Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: You are the President?

The five men behind him immediately step forward in front and tightly grab Xia Xingchen’s shoulders.

“How dare you!” Leng Fei exclaimed as he walked fast from Xia Xingchen who quickly skipped away. He carefully looks at Bai Yeqing’s face: “Your Excellency … …”

Bai Yeqing waves his hand to indicate that it’s nothing. But he still looks cold as before that can make people dared not to breathe hard.

“Let me go! Why there’s so many of you who tried to bully a single woman, what is a hero?”

Xia Xingchen looks at them coldly and struggles hard. However, the two men who are holding her arms are well-trained, which is why she can’t break free from them.

She looked at to the handsome man and said, “Tell your people to let go me. You still have an account to settle with me so I will make you pay.”

My God!

This woman, does she really understand her situation? She actually dared to speak in this kind tone in front of the President?

Everyone got shocked.

Bai Yeqing stared in her eyes coldly, as if he wants to bury a hole in what she was wearing. Xia Xingchen felt a chill in her heart and got scared. But she didn’t try to show it, she doesn’t want to consider his power and prestige.

Seeing this man … …

She doesn’t know if it’s only an illusion, but she felt that … … he’s a bit look familiar … …

“Bring her inside!” The man’s words interrupted her further thoughts. But for the others that heard his words, their face got frozen stiff as they walk inside the manor. The sound of his voice startled Xia Xingchen. But the next moment, she was dragged rudely by his men.


At the huge study hall. All of his followers stayed outside, only Xia Xingchen and Bai Yeqing are inside.

His hands are in his pockets while standing in front of the oval bookshelf high above her. His aura was too powerful, but because of his anger. Xia Xing felt that the atmosphere was depressing and it’s very difficult to breathe.

She swallowed a mouthful saliva and look at the man in front of her. It took her a long time before she was able to make a sound.

“You don’t have an account to settle with me, are you dumb?” The first one that breaks the silence was still her.

However, Bai Yeqing stayed silent. Xia Xingchen couldn’t help but think her grievances for all the years because of him. She steps forward and raised her hand wanting to slap his face again. That slap of her earlier was for the slap she received five years ago and this slap was for suddenly taking Xia Dabai!


Her hand hasn’t had a chance to fall when her wrist has been abruptly held by that man. His strength is so strong, at that moment Xia Xingchen thinks that her wrist got broken.

“Let go!” She struggled hard. However, her strength is just like an ant compared to the man in front of her. So, how will she escape?

Xia Xingchen got very angry and lowered her head to bite his hand. She bites him so hard and mercilessly. The man’s hand started bleeding.

Bai Yeqing knitted his eyebrows, his stares gets colder and colder. This woman is really challenging his temper!

“Xia Xingchen, that’s enough!” He speaks in a low, but his tone implied a warning.

“Enough?” She laughs while there are tears in her eyes,” Sir, I can also say that word to you. I will not give you my son, so please stop doing this and give him back to me!”

“That’s not possible!” his words means that there is no room for discussion.

If the child wouldn’t stay by her side, Xia Xingchen probably cannot stand to live anymore.

Xia Xingchen can feel that she was about to explode. She deeply breathes to forced herself to calm down and calmly said: “Who are you anyway? A kidnapper? You just suddenly took away my son, did you know that this is illegal? My father is the city’s mayor, do you know what will be the consequences if you wouldn’t return my child?”

She really doesn’t want to pressure people, but now she has no other way.

“Bai Ye Qing.”

The man didn’t bother to listen to her series of words, he only lifted his thin lip to spit out three words.


“My name.”

“Bai … … Ye … … Qing?” Xia Xingchen slowly mentions the three familiar words and then carefully look at the man in front of her. His perfect handsome face becomes a little clearer in her eyes and then … …

She was so ignorant.

“Mr. President …?”

She was completely shocked. And for a long time, her mind turn blank and she felt a little dizzy.

Am I dreaming? Xia Dabai’s father is the new elected President Bai Yeqing! This is unbelievable!

This is unbelievable!

She stayed still and only looked at his hand that has deep tooth marks. Thinking about his identity, Xia Xingchen could only bite her lips.

Bai Yeqing releases her hand, he took a step backward and kept a distance from her.

He seemed got satisfied with her reaction, his cold face felt relieved: “You will stay here and whatever problem may arise you can find the housekeeper.”

“You can continue your work as usual, no one will stop you. But for your safety, you must keep the child’s identity a secret. You shouldn’t reveal it in public ”

Is that an order?

Xia Xingchen slowly recovered from the shock. Publicity? Even if she shout to the world that her child is the President’s son, who will believe her ah?

“… I have something to ask.”

Bai Yeqing looked at her, “Ask.”

“Why me?” Xia Xingchen looked into his eyes deeply, “Why did you choose me to give birth to your baby?”

“That’s simple, there are only a few women who can give birth to my child. And you matches the blood type.”

That’s it? It’s really simple ah!


After Bai Yeqing dropped a bomb in her mind, he left immediate because of work. Xia Xingchen sits on the sofa and still trying to digest that Xia Dabai’s father is the president.

Although, she can’t believe it. But this fact can explain why his father got promoted easily as mayor and why all the hospital rejected her abortion.


Inside the car.

When Leng Fei saw the bite marks on the President’s hand, he got scared and surprised. It appears that Miss Xia Xingchen was still spitting a fire.

From the side, he pulled out the medicine and gauze from the medical kit as he skillfully bandages his wound. Although it was only a small injury, but bite marks looks more ambiguous and is not a suitable injury for a President.

“How is Xia Xingchen’s situation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?” Bai Yeqing turned his head and casually asked.

“Although she is still an intern, the ministers like her very much. If she can keep it up she can work as an interpreter.”

Bai Yeqing just faintly said ‘Mmm’ and ask no other question. Leng Fei also no longer open up the topic. He doesn’t know what he will arrange for Xia Xingchen.

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