Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 27

After finishing cooking, Xia Xingchen called Xia Dabai.

“Dabao, how is your performance appraisal?” Xia Dabai’s clear, loud voice came from the microphone.

“Not bad.” She didn’t want to let Dabai down, so she told a white lie.

“Great. I know that my Xia Dabao can definitely solve any problem.” Xia Dabai was very proud of Xia Xingchen, feeling honored.

Xia Xingchen felt particularly pleased because of his words. Although she did not participate in the performance appraisal in probation, after hearing her son's words, her mood was much better.

“Dabai, you may have to live alone there recently. Mom can’t go back to accompany you at night.”


“Well… Mom has to go on a business trip for a few days. Be a good boy at home, okay? You can call me if you have trouble.”

“How many days will the business trip last?”

“I'm not sure.” It depended on Mr. President's recovery time.

"So, Dabao, you will miss me, right? I’m missing you now." Xia Dabai said in a sweet voice, but he appeared to be somewhat unhappy.

Xia Xingchen felt unutterable warm. She started missing Dabai the moment she left him.

Xia Xingchen took care of Bai Yeqing all night long.

Xia Xingchen didn't rest assured until she finally confirmed that Bai Yeqing was free of fever at the crack of dawn. She was extremely sleepy and fell into sleep beside the bed.

Bai Yeqing opened his eyes, turned his head slightly and found Xia Xingchen sleeping beside him.

Had she been taking care of me all night?

Clearly, Xia Xingchen was fatigue and slept like a log. She was unutterably cute with her white face lying on her hands.

Dabai's facial features resembled his. But Dabai's cuteness was much similar to hers.

Bai Yeqing touched Xia Xingchen's face slightly with his fingertip. The soft touch made it hard for Bai Yeqing to part from her.

Bai Yeqing couldn’t help stroking from her finely-formed brow to her dainty nose, and then down to… her soft red lips with his long, slender fingers.

The last time he kissed her was five years ago, and now she was as fresh and sweet as she used to be.

Bai Yeqing's pupils constricted.

At this time she seemed to be affected by his movements, uncomfortably squirming. Then she suddenly opened her eyes.

He went blank, having an instinct for retracting his hand. However, he was so heavily injured that he failed it.


When she woke up, his fingers were still on her lips.

When Xia Xingchen woke up, she felt itchy on his lips. The subconscious made her grasp the "thing" that harassed her. When Xia Xingchen was totally awake, she realized that it was Bai Yeqing's finger.


She looked up at his eyes and found that he was a little embarrassed. She became nervous and then rushed to release his hand.

“What happened… to me?” She pointed to her mouth and looked at his hand again.

“Nothing.” Bai Yeqing has already restored the natural look, and faintly said, “There is something on your lip.”

“…Okay." She got it.

Xia Xingchen was completely convinced and did not care. She just leaned over and put her hand on his forehead. Feeling the normal body temperature, she took a long breath and said, “Fortunately, no fever. Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? I've made porridge for you. I'll fetch it for you now.”

Not waiting for him to answer, she got up and went out.

Bai Yeqing looked at the busy figure for a long time. Until the door was closed and she disappeared completely, he had not moved his eyes. For so many years, it had been the servants and housekeepers who took care of him. Since he was a kid, there were no one other than his mother who had cooked for him.

Most of the women he knew were like Song Weiyi, who were pampered and did not do any housework.

They were noble, they were ladylike, but they were also very boring.

When he was thinking about it, Xia Xingchen came in with porridge.

She raised his head slightly higher with a pillow very carefully, spooning porridge.

The porridge was a little hot, and she was blowing carefully.

“What is this?” asked Bai Yeqing, looking at the porridge in her hand.

“Chicken porridge. Although it is not comparable to the cubilose soup that you usually eat, the porridge I made is also first-class.” When talking about her cooking, she was quite proud.


“Yes. Every time Dabai catches a cold and feels uncomfortable, I will cook this for him. He then gains spirit after eating it.”

That was too exaggerated, as it was not a panacea after all.

However, looking at her showing off, Bai Yeqing did not say anything to rebuke her.

Actually, he really wanted to have a try. Just now he had no appetite, but after catching the smell of the porridge, he became quite hungry.

“Wait a minute, let me try first in case you get burnt.” Xia Xingchen seemed to mutter to herself, subconsciously licking the porridge in the spoon.

After that, she froze for a moment.

What was she doing? She often fed Dabai in this way, and as a result, it has become a habit!

Then she raised her head and looked at him, “I get used to it. Wait a while, I will go to the kitchen to fetch you another spoon.”

When saying, she was about to get up.

“Hey!” Bai Yeqing reached out and took her hand. She turned and suspiciously looked at him, and then he grabbed her hand holding the spoon and sent it to his mouth.

He opened his mouth and took all the porridge in the spoon.

It seemed that he didn’t mind at all.

After eating, he even left his comment: “The taste is not bad.”

“You… don't you have mysophobia?”

Bai Yeqing looked calm, “You and I have kissed before. Why you think that I will care about these trifles?”

Xia Xingchen was embarrassed. This man should talk about the past so confidently and reasonably without blushing.

However, the next moment she remembered something, then snorted: “Hasn't Mr. President forgotten those trifles, why to mention them again?”

"Maybe my memory was refreshed by the explosion."

What he said was so indifferent though, Xia Xingchen's heart was hurting.

Feeding him another spoon of porridge, she couldn't hold back and asked, “Do you have pain?”

The voice was as soft as spring rain which could melt everyone.

Bai Yeqing's heart skipped a beat, and he raised his head to look at her. The distress in her eyes had not faded yet, lingering in the gentle eyes, just like a layer of tulle, which was so charming.

With his deep eyes, Bai Yeqing stared at her, "Are you concerned about me?"

His voice was gentle as well.

Though hoarse.

Quite sexy.

While his eyes were infused with heat that made her heart beat faster.

"Of course", the two words almost slipped from Xia Xingchen's lips. However, she suddenly realized something, and the starting word "of" was stuck in her throat.

Waiting for a long time but no answer was given, he lifted his eyebrows.

Then, she began to say.

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