Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The child was taken away

At first, Xia Li Ling felt quite disdain, she thought that the first Dean they met still tried to fool them when Xia Guo Peng is the city’s vice mayor. After all, Xia Li Ling only followed her in the hospital but didn’t witness the whole scene. But after they visit almost six hospitals and that exaggerated treatment they show to Xia Xing Chen, her jaw almost fell. Even a Deputy Mayor has no right and absolutely can’t control all the hospitals! Therefore, the person behind all this must have a bigger influence than Xia Guo Peng, right?

On that day, Xia Guo Peng heard the good news. He had been competing for the mayor’s position, but he doesn’t have too much hope. But now, the situation got reversed, the city mayor directly promoted him. And Xia Xing Kong who had been dreaming of joining a dance troupe for many years was directly got admitted. This dance troupe only receive international-class dancers, so Xia Xing Kong is the first person receive such treatment.

And all these things are prerequisite to let Xia Xing Chen’s baby live!


At night.

Back in the hospital, Xia Xing Chen’s whole body is soaked in the bathtub and her thoughts are very chaotic.

That man named ‘Bai’ in the end, who exactly he is? Why can he even control all the hospital in the whole country of S easily? Why can he even control the future of her father’s career? Why did he make her pregnant with his baby and even stop her doing abortion?

Since he wants this baby so badly, then … … does that mean that, as long as she let the baby live, sooner or later he will appear again?

Having such thoughts, Xia Xingchen move out from the bathtub, she release a deep breath and already made another plan.

She really wants to see that mysterious man behind all this! That slap she received she will really give it back!


Five years later

Xia Xing Chen thought that as long as she gave birth, that man will appear.

However, she was disappointed.

No! How could he?

In this five years, she successfully graduated from the foreign language course and look for a good job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She also moved out from the Xia home. And Little Bai is four years old now, but that man still hasn’t shown up.

Not even once.

Xia Xing Chen gradually forgot about that man. Now, she and her son had each other and they are enjoying their simple and ordinary life. She only prayed that no one will suddenly appear and destroy their happiness. She never regretted that she gave birth to her baby, although for these past few years, she suffered a lot from her grandfather and grandmother.

After work, she took the key and open the door of their house, the little guy is leaning on the sofa and watching a boring financial program.

“Little Bai, are you a child? How can you just watch financial program and not those children programs? Do you want me to change it for you?”

“No! It is necessary for children to watch such program” Xia Dabai hardly refused.

“… …” Xia Xing Chen got speechless. She really can’t understand why a four-year-old child will watch such a boring program!

“You’re still a child, so watch children program. I will change it.”

“Okay, Okay, change it. I know dumb people cannot understand a financial program.” and he obediently handed the remote to her.

“… …” Xia Xing Chen head smoked and knock out his head, “You’re very annoying! Don’t look down on my IQ ah! ”

Xia Xing Chen felt like she picked up a big baby.

He is not only well-behaved but also he doesn’t cry like other children knowing that they don’t have a father. Moreover, this little guy has very high IQ.

In short, he likes to do things that she doesn’t know.

For example, watching the match making of the financial numbers on exhibition models and some puzzle games on television, for him, these are only a small case. Initially, Xia Xingchen felt that her IQ is sufficient to understand such things, but later, the number keeps rolling too much and she’s not used to it. But still, in front of this pretty little guy, she tried to get accustomed herself.

“Ok, I will change my clothes and I’ll take you out to dinner.” Xia Xing Chen patted his head. And he waved his little hand, “Go! Go!”


Xia Xingchen took a bath, changed her suits and picks a yellow dress to wear.

Although she is already a mother at the age 23, but the bright color of yellow really suits her white like snow skin.

She properly dresses herself and walked out of the room, but found no trace of the child.

“Little Bai?”

She called out but didn’t hear the child’s response.

“Xia Dabai, come out now. It’s already late.” Xia Xingchen pushed the door of his room. However, there was no one inside.

Empty? She got startled.

She doesn’t know why her heart slightly stops beating and felt an ominous premonition. Xia Xingchen quickly went to his bathroom.


It was also empty!

“Xia Dabai, come out quickly. Now is not the time to play hide and seek! If you won’t come out now I will really get angry!”

She pretended to be angry and raised her voice.

Usually, he will come out when she’s already angry! But today … He …

Xia Xingchen knows that he is not inside his room, and hurriedly went out to their house but she also found no trace of the child.

She quickly picks up her cell phone to call her father to ask for help.

“Xingchen, I just saw your son!”

She hasn’t finished dialing her father’s number when she heard their neighbor. Xia Xingchen suddenly felt relieve and holds her neighbor’s hand, “Did you really see him? Where is he?”

“I only saw them coming downstairs, those several men wearing black clothes are carrying him.”

Xia Xing Chen’s heart sank, she wanted to say thank you but it’s all too late and she runs in a hurry.

Is it a kidnapping? However, she is not rich and only a single mother. Where will she get the money for randsom? Her most valuable thing is Little Bai.

Xia Xingchen rushed her steps.

When she got near the community area, she saw more than 10 luxurious cars are parked in a row.

The surrounding residents have never seen such a parade. So they constantly looking around and very eager to get close to the cars, but they were stopped by the men wearing black clothes.

“Xia Xingchen your son is in that car! Just go near them!”

Someone pointed out the third black Mercedez Benz car.

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