Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 14 part2


Chapter 14-Part 2- A more night to remember

“No, I don’t want him to marry me.” …Xia Xingchen eyebrows secretly lapped and said: “I don’t like him.” She thought him and Xia Xingkong.

“Is it?” Bai Yeqing clearly not believed, his fingers suddenly pinched her jaw, her face suddenly lifted up.

He looked to her deterred face. Her rounded eyes and her powerful eyelashes were looked like as butterfly as wing shook. Her rebellion heart revealed words that must forget and she suddenly speaks: ” had you ever remember the pain from the past?”

What is it?

“I remember more than you remember.” He looked like squinting.

The tone was deep, more and more ambiguous.

“Xia blushed at the moment, sounds that could be dripped into bleeding.”


What he was mean was that he still remember those nights as she was the same, and there was a passion between of the two of them?

Xia Xingchen naturally dared not to ask, and her hands were on his shoulder, and she jumped off from his leg.

She dared not to respond to his words again, she sat opposite him. Even without seeing him, she could feel his eyes pausing for a moment.

Feeling hot。

Xia Xingchen heartbeat felt disordered. The car was obviously a constant temperature, however, she inexplicably felt it was a sweltering carriage. The blowing of the wind was fresh, but she did not feel good.

What does this man mean by saying this to her?

At the time, Bai Yeqing looked at her eyes, and finally, he hooked his lips and took the official conversation to turn freely.

He remembered and seemed that all the memories of those nights were not all painful.


The car drove all the way to the manor.

As the car stopped, the servant came out over to greet. Xia Xingchen was asleep in the car. Leng Fei wanted to wake her up, but Bai Yeqing would hold her down from the car.

Leng Fei was shocked, but he knew it.

Bai Yeqing held Xia Xingchen directly into the second floor of the bedroom. Xia Dabai was at his small desk and wrote his homework, he lifted his small head to hear the movement.

“Hey, how could you Xia and Bai were together?

This kid was always called him, “Bai” completely and was not afraid of his president majesty. Bai Yeqing was overturned and looked serious: “Daddy.”

“Yes, Dad.” “Xia Dabai, why are you holding back? “Xia Xingchen laughed at Dabai.”

Bai Yeqing did not do anything to correct him. Anyway, this small guy is still a sense of innocent, but in the front of others, he must never dare to do it so without rules.

Xia was a bad smell, right?

The little guy does not respond him no matter, he climbed into bed to help one side opened a quilt while complaining.

Bai Yeqing looked at him, raised his eyebrows, did not answer.

Xia Xingchen put him carefully on the bed. Her slender arm slipped off his shoulder, and he could smell her. As the little man said, it was very fragrant. The same as five years ago.

This fragrance was fascinating.

Bai Yeqing drew back his mind, patted Xia Dabai head, said: “good to do homework.”

“Oh.” Xia Dabai nodded obediently lying head and went back to his desk. He thought of what, he bit the head back, his dark eyes, looked at the president, “Dad, can you marry my mother?”

Bai Yeqing was asked: “why you suddenly asked?”

“I know that she likes people to be my little uncle – I do not like to see her sad.” Xia Dabai said.

This young boy unexpectedly turned out to know everything.

Xia Xingchen sleep looked was very unstable at the bed, Bai Yeqing said: “If I married her it does not help the situation. I think if she was feeling sad, let your little uncle marry her.”

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