly said, “Just by thinking that I’ll be able to see the President I’m getting deadly nervous! When I saw him on television before, he looks very handsome. I’m not sure if he looks more handsome in person than on TV.”

“What’s the use of being handsome, if he is cold like an iceberg.” Xia Xingchen muttered.

“What are you talking about? Who’s like an iceberg?”

“… Nothing, you will know it when you see it.”

Xia Xingchen got afraid, so she didn’t dare to say it in her own mouth.

That day, she didn’t saw Xu Yan again. He got so busy because he is the British Prime Minister’s chief translator, so naturally, he will always have to follow him.


At night, indeed President Bai arrived and as always, the Foreign Minister led all the staff in front of the entrance. Across the crowd, Xia Xingchen looked at the superior man and didn’t dare to get close to him. He looks like a dazzling sun in the sky and she looks like a dust on the ground.

The difference between the two of them is big even if they have a child. Fortunately, they are not in love and she will never fall in love with this man, otherwise, her life will be more miserable.

Xia Xingchen was still in deep thoughts when Chi Weiyang quietly pinch her hand again. She turned her head and saw that her face looks like a pink peach due to excitement as she keeps staring at President Bai’s face.

My gosh!

Can’t she control herself at some point?

However, when she turn around she found out that all the married or unmarried women almost have the same reaction. Xia Xingchen stood calmly in the crowd, it seems she was out of place.

This man is a big disaster!

Bai Yeqing just entered the building and didn’t even glance at Xia Xingchen. Chi Weiyang ended up depressed and said: “The President didn’t even look at us!”

“There were so many people and he didn’t come here to look at us. So, stop dawdling, let’s change our clothes and went to the party.”


After a few more minutes, the party will start. The fireworks gorgeously rose across the sea. Xia Xingchen wears a royal blue gown and went out from the dressing room.

She was about to rush to the party but saw a familiar figure, so she abruptly stops on that spot.

In just one look, her heart beats become messy.

Xu Yan.

His deep eyes on the surface didn’t skip to look at Xia Xingchen. She holds her handbag and carried her long skirt while walking close to him with tension.

“Long time no see.” In the end, Xu Yan made the opening.

Xia Xingchen smile and said, “Yes, I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Xu Yan looked at the beautiful girl in front of him and couldn’t help but praise her: “This dress looks beautiful on you.”

“Thank you.”

Then, two of them have a moment of silence and didn’t say a word. Their hearts still want to talk with each other, but their lips don’t know where to start and the atmosphere becomes quite embarrassing.

“Brother Xu Yan!”

At this moment, a sweet voice suddenly sounded.

Xia Xingchen’s body got stiff when a petite figure run over and hold Xu Yan’s arm: “Brother Xu Yan, I told you we can meet here, right?”

It turns out to be … … Xia Xingkong … …

Xia Xingchen suddenly remembers that the International Dance Troupe will perform a dance number in tonight’s event. However, she didn’t expect Xia Xingkong to be with them and … … why she and Xu Yan… …

Xia Xingchen line of sight falls on Xia Xingkong’s hand that was holding Xu Yan’s arm. Xu Yan felt uncomfortable and stiffly brushed off Xia Xingkong’s hands out from the hands: “Xingkong, we’re in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so don’t do this.”

“Why not? We are lovers and now there is no stranger near us anyway.” Xia Xingkong laughs in happiness.

Xia Xingchen felt bored.

“Elder Sister? It was you!” Xia Xingkong pretended that she didn’t notice Xia Xingchen’s presence. She releases her hand to Xu Yan and pulls Xia Xingchen’s hands: ” Elder Sister, what a coincidence! I didn’t expect to meet you here. I just return from home and wanted to see you, but they said you already move out.”

“You two can chat, I still have a work so I can’t accompany you.” Xia Xingchen can’t take Xia Xingkong fake well-behaved attitude so she pulled back her hand and ready to go.

But, Xia Xingkong pulled her once again and said: “Elder Sister, don’t rush. Let’s chat a little longer.”

“Brother Xu Yan, I want to drink coffee, can you help me to get a cup of coffee?”

Xu Yan looked at Xia Xingkong’s eyes and quietly look at Xia Xingchen. In the end, he didn’t say anything and just turned around to go.

When Xu Yan left, she releases Xia Xingchen’s hand and laughs as she put on her cold attitude.

“He’s my boyfriend now, so, stay away from him!” Xia Xingkong said her warning.

Xia Xingchen has long been accustomed to her different set of face and laughs: “For five years, your fake color and hypocritical face didn’t change a bit.”

“That’s better than acting pure, but in reality was messing secretly with who knows the man is it. Xia Xinchen you can’t blame for reminding you that you should feel ashamed of yourself. Brother Xu Yan doesn’t deserve someone like you!”

Xia Xingchen didn’t get angry and just glimpse to Xia Xingkong: “Since you think that I’m like that, then you better guard your Brother Xu Yan, right? But seriously, in five years you really didn’t even grow a little?”

“You!” Xia Xingkong choked in anger. At that moment, Xu Yan was still carrying the coffee when he rushes over them. Xia Xingkong immediately changes the expression on her face into a smiling flower. Xu Yan got worried about them, but said: ” I must enter now the venue, and you … …”

“Then you go ahead, I still have some time, so my sister and I will keep chatting a little longer.”

“Ok.” Xu Yan didn’t think too much and hurried away because his work is too tight.

Xu Yan walks away and Xia Xingkong’s face change once again. She splashes the coffee in her hand to Xia Xingche’s body without any warning.

Xia Xingchen holds her breath. Her royal blue gown has a low cut design, so the hot coffee directly flow on her chest. And soon, her chest turn red.


Xia Xingchen got angry.

Xia Xingkong innocently smiles and said:”Sorry, the coffee slips from my hand. However, my elder sister, remember not to wear such a style in front of someone else’s boyfriend. Other people will feel jealous.”

She said and turn around to walk away before Xia Xingchen could even react.

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