Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 25

Xia Xingchen understood why the news reported that Mr. President was not injured – now the political situation was in the period that internal and external suffers intertwined.

She nodded: “Rest assured, I will take care of him.”

Leng Fei nodded and guided her into the house. The house looked not commodious from the outside, but the furniture inside was available in all varieties.

There were only a few people whom Mr. President believed here. The atmosphere in the house was serious and strained.

Xia Xingchen was on tenterhooks asking: "Where is he?"

“Follow me.” Leng Fei led Xia Xingchen to the only bedroom here. He raised his hand and knocked on the door. Hearing the sound inside, he turned around to warn Xia Xingchen: “The scene may be bloody, so you must be mentally prepared.”

Xia Xingchen took a deep breath and nodded. Leng Fei opened the door and came in.

Although Xia Xingchen was mentally prepared a lot, she was scared to take a step back when she suddenly saw the scene in the room.

The sheet on the bed was covered with blood, making her legs gave away. A fit of dizziness came over her.


She was shocked by the blood all over the sheet, ground and Mr. President's body.

Lay dying there, the President's chest was wounded by booming, and his chest was mangled beyond recognition. On his arm, the muscle and bone were exposed.

Standing still, Xia Xingchen only felt that even the breathing became difficult.

“How… how could he be injured so badly?”

By all rights, protected by so many bodyguards, he shouldn’t be attacked.

"He was going to save a kid." Leng Fei understated.

Xia Xingchen knew everything.

Lonely at the top, the authority coexists with danger. He was the President, so he cannot shrink back but confront it.

This man, to be the youngest and most popular president, was merited.

Looking at him, a strange sincere feeling happened to her.

It was a kind of respect, and admiration as well.

She was very glad that Xia Dabai’s father was such a responsible man.

Soon after, the doctor Fu Yichen had helped him with the wound and went out of the bedroom. Xia Xingchen quickly followed up, “Doctor Fu, how is the President?”

“Now he is still in a coma. The injury is so serious that he will have a fever at night. At that time, you remember to use alcohol to help him wipe the whole body.”

“Okay. I'll do it. Anything else need to pay attention to?”

“The wound on the body must not be stained with water. This is my phone number. If he still has a fever tomorrow morning, give me a call immediately.” Fu Yichen wrote a phone number with a pen quickly.

Xia Xingchen slightly frowned, looking at the direction of the bedroom, and said worriedly, “Dr. Fu does not stay here?”

She was afraid that if something happens, she could not handle it.

“There are a lot of wounded people in White Feather Square. I have to deal with the situation. The public knows my relationship with the president. Once I disappear for too long, there will be doubts outside.”

She was worried about Mr. President, but there was no other way at the moment.

After Fu Yichen left, Leng Fei, along with a few people, also left.

Since Bai Yeqing was unconscious, Leng Fei had to appear in the media to stabilize the public. Moreover, the murder of this accident must be detected as soon as possible, otherwise, the president would be always in danger.

All of a sudden, there were only Xia Xingchen and Bai Yeqing in the house. Fortunately, there were bodyguards patrolling around.

Xia Xingchen took a deep breath and tried to calm down before she entered the bedroom again.

In the bedroom, Leng Fei and his fellows had replaced the bloody carpet and the sheet with new ones. Bai Yeqing was lying on his bed with his wounds bandaged. It was not as shocking as it just had been.


She was still extremely worried.

At night.

As expected, Bai Yeqing had a fever. His red face and furrowed eyebrows showed that he was quite uncomfortable.

Xia Xingchen quickly prepared a wet towel and put it on Bai Yeqing's forehead. However, when Xia Xingchen's hands touched Bai Yeqing's forehead, he breathed heavily and grasped her hands tightly.

He used almost all his strength. She could feel his hot palms trembling with too much force.


At present, Bai Yeqing was weak. Xia Xingchen could shake off his hands easily.

But she dared not. She was afraid that his wounds would be torn.

"It's me. Relax. You have a fever and I am taking care of you." Xia Xingchen whispered.

Bai Yeqing was in a daze and he could hear nothing but a mild voice. The voice was like rain in the spring that could easily comfort people.

Bai Yeqing's eyelashes trembled so much that it took him a while to open his eyes. Xia Xingchen's worried face slowly emerged in his vision.

“It’s you?”

Bai Yeqing's voice was extremely hoarse, and his lips were dry and painful. Seeing her, he was obviously relieved.

Xia Xingchen nodded, “Leng Fei asked me to take care of you. Relax, I will try to be gentle and don’t hurt you.”

He blinked to show he understood that. At the same time, he gradually relaxed his vigilance, and slowly moved his big hand away from her wrist.

Xia Xingchen put a towel on his forehead and fetched the medicinal alcohol.

Looking at him, she felt awkward. For God's sake! She had to wipe around his body?

"What?" Bai Yeqing felt that she had no further moves, so he asked her weakly, eyes closed.

“…Doctor Fu enjoined me to wipe your body with medicinal alcohol as you have a fever…” Xia Xingchen explained, with her voice getting lower.

Bai Yeqing then opened his eyes and gave a glance at her. He observed clearly the embarrassment and shyness of her.

“Give me the alcohol, I will do it myself…” He used his strong willpower to keep himself sober. And then he groped for the alcohol bottle with the unscathed hand. The places that he touched all got wet.

Xia Xingchen looked at that and quickly grabbed his hand, saying with amazement: “Don’t move! If your wound tears, it will hurt.”

Bai Yeqing twitched his pale lip, “The pain is nothing.”

He couldn't remember how many wounds he had, whether serious or light. Since he grew up in the army, he experienced and could tolerate lots of cruel training.

Compared with a fierce battle and torture, the wound was really nothing.

Although he mentioned it casually, Xia Xingchen felt uncomfortable and distressed.

“I can help you. Be obedient and don’t move.” She pulled a chair and sat down at the bed.

Bai Yeqing frowned and stared at her. She dabbed the cotton wool with alcohol and carefully wiped it against the lobes of his ears.


Neck, clavicle…the chests that were not injured…

Continue to wipe from top to bottom…

When her fingers fell on the man’s trousers, she could feel he stared at her with a deep and complex sight. Her cheeks were getting redder.

Having a bite on her lip, she muffled: “Close your eyes!”

If he kept staring at her, would she die because of shyness?

Although they had done everything, it was five years ago. Moreover, she still regarded that as a dream. Even at present, she still couldn't remember it clearly, so…

Of course, she would be shy!

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