Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 12


Chapter 12- The Child’s Biological father

On Monday.

Xia Xingchen was busy doing translation work when the mobile phone has rung. It was father Xia Guopeng’s secretary who called.

“Miss Xia, tonight the old lady arranged a dinner party, so you must attend.”.

Xia Xingchen paused and asked: “Welcoming dinner party for Xia Xingkong?”

“That’s what the old lady means. I’ll give you a specific address.”

Xia thought for a moment and nodded…… I see.”I’ll be there on time.”


There were many people at the dinner party that evening. Xia Xingchen didn’t bring Xia Dabai. She was standing alone in the corner and had a snack.

The only reason she came there tonight was to make the old lady happy. But in fact, it’s only a welcoming dinner and she had nothing to do there.

“You’re so blessed, Mrs. Xia, that you had such a daughter like Xia Xingkong!”

Did you flatter me? A blossom smiled face. ” Xia Li Ling stood in the crowded, enjoyed all the praise.”.

“Xia Xingkong are likely.”. She was now the world famous artist. I heard that she was the highest figure, but she could only show her performance to the president and representative.”

“That’s true.”. A few days ago, she just performed in front of the president! The president was especially impressed with her!”

“You have a good career Xia, but also to find a good man like Xu son as a boyfriend, your family can be really smart.” Xia Li Ling boasted as she went along.

“Xu family son, but Xu’s group of young master?”

“That’s him.”! A man of striking appearance.”

“Now the scenery of Hui group, was heard that their not only involved in department stores, building materials, hotels like those piece, and now they began to jewelry and electronic.”

“These, in fact, are his parents’ business, and our family does not mind.”. Xia Li Ling could not help showing it off. Xu Yan himself, a talented, now he was the first chief interpreter in Britain. Moreover, after the last meeting with the president, the presidential palace immediately took him. He really need it everywhere!”

It was hard to work for the president. “Like all his life he would give.”

A group of people sentenced him, their tone was full of envy.

Xia Xingchen listened from the side, her heart cannot tell what to feel.

She would never heard the president if there were no Xu Yan hand, And, would she still see now their own lives?

She end of a glass of wine and drained it, she smiled bitter.

There is no such thing in the world.

Moreover, she had now Xia Dabai, everything is just right.

In her bad moment, the spokesperson finally arrived. Xia Xingkong pulled Xu Yan to walked slowly, all people’s eyes were focused on them.

Xia Xingchen were standing in the crowd, looked far away.

They looked like a perfect match…… So happy, so enviable……

The old lady stood in front of the microphone, when the two of them led to respect a group of elders, her eyes looked around the house, and finally said: “Today, I’m here to announce one thing to you.” our Xia and Xu Yan, is officially engaged today. Hope to receive your blessing.”

As soon as the old lady’s words fell, the whole audience was in full swing.

“It matches well.”!”

“Great couple!”

“They are both leaders of the job!”

Applaused, one after another.

Xia Xingchen was shaking, she wanted to applaud her hands but it was like stiffed and looked like everyone else, was completely make no effort.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, Xu Yan felt her eyes, he was suddenly saw her from the side.

Across the crowd, two people eyes were like on same those way.

Xu Yan knew he should not be absent in such that situation, but as if he were evil, his eyes were projected from the past and for a long time it was hard to draw away from Xia Xingchen.

Xia Xingkong followed his line of vision. She also reminded the past. Xia Xingkong face changed and pulled under Xu Yan. “brother Xu Yan, what did you see?”

“I saw Xia, let’s go and say hello.”Xu Yan did nor hide it.

Xia Xingchen heart was unwilling in every possible way she wanted to think. But the next moment, Xia Xingchen hung to smile and nodded toward from her passed.


In a messed heart, Xia Xingchen had no idea that they would come up to her.

“Sister, thank you for coming to bless me and brother Xu Yan, we are now engaged, and after a while, when we work steadily, we will get married.”. Xia Xingkong handed her a glass of wine.

“That’s a good thing. I respect you.” She looked at the eye of Xu Yan. Xia Xingchen has took the lead to raise a cup to drink and carried the wine glass.

Xu Yan wanted to speak about after all, but he said nothing.

“Thanks to my sister who had to give way, and now brother Xu Yan we could be together. Sister, I’ll give you another drink.” Xia Xingkong still smiled so bright.

Xia Xingchen was frowned but without hesitation, she looked up and drank a cup of wine.

Xia!” Xu Yan could not help but called her. He remembered her poor drinking capacity.

Xia Xingchen heard that low voice, Xia Xingkong also heard it naturally. Her hand holded the cup tightened, but the face remained laughed.

“Sister, now I’m engaged to brother Xu Yan. How about you?”

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