Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 17

Then a delicate silhouette came into her eyes.

That lady got a curved and graceful figure. She dressed in a light yellow dress, and when the wind blew the light gauze attaching to the dress, she looked very beautiful.

That lady and Bai Yeqing were walking side by side, and she looked up to talk something with him, while his expression remained calm and polite. Occasionally, he would nod as a response.

What a fascinating scene – a handsome man and a beautiful woman, they were a perfect match.

Xia Xingchen turned her gaze away in embarrassment and bent down to close the window. That was not her world, it would be better not to pay excessive attention to it.

“Oh, who is she?”

When the window was almost closed, that young lady asked promptly downstairs.

Xia Xingchen's heart skipped a beat and she subconsciously looked down.

Unexpectedly, everyone looked up at her at that moment. The young woman’s face was full of doubts, and Bai Yeqing also stared at her with obscure light in his eyes. While the butler on the other side was wiping cold sweat ceaselessly.

Xia Xingchen didn’t expect that she would draw attention by closing the window upstairs. Panic arose in her heart, but she quickly calmed down. She gave a smile and closed the window without fuss.

Downstairs, Song Weiyi was curious about the identity of Xia Xingchen who suddenly appeared in the presidential palace. However, if Bai Yeqing didn't mention, she naturally wouldn't dare to ask. Before entering the door, she couldn't help giving one more glance at that window.

Could she be the secret mistress of Mr. President?

She secretly took a peek at Bai Yeqing, but his face was always calm and she could find no clue.


Here in upstairs.

Before Xia Xingchen could ring the bell, a servant had already rushed up.

“Miss Xia, you shouldn’t have appeared by the window. If Miss Song mistakes your identity, things will get worse.”

“Sorry, I didn't mean to it. Anyway, quickly get a servant costume for me!”


“Hurry up!”

Xia Xingchen prompted and the servant had no choice but to fetch a servant costume.

Xia Xingchen took off her clothes neatly and put on the white and black servant clothes.

“Miss Xia, what are you going to do… ?”

The servant was shocked when he saw her dress-up. Though she could not be the First Lady, she was the birth mother of the young master after all. Who dares to command her?

“Let's first dispel the doubts of Miss Song before causing any bad effects.” Xia Xingchen explained while braiding up her hair.

It would make sense only if she was the servant of the presidential residence.

The servant remained silent.

On the other side, the door of the reception room was closed. Leng Fei and several guards were guarding the door.

After Xia Xingchen came downstairs, Leng Fei took a quick look at her and didn't recognize her. But then he stopped and turned back to take a close look at her, finally found who she was.

“Miss Xia, what are you doing… “

“Shh! Don't call me Miss Xia from now on.” Xia Xingchen glanced at the reception room.

At this moment, the servant came up with coffee and desserts. Butler took over and handed them to Xia Xingchen: “Miss Xia, I am so sorry but I can only trouble you.”

Xia Xingchen understood the intention of butler: to convince Song Weiyi to believe that she was the servant of the presidential palace. Xia Xingchen also thought so.

She nodded and prepared to enter with coffee and desserts.

The door just opened a little, and people immediately heard Song Weiyi's tender laughter, “When we were young, Mr. President you never made a concession me in the chessboard, but now you do.”

“I don't expect that Miss Song would still remember these trifles in childhood.”

“Mr. President, just call me Weiyi.”

Bai Yeqing nodded slightly and looked over her head. She didn't wear the diamond hairpin that he had sent to her.

“Don't you like my present?” He asked, gently rubbing the crystal chess in his hands.

“I like it. I like it very much. And my mother also said Mr. President you have a good taste. But… I value it too much to wear. I'm afraid of losing it accidentally.”

Bai Yeqing smiled lightly. “Just wear it whenever you want. If it lost, I will buy another one for you.”

Song Weiyi felt very happy, so her voice also got sweeter. “It's the first gift that Mr. President has given me. So it's too special to be replaced.”

Hearing what they said at the door, Xia Xingchen found herself very redundant.

What Song Weiyi said and her expressions showed her admiration for Bai Yeqing. And Bai Yeqing also treated Song Weiyi with a rare gentleness. While he was always indifferent to Xia Xingchen.

Thinking of that, Xia Xingchen felt a little upset and gave her head a strike.

What were you thinking about? Why did you care about the affairs between the president and the First Lady? Was it related to her, an ordinary individual?

She shook her head to get rid of all these thoughts, and then entered the door.

They were playing international chess, of which the crystal chess was made of crystals and the chessboard of jade. Each they occupied one side. Xia Xingchen did not disturb them and just put the snacks aside quietly.

“Hey! Wait!” When she turned and was ready to go out, she was stopped by Song Weiyi, “Are you the girl upstairs just now?”

Bai Yeqing rose his head and saw Xia Xingchen. Then his sight became a little deeper.

It was really seldom for Bai Yeqing to see her so docile with the servant costume.

“Hello, Miss Song. Because the butler said it would rain later, I went upstairs and closed the window.” Xia Xingchen explained.

“You… are a servant?” Song Weiyi looked her up and down with suspect.

“Yes, I am.”

“Then stay here and help me shell the crab.” Song Weiyi had a glanced at the crab. Song Weiyi liked crabs and the kitchen had prepared for early.


Xia Xingchen was stunned. Song Weiyi really saw her as a servant who could be ordered around?

Xia Xingchen took a look at Song Weiyi and at first, didn't want to do that.

However, after a thought, she changed her idea. If she still wanted to accompany Dabai at the presidential residence, she could not be expelled by Song Weiyi.

Then she decided to do that as the order.

Then she took the tools and began to shell. It was convenient for her to do that with tools.

Unexpectedly, Song Weiyi turned her face toward Xia Xingchen and required: “Drop the tools, shell crabs with your hands. Otherwise, you will disturb us.”

Uh? With hands?

Song Weiyi should order her shell such big crabs with hands. Did she deliberately put me on the spot?

Xia Xingchen whined secretly and glanced at the president. Then she clenched her teeth and shelled the crab with hands. She thought it was better than being kicked out.

With lots of sweat in her face, she shelled crabs with all efforts but just got a small dish of crab meat.

“Ah…” When she pulled one crab leg apart, her finger was suddenly pierced by a sharp shell.

She gave out a light painful shout, with few drops of blood on her finger.

Bai Yeqing stopped playing chess, raised his head and frowned, asking: “What happened?”

“Ah, nothing, nothing…” Xia Xingchen shook her head and placed her hands back. She thought her voice was low enough, just like a sigh.

But he should hear that.

Why did he frown? Did he blame her for disturbing them to play chess?

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