Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 26

Bai Yeqing was vague in his mind, and even when he looked at things, it seemed to be covered with a thin layer of fog, but at this moment, in his own eyes, her shy and nervous look was so obvious.

Now she was not the aggressive kitten when he just met her before, but more like a pure white rabbit.

“Afraid?” He spoke, his voice was hollow but defiant.

She urged, “Close your eyes right now!”

Bai Yeqing inexplicably felt that she was a little funny. With a faint smile, he closed his eyes after all.


Gritting her teeth, Xia Xingchen made up her mind to touch his pants with hands.

Her fingertips were trembling.

Damn it!

What the hell is this task?

“Woman, be careful, don’t touch randomly!” Bai Yeqing opened his eyes, warned with dumb voice, whose eyes color were deep and dark.

Gritting her teeth, Xia Xingchen’s face became more blush, she said with an emulative tone, “What does it matter? I have touched it before…

Just finished, she saw his meaningful eyes and got annoyed that she shouldn't have spoken out so impulsively.

What was l talking about!

Bai Yeqing squinted. There was something ambiguous in his expression, while his voice was quite soft. “So as I have said, you don't only remember the pain about five years ago…”

“…” Xia Xingchen’s face was so blushful that it even looked like to shed blood.

What was the time right now? He still had time to think about things happened five years ago.

“I don’t think you have a serious injury, you are still so spirited!” she muttered.

Bai Yeqing closed his eyes and really did not say anything again. Xia Xingchen rubbed his body with alcohol even though she didn’t want to do this.

Her fingers were shaking and stiff. However, he was not much better.

Every unmeant touch from her fingertips made him feel as if an electric current had passed through him, numb and hot.

Her fingers slipped onto his toned legs. He opened his eyes and suddenly held her hand with his unscathed hand.

Xia Xingchen had already been alarmed when wiping his body, and she was frightened by his touch.

He used a little force and then she was pulled toward him.

Giving a little whoop, she almost fell down and pressed on his wounds. She was so startled that she supported her body against his side, with another hand he didn't catch.

“It's dangerous to do this!” With her eyebrows clenched, she was worried and looked at him somewhat reproachfully.

Bai Yeqing started at her glowingly, "Are you sure that is the treatment Fu Yichen told you to reduce fever?"

“Yes.” She nodded. At that moment, they were very close, with the posture – Xia Xingchen was on, he down. She could smell the gunpowder and the herbs on his body.

She felt her heart beating faster than usual as if it would jump out of her chest at any moment.

He squinted and said: “Why do I think the temperature is higher, instead of reducing?”

Xia Xingchen was very embarrassed.

Not only did he feel his fever getting worse, but also…she felt her body was hotter!

"Mr. President…" Xia Xingchen ran her tongues around her dry lips and continued, "If you don't let my hands go, your fever will be more serious…"

Besides, Xia Xingchen might be infected.

At that moment, Bai Yeqing was accompanied by no one but Xia Xingchen in the room, and their hands held tightly, wouldn't they feel hot?

Bai Yeqing stared at Xia Xingchen earnestly with his expression hard to read. Finally, he slowly released her hand.

Xia Xingchen sat up in the bed, took a deep breath and wiped the sweat on her forehead away.

Looking at Bai Yeqing in the bed, Xia Xingchen felt a little uncomfortable. She said to Bai Yeqing while packing her things up, "Have a good rest, I’ll take your temperature later."

"Hum," Bai Yeqing replied. He closed his eyes and fell into sleep quickly as if he was exhausted.

After packing things up, Xia Xingchen covered Bai Yeqing with a quilt. Bai Yeqing's red face made her worried.

Tonight, Xia Xingchen had to stay up and accompany Bai Yeqing. It was hard for her to fall into a sleep.


"But, why do I worry about him so much?" Xia Xingchen refused to think deeply.

Just finishing cleaning up, Chi Weiyang then called. Xia Xingchen considered Bai Yeqing would wake up if she spoke loudly in the room, so she left out the room to answer the phone call.

“Xia Xingchen, just tell me what are you doing?”

Chi Weiyang shouted there, “Are you insane? You've worked so hard for today’s assessment, and you just left and gave up the exam. You must tell me, what's your reason?!”

Xia Xingchen became terribly upset due to Chi Weiyang's high voice. In fact, it was really a pity to give up the exam.

Many people were dreaming of the job.

It was frustrating to think of the long-running efforts that became in vain now.

“Forget it, I… will find another job.”

"Give me a reason!"

“…” Xia Xingchen glanced at the closed door of Bai Yeqing's room and said, “I have a friend… He got serious ill suddenly. So, I came to take care of him.”

” Friend? A man? “

” … yep.”

“The one you live with?”

“… In fact, we're not really in cohabitation. We just live together compelled by circumstances. To be precise, we don’t know each other well..”

“If you’re not familiar with him, you won’t quit such a good job just because he is ill! Besides, doesn’t he have families? Why does he need you, an acquaintance, to take care of him?"

Xia Xingchen's words puzzled by Weiyang.

The servants and butler in the family had been with him for 10 years at most. He did not choose to believe them, but her, who was not very familiar with him.


He believed her?

But… this feeling of being trusted was actually not bad.

Xia Xingchen pursed her lip. “It’s useless to say anything now.”

“Yes. You are eliminated.”

The result met her expectations.

And… even if she passed the assessment, she had to take care of him these days, she can’t go to work. Now it saved her the trouble – she didn’t need to take time off.

Chi Weiyang did not understand Xia Xingchen’s behavior, but the latter could not tell Chi Weiyang the real reason. Xia Xingchen had a brief chat with Chi Weiyang and then hung up the phone.

Xia Xingchen opened the door and saw that he was still asleep in the bedroom. She let out a sigh of relief and turned to the kitchen.

She began to think about what she should cook to help him recover more quickly.

The kitchen was well equipped with plenty of fresh ingredients.

Xia Xingchen was a little hungry and just cooked a few noodles for herself. As eating, she kept poring over what she could cook.

He was seriously hurt, so he'd better eat lightly seasoned dishes.

He was very picky about food, but she could only make the most common home-cooked foods. She was not sure if he could get used to it.

Xia Xingchen thought it over and over again, and finally decided to cook a bowl of chicken porridge. Putting the pot on the fire, she thought that he could eat the porridge when he was hungry after waking up.

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