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Chapter 24: The Three Barbarians of Ouyang... Are Really Invincible

Chapter 24: The Three Barbarians of Ouyang... Are Really Invincible

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The three barbarians of Ouyang are the three sons of the current head of the Ouyang family, Ouyang Zongheng. They had large backs and thick waists, resembling humanoid beasts. With their terrifying combat prowess and superior strength, they were considered humanoid destroyers within the imperial city and given the nickname of the three barbarians of Ouyang.

The eldest was Ouyang Zhen, the second was Ouyang Wu, and the youngest was Ouyang Di. When their given names were combined, it formed "really invincible". The three of them were triplets, so their appearances were quite similar. Their cultivation levels were around the same, at fourth grade Battle-Spirit. They once followed their father, General Ouyang Zongheng, out to the battlefield and were experienced with bloodshed.

Even though they were called the three barbarians of Ouyang and showed no respect to anyone within the imperial city, they were extremely obedient towards their only sister, Ouyang Xiaoyi. When they heard that their delicate and dainty sister was actually being confined within a little restaurant, they were enraged by the news.

As the three of them furiously headed for the restaurant, they were like a volcano that was about to erupt.

Zhao Ruge and Sun Qixiang, who were secretly monitoring the little restaurant, immediately noticed their movements and were gloating about it. Zhao Ruge was even sneering incessantly; he had always wanted to find a chance to take revenge, but now he did not even need to do anything.

The three barbarians of Ouyang were called humanoid destroyers for a reason. Destruction followed everywhere they went. When the opportune time came, he would only need to step on that god damned deadpan shop owner's face.

If you followed the main road of the imperial city and walked past the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant, then turned left after walking for a few dozen meters, you would find an alleyway. If you stepped inside, you would find Bu Fang's little store.

Bu Fang was curled up on his chair as he basked in the sun. The warm sunlight shining on him made him feel warm and sleepy.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was sitting nearby, bored. Since she was bored and wanted to quickly eat the Lees Fish and Fish Head Tofu Soup, she began to diligently cultivate.

As the three barbarians of Ouyang stepped into the alleyway, their auras directly spread out and created a strong wind that stirred the dust around them.

Boom boom boom!

The three of them were like wild beasts. Every single step they took made the ground quiver.

"Big brother! That little restaurant in front of us is the one responsible for confining our little sister! Let's go and kill its audacious owner!" Ouyang Wu said with a deep voice as he angrily glared.

Ouyang Di patted his chest and his beard fluttered as he roared, "Damn it! How dare he confine our precious little sister! I swear that if we don't tear him down by today, I will abstain from wine for three days!"

"Let's go and see who would dare to do this." Ouyang Zhen was the most levelheaded among the three. However, since it involved his sister, he was still more agitated than usual. As he recalled his little sister's adorable voice and appearance, and imagined how she might be suffering from unbearable torture at that very moment, he felt as if his heart was being torn to pieces.

The big black dog lying on the ground suddenly felt a series of tremor. It immediately opened its weary eyes and looked towards the three huge figures ferociously coming its way. It opened its mouth and yawned, then resumed its sleep.

Bu Fang was also woken up by the tremor. He puzzledly looked up and saw the three barbarians of Ouyang standing outside.

"Who are you people? Are you here to eat?" Bu Fang expressionlessly asked.

"Bah! You fraud, who would want to eat here! We're here for our little sister!" Immediately, Ouyang Wu—who had the worst temper—angrily shouted.

Bu Fang went into a daze, thinking, "Looking for your little sister? These three guys who look exactly like Zhang Fei[1] must be mistaken. We're a decent restaurant, not a brothel."

"What little sister, we don't have any here." Since they were not there to eat, Bu Fang could not be bothered. He continued to curl up on his chair.

"How dare you try to trick us! I can feel my little sister's aura, right within your restaurant! If you don't hand her over, we'll level this little restaurant!"

Ouyang Di cracked his knuckles and made bone creaking sounds, as he maliciously looked at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang expressionlessly glanced at the three of them. He finally realized who they were looking for: it was that little loli, Ouyang Xiaoyi.

Bu Fang stood up and shouted towards Ouyang Xiaoyi who was cultivating nearby, "Hey brat, someone is looking for you."

Bu Fang's shout interrupted Ouyang Xiaoyi and work her up from the cultivation state. She surlily glared at Bu Fang, then she looked out of the store. She quickly noticed that her monster-like brothers were standing outside.

Ouyang Xiaoyi's expression immediately changed. She knew that it was definitely Xiao Yanyu who revealed her location.

"Smelly boss! They are my brothers and they are here to bring me home. Help me stop them…" Ouyang Xiaoyi whispered, then she ran towards her room and disappeared.

Bu Fang blinked as he expressionlessly looked in Ouyang Xiaoyi's direction, and was filled with doubt.

He once again glanced at the three men standing outside.

He thought, "The cute and adorable Ouyang Xiaoyi and three ugly and burly savages… Are they really from the same gene pool? They have the same parents, but why do they look so different?"

"She doesn't want to see you," Bu Fang honestly said.

"What?! Are you trying to stop us? Damn it! How dare you confine my sister!" Ouyang Zhen was furious. His mind was filled with images of his little sister being tortured.



The enraged Ouyang Di took a step first—creating a blast of wind—and appeared in front of Bu Fang; his hideous face was only inches away from Bu Fang's face. The wind was blowing Bu Fang's hair, causing it to flutter.

Bu Fang expressionlessly asked, "Are you trying to cause trouble?"

"So what if I am? I even want to tear down your store!" Ouyang Di loudly said as he angrily glared.

"Whitey, someone's causing trouble," Bu Fang calmly shouted.

"Troublemaker, you will be stripped as an example to others," A mechanical voice sounded out, then Whitey's gigantic body appeared behind Bu Fang; its mechanical eyes were blinking.

Ouyang Di's eyes narrowed as he grinned and said, "You even have helpers! Brothers, let's get him together!"

Ouyang Wu and Ouyang Zhen appeared behind Ouyang Di, and their auras surged forward like a stormy sea as it continuously assaulted the little store.

With their auras, an ordinary building would have already collapsed from the impact. However, Fang Fang's Little Store was completely unaffected.

"Interesting, there's really something strange with this store!" The oldest brother thought.

Ouyang Zhen knitted his eyebrows as he glanced around his surroundings. Other than the slim, fair gigolo and that iron lump puppet, there was nothing else in the area… Oh, there was a big black dog sleeping at the entrance as well. His mind was filled with possibilities.

"It looks just like an ordinary store? How would such a store dare to confine my little sister?

"Could it be… This shop owner is hiding his abilities?! Or is there an expert from the Sects hiding within the store?"

Ouyang Zhen seriously looked at Bu Fang and became even more confused. Bu Fang was only a second grade Battle-Master, and was even weaker than his sister.

Just as Ouyang Zhen was skeptically thinking about the situation.

Bang! Bang!

As two loud noises sounded out, two gigantic figures flew out and shamefully crashed into a wall.

Ouyang Zhen was startled by the sound. When he turned toward its direction, his pupils constricted from what he saw.

He witnessed his brothers' thrown figures deeply stuck within the walls of the alleyway...

"Sorry, big brother! It's all an accident! An accident!" Ouyang Wu and Ouyang Di were coughing dust as they crawled out from the wall.

What an embarrassing situation: two of the three barbarians of Ouyang were actually thrown out as if they were balls.

[1] Zhang Fei was a general who served under Liu Bei during the three kingdoms period. He was a burly man with a large beard.

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