Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 16


Chapter 16- Future President’s Wife

The office of the President.

The first ray of sunlight penetrated the clouds, and the golden light shrouded the earth. The neatly manicured lawn is dotted with rain, everything seems full of vigor.

A large pointer with white square sounds solemn into the central issue “bang bang.”

In front of the majestic gold gate, the impressive array of honor guards passed by. Against the rising sun, the country’s bright red banner is rising –

Early in the morning, he awakened and stood in the white feather palace with his people and he felt everything seemed to be in order.

Outside the palace, people looked up to the flag and saw him very much, and all of them rushed up to the palace as excited as the tides. They wanted to take a closer look at the president’s style. The guards had let them to make distance.

Eventually, it was exciting and thorough popular. The Vice President helped him to vote easily defeating Song Guoyao. At the beginning of the league, it was the most popular one, although he had just taken his post and was the youngest president ever.

The President was standing high, greeted and waived far from them.

The greetings of the masses supported the sound of one after another, the group were exciting. He has always been calm and responsive, with the most elegant gesture to respond to his people.

He enjoyed the pleasure that this supreme power bestowed upon him, at the same time bearing the responsibility and the … danger that rights gave him.

At this very moment, an officer came hurriedly with a low voice: “Your Excellency, Vice President Song is here.”

Mr. President faded ‘uhh’, “Let him come to my meeting room.”

“He seems to have known about the building of the army factory,” said Leng Fei.

“This kind of thing is bound to hide him.” He was frowned, and he was not surprised.

“The secret weapon thing…”

“Who would dare to reveal half of that sentence, the last three words were ruthless.”

Leng Fei heart of nature, could not mention that word again.

When Bai Yeqing entered the conference room, Song Guoyao was already waiting. He sat on the cane stick until Bai Yeqing got into the door and let other people withdraw before he got up.

“Your Excellency.”

Although it is a respectful attitude, Bai Yeqing is not convinced by the bottom of his heart.

" What is it so important Vice President to be so early?" Bai Yeqing sat down on the main seat, and his face was greeted with a smile of kindness.

“It is not a matter of course, but it must be a good thing, the only thing in my family that you don’t know can you remember it?” Song Guoyao laughed.


“Yes. She has just returned to the country in the past few days. When she came back, she told me that she has been admiring you for a long time. She is clamoring to meet you. You see, when can you have some free time to meet her? Even if it is a little bit of a wish it could satisfy the little girl.”

President Bai was also smiling, I don’t have such a good heart. She still remembers me. I’ll have to meet you again in a few days, I was personally invited Miss Song. “Where she is welcome, what do you think?”

“Then I would tell her that Excellency had promised to see her, she must know that and she would be happy.”

Bai Yeqing faint nodded, he took a box of notes from the drawer and handed it smoothly to Song Guoyao, “this is a gift to Miss Song, please bring it to her. I also asked you vice president to help me with it."

“Song Guoyao was even more smiling, and said, “Your honor! Sounds interested!”

Song Guoyao was sent away with a smile of the President.

Leng Fei said: “This old age person he did not ask you about the military and he talked to you about Miss Song.”

“He was playing the idea of marriage.”

Leng Fei does not know what to say and cannot say anything. Bai Yeqing looked at him.

“The two families in the Song Dynasty are one of the two, although it seems to us that there is no good benefit. But… If you refused the proposal of the Vice President Song then he would turn the marriage with Yu dynasty. As a result, the combination of Yu and Song is the greatest threat to us.

This is precisely only what he was worried about. Therefore, be early to prepare a gift for Song.

Saturday afternoon.

Xia Xingchen helped Xia DaBai to wear a horse-riding outfit and gave him a driving whip. She was the one who gave him and personally customized it.

“Let the driver uncle take you to the horse farm. Don’t ride for too long.” Xia Xingchen squatted, she took his kettle and sent him down.

She couldn’t be with him. Monday was an official assessment. She was directly concerned with her work issues. She was not at all daunted.

“I know, you are busy, I can take care of myself.” Xia Dabai waved and followed the driver’s uncle to the car, but he also did not forget to return her a kiss.

Just then, the Butler picked up the phone and walked quickly toward her.

“Miss Xia, the presidential palace is approaching a very important guest and will close soon, so… If it is convenient, please go upstairs right now. If there is something important, you can ring the bell in the room, we have good command.” Butler looked serious.

“I’ve never seen any guests here before.” Xia Xingchen was curious.

“At this time, he will meet the Vice President’s daughter, and it is very likely that she will be the future president’s wife, so Miss Xia, please forgive me.” said Butler.

The future President’s wife …

Xia Xingchen went up first. “She whispered murmur and smiled.” She would not come down to disturb and assured to rest.

Xia XingChen turned to go upstairs and did not say anything. She opened and read the book seriously.

However, after that, there was always some distraction.

She was curious about what is the girl look like.

Well, in herself she must be curious because the future partner will be the stepmother of her son.

However, her thought about this matter could still not help her mood.

At this moment, she only heared the car roar came from the downstairs. She almost dropped her book immediately and looked out of the window probe.

Xia Xingchen recognized at a glance, Bai Yeqing car was the third one in a long convoy.

The team stopped at the manor road and the well-trained bodyguards took the lead in getting out of the car.

Then …

A shadows into her eyes.

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