Grasping Evil

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Lan Mei

The Auction Palace was built with the unique blue ice of Seven Apricot City — cold and stable. There were five hundred Ice Guards outside of the palace, and they were greeting the guests.

The Dao Fruit Auction was taking place at this place, and participators required at least the fifth level of the Vein Opening Realm.

Inside the palace, there was a Violet Flame brass lamp every ten steps. These flames will never die, and all of these bronze lamps — without exception — were not low level magical treasures.

Along the way, Ning Fan highly praised the use of magical treasures as lamps. This Godly Void Pavilion’s handling of business was not small; worthy of being an ancient power in the memories of the Immortal Emperor.

Next to Ning Fan was a man leading the way sent by Nangong.

This man was dressed in a blue robe and was the son of Nangong. Named Nanwei, he was a half-step Harmonious Spirit cultivator. He was an inner disciple of the “Sinister Sparrow School”, and he came back to day to Seven Apricot City just to watch the Dao Fruit Auction.

Nanwei was very bold and unconstrained. Even though he only met Ning Fan for a moment, he quickly made friendly talks the whole way. His incessant conversation was a bit similar to the old monster. Ning Fan was a bit unaccustomed to Nanwei’s enthusiasm.

“Young Lord should also know that this blue ice has a great origin. I heard that…”

“Young Lord should also know why this Violet Flame is always bright. I heard that…”

“Young Lord, there is a beauty over there, that waist, that figure…”

“Young Lord… Why are you not talking…”

“I heard that Brother Nan is an inner disciple of the Sinister Sparrow School?” Ning Fan finally spoke to pick up the conversation.

“Thats right, this little brother ran back here from the school just for the Dao Fruit Auction. Oh right, this time, coming from the Sinister Sparrow School, besides this little brother, there was someone else coming to Seven Apricot City. Does Young Lord know who it is?”

“Who?” Ning Fan casually asked without an interested appearance. He was not like a boy, but more like an old man.

“A beauty.” Nanwei said with a special longing.

“Oh.” Ning Fan lightly replied. He had little interest regarding beauties.

“Uhh, is Young Lord really the City Lord’s disciple? Why is your character so cold. Young Lord should know, this beauty and Young Lord have a great connection. She is the person chosen by the City Lord to be your fiancee.”


Ning Fan perched one eyebrow in silence. When did the old monster chose a fiancee for him? He already had Zhihe?

“City Lord joined the Sinister Sparrow School forty years ago, and he had a pact with the School Master that, in the future, when he has a disciple, the disciple will marry the School Master’s daughter…” Nanwei spoke without stopping.

“Forty years ago? This is the old monster choosing an arranged betrothal before birth?” Ning Fan felt his head becoming bigger.

Forty years ago, he was not born yet and didn’t have any relationship with the old monster. Clearly, this was an arranged marriage before birth.

“The Sinister Sparrow School’s daughter has blue eyebrows and supreme beauty. Because of her status, there are many suitors. However, this woman is proud and arrogant, and she rarely shows any friendliness to men. She also is dissatisfied with this arranged marriage before birth. If she sees Young Lord, I’m afraid she will make things difficult for you. At that time, Young Lord should be a bit accommodating towards her…”

“You want me to yield to her?” Ning Fan frowned. He did not like arrogant women. Regarding this arranged marriage, he didn’t put it in his heart.

Inside the inner palace, the lights were slightly darkened. The Auction Palace was divided into three levels. There was a circular seating area with a crystal tower in the center that was used to display the items. The auctioneer was himself.

This auction will be led by him, and he had to deal with this spectacular scene. This was all planned by the old monster.

Compared to the school’s disciples who cultivated step by step, the old monster clearly wanted to cultivate a disciple who was capable of upholding one direction.

Even though Ning Fan had not cultivated for a long time, he had a hard life when he was younger, so his view of the world was very clear. Plus, he also had the Immortal Emperor’s memories so he did not have any stage fright.

The auction had not yet started, and Ning Fan slightly looked through the inner palace.

The first level seating was for all of the Vein Opening cultivators. Only Harmonious Spirit cultivators had the qualification for the second level.

The third level were for the Gold Core old devils, and only three were seated there! The three devils’ seats were made from dragon jade; it was able to shield the eyes and spiritual senses. No one was able to see their appearances.

At the entrance to the second floor, there was a noisy commotion at this moment. It was as if something had happened.

The maids greeting the guests were all beautiful cultivators that were enchantingly dressed.

They were from the Godly Void Pavilion, and they carried naturally proud temperaments. They were cold to the Vein Opening cultivators and only slightly smiled towards the Harmonious Spirit ones, but not much more. Only when facing Gold Core old devils would they make some slightly polite remarks.

At this moment, the two maids with cold expressions stopped a girl dressed in blue in front of them. The girl dressed in blue wanted to go to the second floor, but the lord of the Godly Void Pavilion had an order that people without Harmonious Spirit cultivation couldn’t go up to the second floor. However, no matter what, the girl in blue refused to let go of the matter.

“Sorry, Master’s order. Cultivators that haven’t reached Harmonious Spirit cannot go up to the second floor.” The two maids arrogantly spoke.

The girl dressed in blue frowned and said, “I am a half-step Harmonious Spirit. Plus, this order medal, is this enough? My sect’s elder is up there and I need to find him, could the two of you overlook this…”

The girl dressed in blue moved her empty hand, and a dark jade order medal appeared. It had an underworld sparrow diagram on top.

The nearby cultivators who saw this all took a cold breath. Even a few Harmonious Spirit old devils walking by had an uncertain look when they saw this.

This was the Sinister Sparrow School’s School Master’s order medal! This girl dressed in blue holding the order, could she be the daughter of the School Master?

If this was her identity, then she was eligible to go up to the second floor, right?

Unfortunately, the two maids came from the Godly Void Pavilion and didn’t care for the Sinister Sparrow School’s face; they didn’t bother looking at the medal. Their expressions were still like what they were in the beginning. With a cold tone, “Master’s order, cultivators that haven’t reached Harmonious Spirit cannot go up to the second floor!”

The girl dressed in blue wrinkled her brows even more tightly. She didn’t expect that this Godly Void Pavilion didn’t care for social relationship, and she couldn’t help but to faintly sigh.

Behind her was a white-robed young master. Seeing the girl dressed in blue sighing, he immediately stepped forward while shaking his paper fan. Exuding his Early Harmonious Spirit aura, it encompassed the two maids directly.

“You’re just maids yet you still dare to look down on the Young Lord of the Sinister Sparrow School, simply courting death!”

A little bit of pressure was released, yet it shook the two maids until their sweet lips were bleeding while their beautiful eyes were filled with restrained anger. The white-robed young master still wanted to make a move, but he was stopped by the girl dressed in blue.

“Forget it, we won’t go up. Wait until the auction ends, then we can report this to the elder… Hopefully, the Great Void Sect won’t move so fast… Older Brother Bai, we’ll go down to the first floor to find a place to sit.”

“Hmph! Considering my little sister’s face, I will spare you once ah!”

The white-robed young master’s words were arrogant, but after being advised by the girl in blue, he turned around for the first level seating area.

They turned around and saw Ning Fan standing to the side while watching the lively scene.

The white-robed young master glanced and noticed that Nanwei was also from the Sinister Sparrow School. They clearly knew each other, but it seemed that their relationship was not good. Thus, he only coldly snorted and turned his head.

As for the girl dressed in blue, she noticed Nanwei following behind Ning Fan, so she couldn’t help but to look at Ning Fan’s cultivation and found that he was only at the fifth level of Vein Opening. She felt that it was a little strange because Nanwei was a half-step Harmonious Spirit. Why was he so deferential towards Ning Fan?

“Little Brother Nan, this person is…” The girl dressed in blue lightly asked.

“Oh, I would like to do some introductions. This is Seven Apricot City’s Young Lord, Ning Fan. This is the Sinister Sparrow School’s Young Lord, Lan Mei…” Finished speaking, Nanwei winked several times at Ning Fan with an expression that seemed to say: This beauty is your fiancee, hurry up and go greet her for a good impression.

However, Ning Fan automatically ignored Nanwei’s expression and simply nodded his head towards Lan Mei. It was as if this was enough of a good gesture.

As for Lan Mei, after hearing Ning Fan’s identity, her beautiful eyebrows slightly perched as she asked, “You are the disciple of Alchemy Lord Han, Ning Fan?”

“Oh? You know me?” Ning Fan was a bit surprised. He only cultivated the Evil Dao for several days, yet his reputation already reached the Sinister Sparrow School?

“I didn’t know before, I only knew after coming to Seven Apricot City. Ning Fan, I want you to understand one thing. You and I are not possible. I only like the powerful… I hope that when you come to the Sinister Sparrow School in the future, don’t dwell on me.” Lan Mei spoke with a cool tone. It was not demeaning, but apathetic and distanced.

“Why would I dwell on you?” Ning Fan slightly smiled and asked in return. He then brushed past them while Nanwei quickly chased behind.

There were more than thousands of women in this world, not only her, this Lan Mei. This girl thought too highly of herself.

Ning Fan’s calmness left Lan Mei slightly surprised, but she didn’t say anything.

In any case, she did not recognize the marriage arrangement made by her parent. She had her own reasons, but she would never tell it to strangers and it had nothing to do with Ning Fan.

The white-robed young master behind Lan Mei never interrupted them from start to finish, but after the conversation between the two of them was over, he looked at Ning Fan’s back while narrowing his sinister eyes as he said with disdain: “Little Sister, this person is your fiancee? Haha, with a fifth level Vein Opening cultivation… This is nothing, how about you consider me, instead? I am already a Harmonious Spirit expert and a good match for you. Him, not good enough!”

“Sorry, Older Brother, I am not interested in him, but also not interested in you.” I have no interest in all men. Lan Mei rubbed her forehead and really wanted to tell the truth to this white-robed young master.

“But if School Master forces you to marry him, you will really have to do it!” The white-robed young master unwillingly said.

“If I don’t have a method to deny it, then I can only marry him.” Lan Mei said in a slightly wistful manner.

“Based on what! He is only of the fifth level Vein Opening, how can he be worthy of you! This marriage is really ridiculous!” The white-robed young master glared at Ning Fan’s back and wished to hack Ning Fan into pieces.

He strenuously pursued after Lan Mei but failed, and this Ning Fan actually had an arranged marriage — this was unacceptable!

Suddenly, the young master saw an unbelievable scene.

Ning Fan and Nanwei — the two people were met with the two maids’ respectful eyes as they went up to the second floor. Only Harmonious Spirit cultivators could go up to the second floor ah!

“What is your intention! Didn’t you say that one cannot go up without Harmonious Spirit cultivation ah. On what basis can he go up there!” The white-robed young master angrily exclaimed.

“Young Master Ning is the auctioneer of this auction. This auction is inside the palace, where is he not allowed to go?” The two maids looked at the white-robed young master as if they were looking at an idiot.

“He is the auctioneer? It can’t be! Such an important auction… He’s only a fifth level Vein Opening, how could he be in charge! He has the knowledge and experience? He is able to suppress the crowd here?!” The white-robed young master coldly scowled.

The girl dressed in blue was suffused with a strange expression.

Only a fifth level Vein Opening yet could preside over such an important auction. It seemed like this fiancee’s capability was not ordinary, ah.

On the second floor of the Auction Palace, Ning Fan brought Nanwei around once, then calmly went back to the first floor as if nothing had happened.

When he walked across the Heavenly Beast School’s seating, Ning Fan casually glanced at Wu Dongnan a little bit and carved this person’s appearance into his mind.

This was the person plotting against his Zhihe!? Hum! Looking to die!

Ning Fan flicked his finger and, inside the fingernail, several grains of red powder fell down and turned into a sweet scent upon Wu Dongnan’s body.

This powder was specifically created by Ning Fan prior to the auction from an Immemorial secret recipe, it was specialized in tracking the enemy. One strand of this scent could be traced a thousand miles away. As long as Wu Dongnan didn’t leave Ning Fan for a one thousand miles radius, Ning Fan could use a special mean to always keep track of Wu Dongnan’s location.

Forever until the scent dissipated!

He went to the second floor just to make a secret move against Wu Dongnan. After the auction’s end, Ning Fan would make a move.

Nanwei was confused and didn’t know why Ning Fan went to the second floor, but he tacitly didn’t ask.

His father, Nangong, had repeatedly told him that the Young Lord was not as simple as he seemed on the surface, and he couldn’t be calculated with common sense.

“Okay, I want to go preside over the auction. Brother Nan, go back first and tell Yuchi and Situ to prepare everything. Wait until the auction ends, then we’ll make a move!” Ning Fan spoke with a light tone, but there was a faint murderous intent.

Nanwei didn’t know what move Ning Fan was referring to, but he still nodded his head and went to pass on Ning Fan’s messages.

After a while, the Auction Palace was filled with cultivators. However, after a loud boom, the Auction Palace’s gate was closed. Within the auction chamber, there were 1,500 bronze lamps all brightened with Violet Flames, brightly illuminating the chamber.

On the crystal stage, an old man coughed twice and released his Early Gold Core aura, and then the place suddenly became quiet.

Countless cultivators gasped and never thought that the one presiding over today’s auction was a Gold Core old devil!

Gold Core old devils — In the entire Yue Country, they could be counted on one’s fingers!

Godly Void Pavilion, truly big style! To use a Gold Core old devil to be the auctioneer!

“This old man is Yun Xiu, under the command of the Godly Void Pavilion’s lord, am here to be the vice auctioneer…” The old devil’s words caused all of the people sitting to be amazed.

Auctioneers were separated into main and vice? The vice auctioneer was a Gold Core old devil, then the main auctioneer… Could it be a Nascent Soul cultivator!?

Nascent Soul!?

Having thought about these two words, everyone couldn’t help but to take a cold breath. Only powerful countries could have experts of this level. The Yue Country’s ten great experts had righteous and evil people, but not one of them broke through to the Nascent Soul realm!

In the Yue Country, Gold Core experts were at the peak. If they could witness the presence of a Nascent Soul senior, then it would be an absolute privilege and luck of three generations!

But unfortunately, they were doomed to be disappointed, because the person who just now climbed up to the crystal stage was not a Nascent Soul master. It was Ning Fan.

“Why is it a fifth level Vein Opening junior! He is the auctioneer?”

“What a joke! Such an important auction yet leaving a junior to preside over it, can he do it!?”

“Hush! I heard Old Monster Han took in a disciple, and this seems to be that person? His name, I think…”

“Hum, who cares who he is! Even if he is the disciple of Old Monster Han, he is still not qualified to be there, bah!”

“Get down! This is not a place for you to play!”

Suddenly, the Auction Palace was filled with uproars. And on the third level, even the three Gold Core experts furrowed their brows.

What is the Godly Void Pavilion doing… Why are they letting a Vein Opening junior preside over such an important auction?

One had to know that the entire Yue Country was looking at this Dao Fruit Auction… Is the Godly Void Pavilion not afraid that this junior will make a mess out of this big auction?

On the second floor, Nangong — from the far distance — judged Ning Fan’s performance. He saw that Ning Fan was calm and did not become weak while facing Gold Core experts, so he smiled and nodded approvingly. And after hearing Nanwei’s report that stated that Ning Fan wanted the Apricot Guard and the Sword Guard to prepare for action, his eyes flashed a glimmer of light and ultimately let out a smile.

It seemed that this Young Lord did not disappoint him and was prepared to kill Wu Dongnan after the auction.

This City Lord’s disciple… Not a bad recruit!

The vice auctioneer named Yun Xiu normally had eyes even above his head and was never friendly towards the Harmonious Spirit juniors.

However, after Ning Fan arrived, Yun Xiu looked at Ning Fan with a strange and respectful gaze!

As Ning Fan was climbing up the crystal stage, Yun Xiu even consciously took a few steps back behind Ning Fan, implicating that he was beneath Ning Fan… The crowd found it strange; what magic did Ning Fan have to make a Gold Core old devil act so respectfully like this!

Ning Fan was also surprised. He didn’t know why Yun Xiu, a Gold Core expert, was so respectful towards him.

Unusualness was the demon, and Ning Fan did not know whether there was a plot behind this respectful act…

“Haha, Young Master Ning, please preside over the auction.” Yun Xiu smilingly said.

“Yes. I am Ning Fan, disciple of Alchemy Lord Han, the Seven Apricot City’s Young Lord. Today, I represent my master to preside over the Dao Fruit Auction. I want to announce the auction’s rules. The first…”

Ning Fan did not finished before the white-robed young master sitting near Len Mei suddenly sneered, “So much talking, start the auction already. We didn’t come here to listen to the nonsense of you, a Vein Opening junior!”

The white-robed young master had a Harmonious Spirit cultivation. His words carried some weight. He was jealous of Ning Fan and wanted to humiliate him here and now.

However, after his words came out, his expression greatly changed.

On the crystal stage, Ning Fan’s cold gaze — like a sword — swept forward and suddenly exerted a flame breath as black as ink, encompassing the entire Auction Palace!

The Vein Opening cultivators felt a dangerous sensation towards the black flame, and even a few Harmonious Spirit old devils exposed a dreary look towards Ning Fan.

Sure enough, this Vein Opening junior was not as simple as he seemed…

Others only felt the aura of the black flame, but the white-robed young master was at the center. His Early Harmonious Spirit cultivation was shaken by this flame and suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest as he coughed out blood.

“This can’t be! He is only at the Vein Opening realm, how could he harm me with one move!” The white-robed young master was at a complete loss with his mouth wide open. At this moment, all eyes in the auction palace converged upon Ning Fan with a dreading sensation.

“First, daring to cause trouble at this auction, kill without mercy!” Ning Fan’s tone was flat, but this time, the auction floor was completely silent.

Obviously, Ning Fan’s power had gained the recognition and respect of the participants.

On the third floor, outside of the three Gold Core experts, there was actually another girl dressed in black whose face was covered by a silk veil. The corner of her eyes revealed a sly smile.

“Really interesting. Fifth level Vein Opening yet can issue such a powerful blow.. Could the Yin Yang Locket really be in your body? You are the inheritor of Ancient Chaotic Grand Emperor that I had been struggling to find?”

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