Grasping Evil

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Power of the Flame Sword

Ning Fan brought Yuchi along with one hundred Apricot Guards to the Situ mansion.

The main door was shut tight with around five hundred Sword Guards on watch. They all wore crimson robes embroidered with seven sword emblems on their shoulders.

Since they knew Ning Fan would come, the well-trained Sword Guards immediately lined up in an orderly fish-shaped sword formation against him the moment they saw him.

The turbulent sword aura suddenly surfacing caused Ning Fan to instinctively take two steps back to stabilize his stance. Yuchi was even more embarrassed as, even though he was an old Harmonious Spirit monster, his expression immediately sank into a dark shade as he almost fell down under the pressing momentum of five hundred people.

What is this! They still haven’t met yet they first showed their strength versus the young lord!

“This subordinate greets Commander Yuchi! Command Situ is not feeling well today, so he cannot meet foreign visitors!”

A murderous-air swordsman responded with the cultivation of tenth level Opening Vein. He didn’t bother to look at Ning Fan, but the biting emphasis on the two words “foreign visitor” clearly referred to Ning Fan.

‘Foreign visitor. Good usage of foreign visitor. Was this them not wanting to recognize my status as the Seven Apricot City’s young lord?’

“I am the Seven Apricot City’s young lord, and have something to ask Command Situ and will have to inconvenience you to report.”

Ning Fan did not mind facing the cold swordsman. He came forward step by step, releasing his powerful Black Flame aura then immediately rushed forward and encompassed the sword aura of the five hundred Sword Guards until they were swept flying.

Between the heaven and earth, a chaotic power of the origin flame rushed forth!

“So powerful! This is fifth level Opening Vein cultivation!?”

The swordsman’s expression greatly changed. The Ning Fan before them and the Ning Fan in the rumors were completely different! He was not a first level Opening Vein, or a fragile rookie. He used one person’s power to tear apart the aura of five hundred!

This swordsman was clearly a tenth level Opening Vein, and only one step away from reaching Harmonious Spirit, but he faintly felt a dangerous sensation facing Ning Fang.

Could the rumor saying Ning Fan wounded Commander Yuchi… be true!?

“This young lord wants to see Commander Situ, are you sure about blocking this young lord?” Ning Fan was sarcastically smiling with an invisible aura causing the swordsman’s forehead to be dripping with cold sweats.

Danger. Very dangerous! During his panic, the swordsman had the thought that if he tried to stop Ning Fan, then his life would be in danger!

One minor quarrel yet killing intent was present. This young lord was not a pushover!

“Yuchi, we go in.”

Ning Fan no longer looked at the swordsman and directly went inside the Situ mansion as the swordsman’s expression showed signs of struggle and couldn’t continue to obstruct him.

Only when the swordsman could no longer see Ning Fan’s shadow was his weight finally lifted and he bitterly smiled.

“Worth of being the city lord’s disciple… This presence is nothing like a cultivating baby.”

The Situ mansion’s decoration was luxurious, covered with golden wallpapers and corals hanging on the fences. The outer court was a vast garden area. It was mysterious as Situ managed to make this place always spring, for four seasons, without being exposed to the wind and snow.

The most odd thing however was, within the garden, there were grave monuments everywhere. The reason why spring was eternal in this place seemed to be out of respect for these graves.

“The graves here, extraordinary…”

Yuchi’s expression slightly changed from hearing this, but he secretly praised Ning Fan for his exceptional intuition.

These graves were indeed extraordinary. He was about to explain the origin of these graves to Ning Fan, but before he could open his mouth, an icy voice came from the other end of the garden.

“Extraordinary? A baby like you can tell that the graves in this place are extraordinary?

Ning Fan slightly raised his head and looked at the person slowly walking closer from the distance.

This was a middle-aged skinny man. His long hair was messy, but he wore a black monastic robe. His pair of eyes were both muddy yet bright, extremely abnormal. The two eyebrows were like the swords inclining towards his temples while his eagle eyes carried a natural and cool calculating glint of murderous intent.

“I know your purpose for coming. Tell me a little bit, what is so extraordinary about these graves?”

The middle-aged man’s words were domineering, not leaving any room for Ning Fan.

This man was the Sword Guard’s commander – Situ!

Ning Fan gauged Situ. This person’s physique was like a sword and his personality was one that would rather break before bending to others. Wanting to prove himself to such a man with just power alone would not be easy.

He must try to answer the question of this man.

Ning Fan could vaguely see that Situ’s cultivation was at the Intermediate Harmonious Spirit Realm with only a thin line away from Late Harmonious Spirit Realm, but it seemed like he was stuck in this stage for a long time. Ning Fan then looked at the graves and suddenly understood.

“There are 105 graves in this place, and there are 105 swords buried underneath. These were buried with the Fierce Sword Formation in mind, Commander Situ must be wanting to use the sword aura of this place to break through to the Late Harmonious Spirit Realm? Ning Fan slowly answered.

Situ’s eyes became bright, but he did not give an opinion on Ning Fan’s words.


Ning Fan intentionally only said half and suddenly withdrew his words then turned around towards the Situ Mansion’s exit.

Yuchi scratched his head, unable to understand Ning Fan’s actions or why he suddenly left off. But Situ’s expression was moved and asked:

“Wait young lord, you didn’t finish, unfortunately what?”

Situ had followed the old monster for forty years. These forty years, his sword dao increased as swiftly as the wind. From Early Harmonious Spirit all the way to Intermediate Harmonious Spirit, but he could not reach the Late stage no matter what, as if there was a strange blockade.

He set up the sword graves here for enlightenment, but always felt that this place was lacking a certain something, but he could never come up with it. Ning Fan’s words missed an intent but they were said as if he knew what was missing.

But Ning Fan spoke only half then directly left as if he was giving Situ a choice: If he surrender to Ning Fan and admit his status as the young lord, Ning Fan would tell him the method to break through to the Late stage. But if he didn’t, then Ning Fan would leave and he would lose the chance!

Situ was unlike Yuchi. He was not stupid and had great vision. His requirement for the young lord of the Seven Apricot City was not cultivation and power, but intelligence and scheming.

Ning Fan’s half phrase and sudden turn showed his intelligence. Not resembling an ignorant youth cultivator in anyway. This satisfied Situ’s demand towards Ning Fan, and he also became curious about what kind of experience would make a sixteen year old have such astute shrewdness and scheming skill.

Truly an interesting young lord! Worth following!

Understanding this, Situ no longer questioned it and opened his mouth to call for Ning Fan.

His call for Ning Fan to stop was in reality a sign of submission towards Ning Fan. Ning Fan smiled and turned around, very satisfied with Situ’s action.

Only the honest Yuchi touched his head, not knowing the hidden intentions between Ning Fan and Situ.

“Could young lord clear up this subordinate’s doubts?” Seeing Ning Fan coming back, Situ looked at him and clasped his fists respectfully, and also referred himself as a subordinate. This was clearly a sign of his submissiveness towards Ning Fan.

Seeing that he successfully convinced Situ, Ning Fan did not overtly take advantage of the situation. He also did not explain the ineptness of the graves, but rather slowly raised his hand and revealed a black flame on his fingertip.

With his Immortal Emperor’s memories, even though his cultivation was not high, seeing the flaws in Situ’s cultivation was not a difficult matter.

Many things couldn’t be done with just words, and it was better for Situ to personally perceive the bottleneck of the Late Harmonious Spirit realm.

“Flame as a sword!”

Ning Fan suddenly shook his fingertip and the black flame turned into a black sword and broke through the air flying towards Situ!

Ning Fan had used the Black Flame with only his own power to immediately wound Yuchi. After obtaining the Mysterious Flame Ring, the power of his flames increased by thirty percent. Then, Ning Fan was fortunate and attained the Fire Transformation Sword Technique, causing the black flame sword to become even more terrifying!!

The power of an Early Harmonious Spirit cultivator wouldn’t be able to see how Ning Fan unleashed this sword. Even an Intermediate Harmonious Spirit, like Situ, was barely able to see the faint shadow of the sword approaching the destination!

Strong! Very strong! If he didn’t block this sword, death was certain!

Situ pointed his big hands at the sword graves and clapped loudly. The swords in the graves powerfully shook and 105 flying swords suddenly flew out. Shadow after shadow of swords thrust out and fought against Ning Fan’s fire sword as one!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The powerful battle caused waves and the flying swords shattered one by one. This, in turn, jarred Situ and caused him to continuously retreat in startling fear.

In only a brief moment, his 105 flying swords were all shattered by this one sword! This fire sword’s power did not even diminish and continued to aim towards him as it rushed forward!


Death was certain!

Though Situ thought that he would die, Ning Fan simply waved his sleeve and dissipated the fire sword.

Ning Fan’s forehead was dripping with tiny sweatdrops. With his fifth level Opening Vein cultivation, using the fire sword was a bit too forced, but the power was good!

Situ’s cultivation approaching Late Harmonious Spirit realm couldn’t block this one sword. This technique was enough to be Ning Fan’s secret card!

“Phew! Such a powerful technique! Didn’t think the young lord had such an ace card! If he used this technique that day, how could I block it?” To the side, Yuchi was stunned after Ning Fan’s showing and became even more respectful.

Situ looked at the broken swords with a complex expression, while his respect for Ning Fan also rose.

‘With just this sword technique, young master has the qualification to lead the Seven Apricot City!’

With this one sword technique, Situ also faintly felt a critical point. If he could understand this, it would not be long before he could break through to the Late Harmonious Spirit realm!

“Young Lord’s sword technique is godly, this subordinate is convinced!” This time, Situ was utterly convinced by Ning Fan with both his words and heart.

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