Grasping Evil

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Wu Dongnan

Situ had just acknowledged his allegiance to Ning Fan, so he promptly declared his position and accepted the task Ning Fan gave him for the auction.

The little patch of Coiling Evil Grass in the Situ Mansion was also taken by Ning Fan. As a result, the Jade Royal Grass and Coiling Evil Grass were completely gathered, and now Ning Fan could refine the Jade Royal Dan.

Not knowing the medicinal effects of the so-called “hard-to-find” — even for Immortal Emperors — Jade Royal Dan, Ning Fan was truly looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, there were too many matters for the auction so he had been busy for a while before finding the time to refine the dan.

Leaving the Situ Mansion, Ning Fan took a sigh of relief. After winning over two Harmonious Spirit commanders in succession, his position in Seven Apricot City was completely secured.

Yuchi, following behind Ning Fan, had a hesitant look. Even though he was simple and honest, he wasn’t stupid. Ning Fan’s sword from earlier seemed to have been steering Situ towards something.

After receiving Ning Fan’s guidance, it was clear that Situ had some new understanding. Maybe not too long later, he would be able to break through to the Late Harmonious Spirit realm.

‘Late Harmonious Spirit realm! This was truly an envious matter! Aii, it would be nice if only Young Lord would also teach me a little bit.’

After holding it back for half a day, Yuchi finally couldn’t restrain it anymore and begged Ning Fan to speak as they were going back to the palace.

“Uh, Young Lord ah, you cannot discriminate like this, yah. This subordinate is also completely loyal to you. You helped Second Brother Situ, so you can’t not teach me as well. This is not fair, yes, not fair.” Yuchi anxiously said.

“Help you?” Ning Fan looked at Yuchi and shook his head.

Yuchi guarded the Apricot Mansion for years to watch over the medicinal courtyard. He inadvertently lost the honed fierceness in his heart. Ruthlessness was not evil, but a type of evil cultivation with determination and courage. Yuchi and the four hundred Apricot Guards were not cruel enough, and their achievements might be limited; unlike Situ, who had extraordinary talents for the sword dao, everything became clear after a single gesture of guidance…

This Yuchi seemed to have no merits outside of feeding the pigs.

Wait a minute… Feeding the pigs!

“You and your Galaxy Pig, your relationship seems to be very good?” Ning Fan asked with a strange gaze.

“Yes, yes! Young Lord also wants to have one? Given the chance, I will help you catch one.” Yuchi said with a happy expression.

“No need, I don’t like pigs. However, I do have a merit law that can help you increase your power, as long as you are able to accept this merit law.”

The Yin Yang Transformation was the only orthodox merit law in Ning Fan’s mind, but there were still many other miscellaneous methods.

There was a “Beast Driving Technique” that belonged to the Side-Gate Laws and required the cultivators to dual cultivate with their demonic pets. **** to combine as one — extremely hardcore.

Ning Fan did not intend to cultivate such a hardcore method, but if Yuchi was willing to accept such a method, Ning Fan did not mind passing it to him.

Yuchi, this brute… Doesn’t he like demon pigs? Might as well dual cultivate with his demon pig, then.

Hearing these words, Yuchi was overjoyed at the unexpected good news. Regardless of how hardcore the merit law was, he didn’t care. He only cared about being able to break through to the Intermediate Harmonious Spirit realm.

Thus, after coming back to the palace, Ning Fan wrote down two merit laws from his memory.

One “Beast Driving Technique”, **** dual cultivation hardcore merit law — naturally for Yuchi. After getting the method and taking a quick glance, Yuchi was stunned. It was as if he saw an immortal in the heavens, and he became overjoyed as he left.

After arriving home, he couldn’t wait any longer and took out the Galaxy Pig. Then, he looked around with mixed feelings. He never married anyone in this life, but this little pig could be his only wife in the future.

“Still good, a sow, it can dual cultivate with me… It is indeed a bit ugly, but it will do for now…”

Wave after wave of a sow’s screaming appeared as Yuchi experimented with the Beast Driving Technique. During these courses of events, all kinds of ecstasy was felt, and it didn’t need to be described with many words.

Ning Fan wrote down the second merit law, but this was a cauldron merit law named, “Beauty Returning Yin Method”. It was prepared for Zhihe.

Zhihe was a natural born Bewitching Physique. Her cultivation speed with a cauldron merit law would be much faster than any other merit laws. More importantly, after cultivating this merit law, Zhihe would be able to suppress the Yin energy in her body. Then, even if she no longer had sex, her Physique still wouldn’t act up again.

Unfortunately, this merit law had one requirement: within the first three months of cultivation, she could not lay in bed with men.

This temporarily suspended the dual cultivation plan of Ning Fan and Zhihe.

As a result, Little Zhihe would be in isolated cultivation in the room next door of Ning Fan’s bedroom for three long months.

Ning Fan — on the other hand — was completely tied down and occupied with all of the affairs of the auction. Until the dead of the night, he sat cross-legged to meditate and solidify his fifth level Vein Opening cultivation, and his magical power was also condensing as well.

In a flash, ten days had passed.

In these ten days, the old monster failed in refining the Four Revolution Dan. Each time the cauldron exploded, he would run out of the palace with a darkened expression to bring back more medicinal materials to try again as he opened a new cauldron. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t break through to a Four Revolution Dan Master!

Meanwhile, the Godly Void Pavilion in the southern Seven Apricot City built a magnificent Ice Palace to host the Dao Fruit Auction.

At the same time, many experts from the Yue Country came to Seven Apricot City. Both Righteous and Evil Sects came just for the Dao Fruit Auction, and most were Harmonious Spirit old cultivators.

These experts were greeted by Yuchi and Situ and arranged to stay at Seven Apricot City.

But today, Ning Fan’s gaze sank as he received a intelligence report from Yuchi.

A person came to be a guest at Seven Apricot City — someone from the Heavenly Beast School!

The Heavenly Beast School! Ning Fan had always thought about this school! His younger brother was at the Heavenly Beast School at this very moment!

“The Heavenly Beast School’s outer elder, Wu Dongnan, Late Harmonious Spirit cultivation, Second Revolution Dan Master… Another identity of his was the husband of the All Pleasure School’s Sha Jiuyou…”

Within the Si Fan Palace, Ning Fan held onto the letter with chilling eyes.

The intelligence showed that the All Pleasure School was selling male cauldrons to the Heavenly Beast School through Wu Dongnan’s hands.

His little brother, Ning Gu, was also handled by Wu Dongnan and sold to the Heavenly Beast School.

Reading this, Ning Fan’s mind was not at ease. Soon after, Situ sent him another piece of news.

After reading it, Ning Fan had a trace of anger in his eyes.

This Wu Dongnan, after coming to Seven Apricot City, dared to tread arrogantly and made an excessive demand.

He wanted to take away a girl named Zhihe!

He dared to have ideas about Seven Apricot City’s young mistress!

Inside the Ice Guard mansion, Commander Situ received a black-robed man.

This man was cold with an aged voice. Although he was young on the outside, in reality, he was a two hundred year old grandpa.

This person was the one who released the Tracking Mice to find Zhihe. He was the Heavenly Beast School’s elder, Wu Dongnan!

“The All Pleasure School, good or bad, is still a branch of my Heavenly Beast School. Han Yuanji didn’t say anything and immediately destroyed the All Pleasure School, and he even stole a cauldron that I had groomed for many years. Does he not have my Heavenly Beast School in his eyes!?” Elder Wu’s words carried a hint of threat and directly accused Seven Apricot City.

“Haha, the Heavenly Beast School is the number one evil school of the Yue Country. How could our City Lord Han dare to offend and knowingly take away Elder Wu’s cauldron? Elder Wu should speak with evidence, but if there are no evidence, you shouldn’t be speaking such nonsense!” Nangong spoke with a stiff face; he was visibly angry and annoyed.

“Less nonsensical words, surrender Zhihe right now! I have used Tracking Mice to identify her. This little girl is — right now — in your Seven Apricot City!” After speaking these words, Wu Dongnan had a hint of dread in his eyes, but it quickly dissipated.

He heard that the old monster, for unknown reasons, was in isolation to refine dan and didn’t care for other matters.

Even though he was an elder of the Heavenly Beast School, he was still very afraid of Han Yuanji, one of the ten great masters of the Yue Country.

He dared to look down on Nangong, dared to look down on Seven Apricot City, but he didn’t dare to look down on the old monster. Unless there was no other way, Wu Dongnan didn’t want to screw around with Seven Apricot City.

However, Zhihe was a natural born Bewitching Physique and was groomed for many years as a finest ranked cauldron at the All Pleasure School by him. She was his hope at breaking through the Gold Core realm.

In order to take back Zhihe, he would not regret offending Han Yuanji!

“You ask for a furnace named Zhihe? Hum! Zhihe is my Seven Apricot City’s Young Lord’s wife. You open your mouth and immediately ask for my Young Lord’s wife, do you not place my Seven Apricot City in your eyes!” Nangong’s eyes became cold.

“I won’t waste words with you. Before the Dao Fruit Auction ends, hand over Zhihe. Otherwise, your Seven Apricot City will be enemies with my Heavenly Beast School!” Wu Dongnan coldly snorted and said.

“You are only an outer elder of the Heavenly Beast School, yet you still dare to represent the Heavenly Beast School to threaten my Seven Apricot City!?” Nangong angrily retorted.

“Hmph, provoking me is the same as provoking the Heavenly Beast School. If you don’t believe me, then try it! I am leaving my words here: Zhihe — this girl, I want!”

Wu Dongnan used his powerful background to intimidate Nangong, then he coldly snorted and left. Nangong was left behind, alone, as his face became blue then red.

Nangong was one of the three Harmonious Spirit commanders, and he was the only one who had not vowed loyalty to Ning fan. He had not even met Ning Fan yet.

Even so, he would not allow for an outsider to insult Ning Fan and covet Ning Fan’s woman. This was because Ning Fan was the Young Lord of Seven Apricot City, he represented its face!

“This person opened his mouth and immediately asked for the Young Lord’s wife — simply disrespectful! If it was forty years ago when the City Lord led us to kill in all four directions, I, Nangong, would absolutely not let him leave Seven Apricot City alive. But right now…” Nangong grudgingly sighed.

For forty years, the old monster rarely destroyed sects and killed people. The prestige of Seven Apricot City was gradually being forgotten by others.

Only a single Wu Dongnan, an ant of the Late Harmonious Spirit realm, yet he still dared to cause trouble at Seven Apricot City, hmph!

“I wonder how Young Lord Ning Fan will deal with Wu Dong Nan. Would he surrender to Wu Dongnan and hand over his wife, or… Kill Wu Dongnan! What will he choose!” Nangong had a hint of expectation in his eyes.

‘Perhaps I could see the Young Lord’s character through his decision. If he is afraid of the Heavenly Beast School’s prestige, then he is not fit to be my Young Lord!’

On the eleventh day, the Dao Fruit Auction officially began. This day, there were even three Gold Core old devils visiting Seven Apricot City!

In the auction house, there was an unprecedented and magnificent event! This was because, today, there will be a Dao Fruit of a Gold Core old devil being auctioned right at this place!

Dao Fruit had an extremely low chance of forming after the death of a cultivation.

In the cultivation world, there were nonstop battles. When a cultivator was killed, there was a very low chance to give birth to a Dao Fruit. A Gold Core Dao Fruit was even more rare. Normally, only one Gold Core Dao Fruit would appear after the death of one hundred Gold Core old devils.

The medicinal effects of a Gold Core Dao Fruit was enough for a Vein Opening cultivator to reach the Harmonious Spirit realm in one step! And it was also enough for a Peak Harmonious Spirit cultivator to step into the Gold Core realm! It could even save one hundred years of harsh cultivation for the Gold Core old devils!

Its price will be extremely terrifying!

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