Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 15 part1

Xia Xingchen sleep looked was very unstable at the bed, Bai Yeqing said: “If I married her it does not help the situation. I think if she was feeling sad, let your little uncle marry her.”

Xia Dabai pout, stubborn stared at him, “but I like you more.”

Bai Yeqing had some deep vision. The child’s pure eyes glanced at him like a flicker of entreaty that made him things not to refuse.


“I will not marry her.”.” He returned with determination and a certain lack of patience.

No, Xia Dabai drooped his head and asked: “why?”

The child does not have to understand it too much. The President had no more words to said, he only fainted and opened the door and looked at the bed of Xia Xingchen and stepped out.

The door was closed, and there was no movement in the room for a long time. Xia Xingchen tried to lift her eyelids and make sure that the man had gone far before she got up from the bed.

“You let me felt so ashamed Xia Dabai, you know why? I didn’t say I was going to marry him!” Her snow-white toes were poking at his back.

Xia heart quite resentment.

“Xia Dabai twisted back to a look of innocence, “people do not want to help you find something back.”

“How can I find it?

Young Bai uncle was snatched away by the younger sister and that was the worst thing she did. “Right?”

Xia heart was bleeding. How traitor she was?

Xia Dabai would be cool if she could marry the President. But the president was cold and boring, how could he be better than little Dabai uncle? Xia Dabai said, at last, his eyes out of light. “Or else we’ll try our best to let daddy marry you!”

Xia knew what he was thinking. He just wanted to have a complete family like other children.


“Honey, that’s our president, he is not like that ordinary person”. “So…… Let’s not go crazy, shall we?”

She patted the child’s head. She could not bear to look at the child’s disappointment. She got up and took her pajamas to the bathroom.

Marrying the President of the Republic of China? She could not even think of it. The previous president marriage was resounding VIP. How could she think by herself?

She was thinking of him in the car, her mind could not help but emerged just an ambiguous picture, thought of his strong heartbeat, strong arms bent … …

Her heartbeat was chaos for a while.

No way! No way! Xia Xingchen, could no longer cranky! That man does not like her?

She patted her face, cleared herself up, and threw the man out of her head. She held her chest for a long time, then finally her heart calmed down.


The next day.

Early in the morning, Xia Xingchen and Xia Dabai were dressed and Xia Dabai wore like a young gentleman. The president has been sitting in the restaurant. Butler is on the side.

The morning light shone through the French window, and her movements were graceful and calm, with a dazzling gold plating all over her body. They came in, and he just raised his eyelids slightly and looked at the child.

Xia Xingchen felt she was very near to himself, but so far away. They are not a world person.

“Little master, Miss Xia, good morning.” The servant held their chair and respectfully greeted them.

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