Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 11 part2


CHAPTER 11- Part 2- GMMP- Indirect kiss

“Cough, cough.” Almost half of the dumplings choke her.

She coughed and covered her chest. Her face was red.

“You…Why are you always so difficult to find?” The president had some interrogative bitter feeling.

Furthermore, he usually returned earlier than her. She had no idea that he was in the middle of the night and was wearing black robes.

Hmmm…sexy man? But, as usual, people feel overcome.

Xu Yan glanced at her without paying attention and stepped into the kitchen sink.

Xia Xingchen was chewing dumplings and feeling bored and her eyes could not wonder and was curious at him.

He was walking back and forth to open the refrigerator, his eyebrows raised, seems he found what he was looking for.

Xia Xingchen saw the president, obviously was same like her, searching food in the middle of the night.

She opened her lips and asked, ” Are you hungry?”

” He did not care, he took a dry cake from the refrigerator to eat.

However, it is obviously that he was picky eaters, he was a bite mouthful, he frowned because it was hard to swallow.

Xia Xingchen thought he looks funny.

Can she imagine that the President of Supreme People’s Republic of China also had such a poor time? In the eyes of others, he should be served delicious food and drink.

But she was absolutely afraid to laugh in front of the President and make fun. Was she looking for her life end up?

“Would you like me to give you some of the dumplings?” Xia Xingchen kindly asked.

“No need.” Xu Yan ungrateful gave her only two words.

How unresponsive he was!

If it was not because of the matter of today, she won’t take care of him even he doesn’t eat it. “Xia Xingchen grunted, whispered muttering.”

She was biting a dumplings with a widely open mouth, while looked up and exclaimed:

“Really delicious ah! Too fragrant. Um, well, it is more delicious than dry food.”

She was deliberately chewing with sound.

“You didn’t learn basic good manner?” Xu Yan eyes was cold, quite disappointed.


“Could you chew without sound?”

While she was still chewing up…

“Yes, President. Then I will eat slowly.” Xia Xingchen was unwilling to answer.

The ceremony is particularly demanding especially at presidential palace.

Xu Yan glanced at her eyes. Their eyes met together, they looked at that delicious dumplings, her hand was directly passed on over the bowl to escaped.

“Hey!” Xia Xingchen shouted.

She saw her clean chopsticks, through his mouth without any explanation.

Xia Xingchen looked confused at him, “Mr. President, is it not a clean thing?”

“When he was hungry, he could only endured.”

“But, just was that … …” Xia XingChen slender fingers pointed the dumplings to his mouth with her lips hesitantly.

He elaborated, “what?”

” That’s the one I’ve just bitten.”……” Xia Xingchen said at low voice at the end.

Xu Yan face was suddenly overcast, stared at her eyes unusually angry, like she might be killed.

Xia Xingchen was scared and her legs felt weak, she quickly handled respectfully her lips, tone of small voice: “spit it……”

She complained!

Obviously, she did not force him to eat! And. . . . . . Even he ate what she eats, she does not have intention to kill him? It is not poisonous!

Delicate lips were moving, Xu Yan really wanted to spit the dumplings she had just eaten.


Her face complained.

With angry and annoyed face, she nodded her head and her small hand was very close to his face.

Two people were very close, her soft palm was just under his nose, he can smell a touch of her fragrance. Elegant and very good smell like the taste of lime.

Xu Yan could not help thinking that evening five years ago, when she was like that fragrance body, so sweet.

She was shy. And asked him for her lingering.

He only picked her among from the pictures of many girls. In this thought, for him, it was only the most common few nights for love, and must forget.

But, until now, he still clearly remembered the incense of her body between the fragrance … … even, it was only a memory.

Mr. President?”” Xia Xingchen did not wait for his response, and called him out.

He withdrew his mind, his eye color was deep. He looked at her. The next moment, he did not only spit out the dumplings, but rather he all choke it down….

The forehead?

Xia XingChen was confused. She was pretending as if aware of something then the face suddenly blushed a circle of light pink.

You….. Did you really swallowed it?

So, between them, is … … this considered as indirect kiss?

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