Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 28

Bai Yeqing waited a while, but Xia Xingchen still didn’t answer. He raised his eyebrows, and then Xia Xingchen said: “I certainly care about you. Among the successive presidents, you are the most popular one in our country. Everyone cares about you. My colleagues and I learned from the news yesterday that you might be injured, and we all worried about you. “

Bai Yeqing's pupils constricted, he asked coldly: "No more feelings?"

Xia Xingchen pretended not to understand what he meant and changed the subject nonchalantly: “You are so weak, don’t chat with me anymore. Eat the porridge while it is warm! The citizens will not worry so much if you get better soon.”

As speaking, she lifted a spoon with porridge to his mouth. Bai Yeqing gave her a searching look for a long time, wanting to find an inkling of her true thinking. But in the end, he failed.

Bai Yeqing suddenly felt a little bored. He didn’t say anything, just eating porridge in a frigid manner.

The intimate atmosphere disappeared.

But now a myriad of thoughts crowded into Xia Xingchen’s mind. Whether it was herself or other citizens that were worrying about Bai Yeqing – she knew the answer actually.

… …

In the afternoon, Fu Yichen came over to change a fresh dressing for Bai Yeqing's wound.

Bai Yeqing was asleep on the bed.

“He had a fever last night which didn't go until this morning. He also had a poor appetite, only eating two bowls of porridge yesterday.” Xia Xingchen told Fu Yichen the full details of Bai Yeqing's situation in a soft voice, afraid of wakening him: “He kept a clear mind only for a little while today, and then he fell asleep again. Doctor Fu, is he okay?”

“Well, this is normal. After all, he is badly hurt.” Fu Yichen glanced at Xia Xingchen. “I am going to change a fresh dressing for his wound, can you give me a hand?”


Xia Xingchen, according to Fu Yichen’s instructions, prepared to cut the gauze on Bai Yeqing's chest with scissors.

She hadn’t started yet, and Bai Yeqing suddenly woke up.

He immediately saw that Xia Xingchen was holding a pair of scissors and leaning over him. He frowned slightly, saying lazily: “What are you doing?”

“Doctor Fu is here. We will change a fresh dressing for your wound.” Xia Xingchen said lightly: “It may be a little painful.”

Her tender look smoothed Bai Yeqing’s knitted brows.

He tried to stay awake, “Give me the scissors and go out.”

“Why? I am the assistant of Doctor Fu, I can't leave now.”

“Enough, go out as I required.” Bai Yeqing raised his hand to take the scissors away from her hand. But she was agiler than him, as she put her hands up, resisting to give him the scissors.

He frowned.

Is this woman teasing him as he is wounded?

He glanced at Fu Yichen and said, “Take her out.”

Fu Yichen took a meaningful look at Xia Xingchen and Bai Yeqing, and then spoke, “Miss Xia, Your Excellency is afraid that you can’t stand the wound on his body as it's quite bloody. If you are afraid to see that, then go out, it's OK to let him help me.”

As soon as he finished, Bai Yeqing glared at him with his sharp eyes.

Why this guy talks so much nonsense!? What a big mouth!

Xia Xingchen was surprised and she subconsciously peeked at Bai Yeqing. He… is he really afraid that the wound would scare her?

Since he didn’t refute Doctor Fu, then… is that so?

She was slightly moved. Then she gave a smile, “Don't worry, I'm not that timid. Besides… he is so badly hurt now, I am afraid he is unable to help even he wants to.”

Fu Yichen nodded, “It would be better if you can stay.”

“…” Bai Yeqing was a bit unhappy. So, his opinion was completely ignored by the two in front of him?

… …

When Fu Yichen was preparing the medicine, Xia Xingchen helped to cut the gauze on Bai Yeqing's chest and hands.

Every time she cut, she would hold her breath. She had seen his wounds on the first day, but now thinking about it, she still felt dreadful.

Her acts became more careful and gentler, fear of hurting him.

Bai Yeqing’s eyes were always fixed on her face, seeing her frown and pale face, he said with a deep voice: “Don’t force yourself.”

“Don’t underestimate me.” Xia Xingchen glanced at him and then focused on the work of cutting gauze. “Although I have never seen such a serious injury, I have seen, no, I have experienced some big event.”

“You? What big event have you experienced?” Bai Yeqing casually talked with her. When dedicated to doing something, she looked very charming.

“When I gave birth to Xia Dabai, I had a massive hemorrhage and was dying. The doctor even gave my dad a notice of the critical condition. However, I made it. Otherwise, you won't see me now. So, can it be called a big event that I've experienced?”

Xia Xingchen said these words in a relaxing way, and even with a smile. After that, she did not forget to look up at him, as if waiting for him to nod.

Bai Yeqing, looking indifferently, frowned.

How could this woman smile when talking about such a serious event!

“Don’t be so serious,” said Xia Xingchen, who was almost scared by his grave face, “Well, I shouldn’t mention that at this moment.”

She lowered her head, continuing to be busy again. The long hair on her cheek dissipated, covering half of her tight face.

Staring at her, Bai Yeqing's mind was full of the scene that she was lying on the operating table with fear and helplessness.

Leng Fei had been following up her affairs. However, Leng Fei had never mentioned anything about the massive hemorrhage.

Now hearing that, unexpectedly, he felt distressed.

His long fingers suddenly extended to put her long hair on the cheek behind her ear.

Touched by his fingertips, Xia Xingchen was stunned, and her heart beat faster.

She subconsciously looked at him and noticed the faint but complex eye expression. Her heart skipped a beat.

Arranging the hair beside the cheek shyly, Xie Xingchen did not say anything, but only silently buried her head to help Fu Yichen.


His eye expression always appeared in her mind.

What is… that complicated emotion?

Fu Yichen had witnessed all the details between the two people. Looking at them, he couldn’t help but twitch his mouth.

Growing up with Bai Yeqing in the army, Fu Yichen had never seen Bai Yeqing treated a woman in such a way.


It's impossible for them to have a happy ending, isn't it?

Xia Xingchen cut the gauze and Bai Yeqing’s wound was completely revealed. Even though she had seen his wound, Xia Xingchen didn’t dare to look at the wound again after the first glance.

He got injured so seriously. How painful it will be!

Fu Yichen was also very somber, “The medicine is strong and it will be a little painful.”

“Don’t worry, just apply the medicine.”

Fu Yichen beheaded and applied the medicine slowly to his wound.

At that moment, Bai Yeqing's uninjured hand held the sheets underneath tightly. The unbearable pain caused his lips to become pale and his forehead and the tip of his nose sweating. However, even so, he was still resolutely biting his teeth, without a sigh.

Xia Xingchen felt that her heart seemed to be smashed into a ball.

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