Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Xia Xingchen’s embarassment

Xia Xingchen has no other choice, if she wants to stay close to her son, she can only stay here.


After that day, Bai Yeqing was like a bubble that completely disappeared. It’s been a month already since he appeared in that Manor. Xia Xingchen sometimes feels that man as her own imagination. However, he was not.

On television, there is always news about him.

Xia Dabai is like her before, they never cared about political news. But now, once the time turn 7:00 in the evening he will squat down in front of the television and will not go anywhere just to see that man who will occasionally appear on the screen.

When the news had finished, he will go back to his room and do his homework.

Xia Xingchen knows that he was thinking of his father.

The next day, she didn’t expect to see him in the Manor.

That night, the atmosphere is very quiet. Xia Xingchen couldn’t sleep. In a few more days, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will receive an important visitor, so she had to prepare some of the available information.

When she entered the study, all the servants was already sleeping. The whole building was so quiet and there was no sound. She’s been living here for a month now, so she was quite familiar in this study room.

The book she wants to use is placed on the top part of the shelve. But, too bad she has fear of heights!

Xia Xingchen got upset. However, she still climbs up the stairs.

Bai Yeqing was very busy for a whole month and he just got back to the Manor. When he heard a noise from the study room, he became cautious and immediately came inside.

When he pushed the door and lifted his eyes, he saw her.

Apparently, Xia Xingchen just took a bath and was wearing a white silk nightgown, her curly hair was scattered down through her waist that made her look thinner.

Her appearance looks like a koala that was climbing the stairs. She seems to have a fear of heights because her white legs under the white nightgown are trembling. Her white jade-like toes that turn red from tension are unexpectedly looked… … cute.

This woman, what the hell is she doing? Does she know that she looks like a tasty snack in front of this man?

Bai Yeqing couldn’t help but think of that night five years ago. His eyes color turn deep, as he moves closer to her direction:”What are you doing?”

He speaks in a cold tone as usual.

Xia Xingchen nervously climbed up the stairs. She felt delighted when she get the thick book she needed by herself. But, the sudden sound scared her and she got shocked. She suddenly turned back and fell from the stairs. The book that she get also fall on the ground.

Bai Yeqing knitted his eyebrows and instinctively reach out his arms. When he recovered, he smells a fresh fragrance of breath. A soft and tender body of a woman was tightly wrapped in his arms.

The two of them fall together on the carpet.

Xia Xingchen didn’t expect that he would suddenly appear in the study room. Also, she had never thought that he would save her. Therefore, she had stared at him for a long while. Her whole body is on top of him. In such a quiet environment, Xia Xingchen can clearly hear his strong heartbeat, the smell of his body has a unique fragrance… …

Their nose tip is almost so close. His handsome face made Xia Xingchen forget to move away. Honestly, he looks handsome on television, but right now he’s even more good-looking. His deep ocean’s eyes made her heart get shocked.

Xia Xingchen did not only forgot to say ‘thank you’, but also forgot to get up and move away from his body.

“Have you seen enough?” his thin lips tilted a cold sound.

Xia Xing Chen suddenly recovered her mind. She got aware of their weird position and that she has been staring at him fiercely. She got embarrassed and blush in shame.

Xia Xingchen you should be ashamed of yourself!

“… … I’m sorry … … go up immediately.” Xia Xingchen doesn’t know why she’s getting nervous and even her words are tidying.

That’s enough!

Xia Xingchen dared not look at Bai Yeqing’s eyes and pretended to be calm while getting up from his body. But when she got up, she suddenly felt a burst of pain from her scalp.

“Mmm … …” She made a low cry and forcefully pulled herself away, but she was pulled back again.

Thus, her face directly got planted on his lower body.

Oh my god! I really want to bury myself!

“Xia Xingchen, what are you doing ?!” Bai Yeqing eyes turn cold and his breathing abruptly increased. His face turns completely ugly.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry … …” Xia Xingchen immediately apologized. Her face turns red due to the embarrassment. She doesn’t know where she will put her gaze and she hardly said: “My hair hook … … on your zipper … … don’t move … … ”

Xia Xingchen tried to hold the tip of her hair.

This is really crazy! Of all the places, why does it have to be on his zipper?! This place is really embarrassing! If she accidentally slips her fingers, she will be able to touch that thing, right?

She pulled her hair several times, but because she was impatient her hair got more tangled. Xia Xingchen got even more anxious, the tip of her nose started sweating, but she still didn’t dare to look at his zipper.

Although, she already experience that thing on that night five years ago, but she can feel that Bai Yeqing’s body is getting more and more stiff.

Xia Xingchen felt that her mouth got dry and felt thirsty, she still didn’t dare to look down, but she had to ask him for help, “What should I do? Can you help…”

Bai Yeqing gritted his teeth, “It’s your own fault!”

“… …”

This President is too irresponsible! He can even stand still in this kind of situation!

Xia Xingchen bites her lips and carefully ask: “… … May I try to pull down your zipper … …?”

Bai Yeqing fiercely glared at her and whispered a warning: “I dare you to give it a try!”

“Then, what should I do?” Xia Xingchen got upset, “I can’t keep this posture. Otherwise … … I promise I won’t look at it!”

Bai Yeqing really wants to get a scissor and cleanly cut all her hair. Xia Xingchen really afraid to face death, she tightly closed her eyes and her slender fingers touch his zipper.

But, the result……

Bai Yeqing snorted and gritted his teeth: “Xia Xing Chen, where do you think your touching?!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I closed my eyes so I cannot see … …” Xia Xingchen got scared and pulled back her hand, and then whispered: “That’s why I said you do it!”

“Are you complaining?”

“No … …” She muttered while trying to reach out her hand. But this time, it seems she touches his hand.

She opened her eyes and saw that Bai Yeqing was staring at her. Bai Yeqing was very reluctant to pull down his zipper. But, if she will let this woman do it, then sooner or later she will set a fire!

He pulled down his zipper, while Xia Xingchen lowered her head and tried to pull her hair. But accidentally, her eyes fell on the top of the zipper and the next moment her face turn red.

With just one look, Xia Xingchen remembered that night five years ago. They were doing those things, all of a sudden her breathing became chaotic and her palm got sweaty.

“Have you seen enough?” Bai Yeqing stared at her with his eyes wrapped in fire.

Oh my god!

Xia Xingchen suddenly turn her face and cough: “I didn’t see anything … …”

He didn’t hesitate to expose her, “Yes, you didn’t see anything, but you’ve been staring at it, right?”

“… …” Xia Xingchen got embarrassed, she really wanted to dig a hole and hide in it. Fortunately, she was able to pull out her hair. She hurriedly gets up and flees.

It was also too late to pick up the book on the ground.

Bai Yeqing sat up while looking at her back and his breathing got a bit messy.

Damn it!

This woman, did she really not do it intentionally?


Xia Xingchen went back to her room, but suddenly she felt thirsty.

She took a cold water, but splash it in her face that looks like a big red tomato.

Really … … This is terrible!

How could she just stare at him, ah!? Even if … … that man looks very sexy, but still, that’s too… …

She doesn’t know what to think about herself!

“Little Bai, what’s wrong? Do you want to play in the middle of the night?”

Xia Dabai got awakened, he sat up and look at her with his blurry eyes.

“No, no. Mommy …Are you doing maintenance on your face ah!?” Xia Xingchen thinks for some excuse and said: “This will help your blood circulation.”

“Oh, but your blushing like a pig. It seems like … you are … shy.”


Her son’s eyes are sharp!

“Shy? What are you saying? Don’t spit nonsense and just lie down and sleep.” Xia Xingchen climbed on the bed and hug him tight in her arms. Xia Dabai didn’t inquire anymore, he leans on her and obediently sleeps. After a while, he drowsily asked: “Father didn’t come to see me?”

Xia Xingchen’s heart felt a bit pain.

It seems that tomorrow, she really should find a good opportunity to talk to that man.

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