Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 25: Why Is There No Wine When There Is Lees Fish?

Chapter 25: Why Is There No Wine When There Is Lees Fish?

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The three barbarians of Ouyang got ready for a battle; they gathered the true energy within their body and gravely faced the puppet, Whitey, standing behind Bu Fang.

"Big brother, this puppet is very strong. We were thrown out before we even knew it!" Ouyang Di alertly looked at Whitey with wide eyes. He felt that the puppet was very powerful.

"How could a puppet be this capable? Could it be that it was created by an expert of the Sects? But how is that possible when they were so easily destroyed by our troops?" Ouyang Zhen thought.

Bu Fang expressionlessly looked at the three humanoid beasts. He was not interested in what they were thinking, so he simply said, "I will let you off this time since you're that brat's brothers. However, there won't be a next time."

"Big brother! Is this gigolo threatening us?!" Ouyang Di asked, incredulous.

Within the imperial city, no one dared to threaten the three barbarians of Ouyang. They might not be playboys, but they were more terrifying than them. Everywhere they went, silence followed. No one wanted to attract their attention.

However, at that very moment, they actually met a reckless gigolo that dared to threaten them. Were the three barbarians of Ouyang the type of people that could be easily threatened by others?

"The dignity of the three barbarians of Ouyang will not be violated!" Ouyang Zhen fiercely said as he angrily glared.

The corner of Ouyang Di's mouth curled up. "This is our big brother! This is our big brother that led us in our domination within the imperial city! We will not yield!"

However, Ouyang Zhen's next line almost made Ouyang Di vomit blood.

Ouyang Zhen glanced at Whitey standing behind Bu Fang and said, "Young man, let's talk this over. If you hand over our little sister, we can forget about this."

Bu Fang expressionlessly replied, "You'll have to ask your sister. She didn't pay after eating so she has to work off her debt. She needs to work here for a week and this is only the first day."

"What?! Our sister didn't pay for the food?" The three barbarians of Ouyang were stunned, their mouths were wide open from surprise.

Ouyang Wu replied, "Then it's definitely because your food tastes bad. Otherwise, why wouldn't our sister pay up? Even though she's a little unruly and fierce, she's still reasonable."

His words instantly caused Bu Fang to frown. As a chef, he hated it when others criticized the taste of his food, because it was the greatest insult to him.

"Side mission started: Conquer the palates of the three barbarians of Ouyang. Their arrogance has already offended the immense pride of the host. Please use your invincible culinary skills to completely slap them in the face. The system will forever be your strongest backing. Mission reward: winemaking technique."

The arrogant and serious voice of the system that resounded in his mind startled Bu Fang. He did not expect that a side mission would start just like that, especially when there was a reward involved.

"Hey, the three of you haven't even tasted my food. How can you say that my food tastes bad?" For the sake of the mission, Bu Fang sternly and seriously asked.

The three barbarians of Ouyang looked at each other, then Ouyang Zhen smirked and said, "So what if we say that your food tastes bad? What are you going to do about it?"

Bu Fang's expression turned very cold; he was angry.

The big black dog lying at the entrance lifted up its head and glanced at Bu Fang. Then it turned towards the three barbarians of Ouyang and appeared to snick. After it was done, it went back to sleep.

"Aren't you looking for your sister? Fine, I'll give you a chance. Let's have a wager. Come into my store and taste my dishes. If it really tastes bad, then you can take away your sister. If it tastes good, then you'll go home naked," Bu Fang coldly said.

"Wager? Is this gigolo an idiot? If he can't even subdue our sister, what is he going to do with the three of us when we have bland taste buds?"

"Alright! We accept, but you have to keep to your word! After all, gigolos like to go back on their word," Ouyang Zhen said.

"Come in and order first," Bu Fang indifferently said.

The three barbarians of Ouyang looked at each other, then alertly stared at Whitey before entering the store. Once they came in, the three of them began to survey the surroundings.

"Even though the ambience isn't bad, isn't it way too small?" Ouyang Di complained as he wiggled his body.

For their humongous bodies to squeeze into the little store was indeed even more uncomfortable than Fatty Jin and his buddies, but it was still tolerable.

"Owner, do you have any wine? Give us an urn first," Ouyang Wu shouted as he banged the table. This fellow had already completely become a customer.

"I am sorry, but we don't provide wine," Bu Fang expressionlessly said.

"How can a restaurant not have any wine? Are you kidding me! Forget it, I'll see what you have here," Ouyang Wu scornfully glanced at Bu Fang, then turned toward the menu on the wall.

Then… It was as if time had stopped moving, and the store became extremely silent.

"The Lees Fish costs twenty crystals? The Fish Head Tofu Soup is twenty crystals as well? A bowl of Egg-Fried Rice can be sold for ten crystals too?" Ouyang Zhen was crude, but he was not an idiot. The price was… slightly scary.

"A plate of Stir-Fried Vegetables and a bowl of Dry-Mixed Noodles each costs a hundred gold coins..." Ouyang Wu was dumbfounded.

"Now I know why our little sister couldn't pay the bill, that's because this store is a scam!" Ouyang Di angrily roared while banging the table.

Bu Fang frowned and said, "Are you going to order? Your sister is right within this store. If you win the wager, I'll let you take her back."

"Hmph! For the sake of our sister, I'll do it even if it's a scam! I'll have Lees Fish!" Ouyang Zhen declared.

"Owner, why are you not selling wine when you have distillers grains!" Ouyang Wu unhappily asked with widened eyes.

Bu Fang expressionlessly replied, "The distillers grains are for making Lees Fish, not for making wine."

Ouyang Wu was slightly confused. "This… What's the difference? You can make wine as long as you have distillers grains, right?"

"Then give me Lees Fish as well!" Ouyang Wu said.

"Our store has only one Lees Fish left, please order other dishes," Bu Fang simply said.

"Ah! If it were not for my sister, I would just smash your store right this instant!" Ouyang Wu was annoyed. He ordered the improved Egg-Fried Rice in the end.

Ouyang Di did not say anything and only ordered Fish Head Tofu Soup.

After the three of them finished ordering, Bu Fang nodded and said, "Please wait."

Then, Bu Fang entered the kitchen and began to cook.


Zhao Ruge was sitting on a sandalwood chair as he listened to his underling's report. Then with a faint smile on his face, he said, "You are saying that the three barbarians of Ouyang have entered the store?

"It looks like the store is not far from destruction. Even though the three barbarians are brainless idiots, their cultivation levels are quite high. Tearing down a little store shouldn't be an issue. Call up the others, we'll go and watch a good show." Zhao Ruge opened up his paper fan and elegantly smiled as he left the manor with his servants.

Sun Qixiang had already received the report of his servants. His sesame-sized eyes narrowed as he coldly smirked. "How dare you sabotage my food with chilli and even make me nude streak in public. I'd like to see how you're going to run your business after antagonizing the three barbarians of Ouyang."

Except for Zhao Ruge and Sun Qixiang, the rest of the people who received the news hurriedly headed for the little store with grim expressions. They all knew about the terror that were the three barbarians of Ouyang. Xiao Yanyu was even slightly upset. She did not think that Old General Ouyang would directly send them out. If something happened to Fang Fang's Little Store, then it would all be her fault.

At that moment, a lot of people rushed towards Fang Fang's Little Store.

They all assumed that Fang Fang's Little Store was going to be destroyed by the three barbarians of Ouyang...

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