Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Father is dead

Xia Xing Chen rushed in, but the two men wearing black suit blocked her way. They expressionlessly said: “Miss, please step back. You can’t get close to this area.”

“My son is kidnapped by you people? Why did you kidnap my son? I’m warning you, give him back to me immediately or else I’ll call the police!” Xia Xing Chen said and took out her cell phone. The two men didn’t lose their calm appearance, “Mr. Cabinet … … took away his son, he didn’t violate any law.”

“His son?” Xia Xing Chen got stunned for a moment.

Is he …?

These people are sent by Little Bai’s father?

Xia Xingchen looks to the direction of the third black Mercedez Benz car. The car window was not completely lowered and she was far from it, but still she saw a man sitting in the back seat.

At the side, the man who has a calm face, tall and straight figure seems to have heard her commotion. He didn’t went down the car and just slightly glance at her with his cold black eyes. Xia Xing Chen got stunned and couldn’t breathe for a moment. The car slowly drives away and the man completely disappeared in her eyes. The other men in the black suit went back in their car and also left, she suddenly recovered her mind.

He … … is Little Bai’s father?

“Little Bai!”

“Xia Dabai!”

She got panicked and wanted to catch up. Obviously, she has to catch up if she wanted to get her son back. She removed her high heeled shoes and run like crazy.


He can’t just cruelly take her child! And even … … Now, she didn’t know exactly who that man is!

“Xing Chen, stop chasing! Those people are gone now! Instead, quickly find the police and tell them to check out the surveillance video!”

“That’s right, with such a big show they can easily find those kidnappers! Are you sure you didn’t offend anyone?”

The neighbors are still talking about the incident, but Xia Xing Chen mind is still in mess. She really hoped Little Bai’s father to appear, at least to let her have the opportunity to give back that one slap in her face before. But now …

He suddenly appeared and effortlessly took away her son. Such a shameless guy, so unfair, so unrighteous!

That bastard! Is that guy a god or a ghost?

Xia Xing Chen bitterly uttered those sentences, she crazily throws her high-heeled shoes towards the direction of those people who disappeared quickly. Just you wait, he must prepare his face when she met him!*


On the other side.

Inside the villa, the atmosphere is very stiff.

In the luxurious leather sofa, a man and a boy were sitting face to face and staring each other.

Each of them has an expressionless look.

“Have you seen enough? If you’re done now, please send me back home.” Xia Dabai was the first one who speaks. He just sits there calmly, he didn’t panic like those any person who experience ‘kidnapping’, “Tonight, If you don’t let me go home, Xia Xingchen will be very sad. And if she gets sad, the consequences will be very serious!”

His mother is likely going to punish him by kneeling in the washboard! And that would make him lose his face!

Bai Yeqing didn’t say anything but slightly glanced on the cold coffee and Butler Leng Fei.

Leng Fei immediately steps forward and took the cold coffee, he respectfully said: “Young master, from today onward this will be your home.”

Xia Dabai look around the house and eagerly turn his small head: “Well, Xia Xing Chen can’t find the money to buy me a house. And if I don’t get a house, I won’t be able to get a wife. With this big house, I can even get 10 wives to live here.”

10 wives?

Leng Fei wants to laugh.

With his small body, this child wants to live with 10 wives?

Bai Yeqing who has been silent, suddenly snorted “Your ambition is quite big.”

“It must be because I got used to those 10 wives that serve me well in my grandfather’s house.”

“… …” Aren’t those supposed to be servants and not wives?

Leng Fei didn’t interrupt his thought and only continued: “Young Master, from today, you need to change your surname as ‘Bai'”

“Bai Dabai? It sounds ugly, I don’t want to change my surname.” Xia Dabai pouts his little mouth and looks dissatisfied, “Besides, why do I need to change my surname as Bai?”

“Because Excellency is your father and his surname is ‘Bai’. So naturally your surname is ‘Bai’.”

“Father?” Xia Dabai was chewing this strange word and looked at the handsome man who sits opposite to him. He realized that his face has some similarity to him, but he felt cold, “Are you sure that you are my father?”

“I am.” The man’s words are very few. But every word is ringing in his ears.


“That’s strange, Xia Xing Chen told me that my father is dead. Are you a ghost then?”

“… …” the man narrowed his eyes. And then he taps his finger on the sofa, the atmosphere suddenly turns cold.

That woman, what is she teaching to my son?

Leng Fei had a cold sweat, “Young master, next time please don’t mention this kind nonsense!”

Isn’t this an open curse to the president of S country? This is a big crime to bear!

“What Xia Xing Chen said is true, she would never lie to me! I want to go back now, you need to send me back and take responsibility for taking me away. “After he finished, he crosses his small arms and legs. When he tried swinging his leg, he slipped down from the sofa.

Leng Fei who was carrying the tray with coffee saw him and started laughing.

Sure enough, your son has your genes! He is absolutely your son! You two are both stubborn!

Bai Yeqing also looked at Xia Dabai. His eyes gradually turn deep when he observed him.

His son is now four years old!

That is really good!

Obviously, It all thanks to that woman!

“Butler, lead him upstairs!” With his order, Leng Fei put down the tray and suddenly carried the little guy on his shoulders. And no matter how much Xia Dabai kicked his short legs, he can’t break free from him.

“Villains! All of you are bad guys! Let me out! I hate you! “For a long time, he can hear the child’s resentment inside the locked room.

Bai Yeqing who was still sitting on the sofa, thoughtfully looked upstairs.

“Your Excellency, what shall I do next?”

Bai Yeqing commanded, “Schedule a class for him, starting with the most basic etiquette.”


“Then, how about young master’s mother, Miss Xia Xingchen … …”

“I’ll arrange something.”


Xia Xing Chen felt crazy. She went to the police station and reported the kidnapping case, but after the long investigation, the police said that they can’t find the record. Obviously, they are concealing this event.

She was like a fly in a huge sea, where she can’t find someone to ask for help.

She is still an intern at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and yet she already applies for temporary leave. Although this leave is very unfavorable to her, but she no other choice.

However, no matter how many people she asks to find her son, they didn’t help her. Even her father Xia Guopeng, who is the city’s mayor can’t find the man’s identity and her son. It feels like the world evaporated and didn’t leave any trace.

That day.

Xia Xingchen felt at lost and come out to the police station when five black cars slowly stop in front of her.

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