Grasping Evil

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Godly Void Pavilion’s Little Demoness

The black-robed man was indeed Ning Gu. At this moment, he listlessly murdered wantonly in the battle arena. And at the elder’s bench, there were four Gold Cold old devils, both male and female. They turned a blind eye to it all as if they secretly allowed his murderous behavior.

With four Gold Core old devils guarding this place, Ning Fan had to withdraw his initial thought of wanting to save Ning Gu immediately.

He would watch the changes while waiting for the old monster to return and then save him. With just him alone, he could not rescue Ning Gu from the hands of four Gold Cores.

The black-robed Ning Gu, with the Icy Ruler in his hand, killed one evil cultivator with each strike without any emotions, but Ning Fan didn’t care about it at all.

To see that Ning Gu was unharmed and killing evil cultivators so effortlessly, nothing in the world could be more joyous than this.

Was it not a great thing that the ones killed were the Heavenly Beast School’s disciples?

A warm, brotherly love flowed in Ning Fan’s eyes. He had always been watching over Ning Gu like this. Ning Gu had grown up with his fluttering black robe and a tenth level Vein Opening cultivation, so fast…

Wait a minute, tenth level Vein Opening, there’s only a thin line before Harmonious Spirit!?

Ning Fan suddenly became aware of a serious problem. A cultivation increase to Ning Fan did not seem to be a good thing ah.

The Mysterious Killing Cauldron was a dual cauldron only usable by Gold Core villainess’. The dual cauldron — at the very least — must have a harmonious Spirit cultivation in order to increase the Gold Core villainess’ power through dual cultivation.

Ning Gu had reached the tenth level Vein Opening. In other words, not long from now, he will break through to Harmonious Spirit and will have his Yang taken from him to feed the villainess’ Yin?

‘With Ning Gu’s talents and his lack of a Dao Fruit as well as a Yin Yang Locket, it should take him at least ten years to reach Harmonious Spirit, right?’

Ning Fan’s eyes had a glint of electricity. It was a pair of eyes of a young man, but it contained the experience of an Immortal Emperor’s whole life.

The big ice ruler in Ning Gu’s hand was stained by blood with murderous light, along with Ning Gu’s white-as-snow hair and depleted lifespan…

Recalling the Immortal Emperor’s memories, Ning Fan suddenly realized something as he became furious, and his hatred towards the Heavenly Beast School rose to an all-time high.

“This Icy Ruler… I can’t believe that it is this lost evil art — the ‘Fate Sealing Ruler.’ Kill one person to also obtain part of their cultivation while losing a part of one’s own lifespan… This is not evil cultivation, it is clearly trading life for cultivation. It does not only take the lives of the enemies, but also one’s own life! Moreover, the most sinister of all is that this evil art would make one lose all of their memories…”

According to Ning Fan’s estimations, Ning Gu relied on the “Fate Sealing Ruler” to kill countless people in order to reach the tenth level of Vein Opening, and his remaining lifespan only had a bit left. Even if he wasn’t robbed of his Yang by the villainess, he would still lose his life from eventually running out of lifespan.

And even if he saved Ning Gu, Ning Gu would still not be able to recognize him as his brother. After that, he couldn’t cultivate either because cultivation would activate the murderous nature of the “Fate Sealing Ruler” and claim his life.

The Fate Sealing Ruler was a self-harming evil art that even the Ancient Chaos Grand Emperor had no way of curing. Where did the Heavenly Beast School find such an art…

“Heavenly Beast School, you push things too far!”

Outside of the venue, Ning Fan stared at Ning Gu with sadness and remorse. However, these negative sentiments were replaced by a cool and calculating train of thought.

‘I, Ning Fan, am no longer the same as before. Today, I will surely save Ning Gu and surely destroy the Heavenly Beast School!’

All of these matters required the return of the old monster, but before he came back, Ning Fan could still do a few things.

Ning Fan, without any emotions, followed Qin Rong to a few more venues before finding a reason to drive her off.

There was a cold glint in his eyes as he touched the seven, eight spatial pouches on his waist.

Inside were several hundred thousands of immortal jades and immortal ores robbed by the old monster that he then gave to Ning Fan. Such a large amount of immortal jades and immortal ores like this could be a great present for the Heavenly Beast School…

There were countless grand murderous formations in the Immortal Emperor’s memories. One of them used immortal jades and immortal ores for the layout, then it used the divine will to carve the formation diagram and borrowed the nature’s mountains and rivers to form the formation. Lastly, it borrowed the energy of the mountains and rivers to give birth to a murderous formation, killing everything inside!

“Mountain and River Reverse Displacement”… If this formation could be formed successfully, then the rivers will be filled with blood in the Heavenly Beast School!

Ning Fan quietly walked out of the venue, but he unexpected bumped into a girl’s shoulder.

This girl had an extremely weak looking constitution as if she couldn’t even handle a breeze. After being bumped by Ning Fan, she fell down to the ground.

A black veil covered her face; she carried a gentle physique with a silky breast band covering her upper half. Her jade-like legs were exposed with long, loosely rolled upward hair. Even though one couldn’t see her face, she was clearly a stunning beauty. However, her eyes were demonically black, giving off a sense of mystical charm on the face of this beauty.

The most bizarre fact was that this girl didn’t seem to have any magical power… However, to be able to come to the Floating Jade Platform, who wouldn’t have some magical power… There is something strange about this girl…

The little demoness fell down to the ground with a delicate expression, waiting for Ning Fan to help her up.

However, Ning Fan, with a cautious look, did not want to associate himself with the little demoness, so he turned around and left.

The veil this girl was using was likely to be on the same level as the Broad Wintry Cloth… There was also a special aura on this girl’s body that gave Ning Fan an uneasy sensation. This feeling came from the Yin Yang Locket. Unless it was absolutely necessary, Ning Fan didn’t want to have anything to do with this girl; otherwise, it may lead to endless trouble…

Ning Fan turned around to leave with extreme resolution. However, the little demoness saw that Ning Fan did not help her after he knocked her down, and her beautiful eyes contained a glint of anger. She quickly raised her slender hands and pulled Ning Fan’s sleeves back.

“Hey, don’t leave! Don’t you need to apologize for bumping into a beauty like this!?”

Ning Fan had never met this girl before, but she had seen Ning Fan already. Yep, at the Godly Void Pavilion… This girl, isn’t she the Godly Void Pavilion’s lord?

The little demoness only came to the Heavenly Beast School to play around, she didn’t expect to meet Ning Fan here. She had a different plan for Ning Fan, so given this rare meeting, she naturally wouldn’t let him run away.

“Miss, please show self-respect.” Ning Fan frowned and realized that trouble had found him.

“Help me up, or hug me up if you want…” The little demoness let go of Ning Fan’s sleeve and kneeled on the ground while opening her lotus arms, creating a cute appearance; it was clear that she desired to be carried.

“…” Ning Fan waved his sleeve and channeled his Harmonious Spirit power to stir up a breeze, lifting the little demoness up. Then, he turned and walked away afterwards.

“Wait a minute…”

“What else do you want!” Ning Fan was convinced that this strange little demoness truly wanted to mess with him.

“Where are you going, take me along as well…”

“I don’t know you…”

“But I know you ah, your name is Ning Fan, isn’t it?” The little demoness cheerfully smiled while Ning Fan took two steps back. He took out his Shadow Tracing Sword as if he had met a powerful enemy.

“Who are you!?”

“Who I am, I cannot tell you. However, you have to play with me; otherwise, I will shout ‘Ah, the villain who killed Elder Wu has appeared here. The Seven Apricot Young Lord, Ning Fan; everyone come and look…’ ”

The girl and Ning Fan stared at each other’s eyes for several seconds, but she unexpectedly revealed more than ten different expressions. Charming, demure, devilishly charming, virtuously beautiful, pure and sincere… Of course, in the end, she still turned into a playful sexy look, but this made Ning Fan even more wary of the girl’s origin.

This girl was an expert at acting, and her scheming intelligence must be as deep as the ocean. Otherwise, she would not be able to freely form ten different personalities like this…

He himself could not see the cultivation of the little demoness, so there were only two possibilities: One was that this girl didn’t have any cultivation. The second was… this girl had a cultivation way beyond the Void Fragmentation realm and exceeded the horizon of his perception!

Ning Fan directly denied the possibility of not having any cultivation. His mind had determined that she was a monstrous old devil without a doubt… Why would such an old devil like this be stalking him?

‘Maybe, I will follow her whims and play along with her a little bit until she is satisfied, then she will leave?’

‘Otherwise, if this girl keeps on following me at this place, I’m afraid I will miss a great opportunity to save my little brother…’

‘And this girl, wherever she is from, she somehow found out my identity and knew that I killed Wu Dongnan. Should I think of a way to kill and silence her?’

Ning Fan lightly raised his finger and formed the Yin Plucking Finger… But the moment he raised his finger up, the little demoness immediately bounced away and looked at Ning Fan with a flustered expression.

“You… have no shame! You are truly… Hmph! If you dare to use bewitching techniques against me, I will haunt you for the rest of this life, and the next ten lifetimes as well!”

The little demoness lightly snorted for she also recognized the Yin Plucking Finger. She pondered for a moment, then she took out a dark blue dagger from a brocade sack on her waist. She then waved it at Ning Fan as if she was showing off her power…

“This is a ‘Void Treasure’!” Ning Fan took a cold breath. This dark blue dagger looked visible, but it did not have a real physical form. It contained an extremely vast power inside.

Void Treasure — supreme treasures that only Void Fragmentation old devils were capable of using! Was this girl really a Void Fragmentation old devil?

With this dagger in her hand, this girl could even destroy the entire state of Yue in one swing! This girl couldn’t be messed with!

“You… What on earth do you want…” Ning Fan put away his Shadow Tracing Sword. In front of a Void Fragmentation old devil, his insignificant power was not capable of resistance.

This girl wanting to kill him was definitely easier than crushing an ant… Unless her goal was fulfilled, she wouldn’t stop following him.

“Didn’t I say it already? Bring me to wherever you are going, I guarantee I won’t cause any trouble for you, okay?” The little demoness revealed a sweet smile. Unknowing spectators would actually think that she was a very innocent maiden.

However, Ning Fan was only full of grievances in his mind and felt an oncoming headache.

‘Why am I in this mess with this demoness… Is it the Yin Yang Locket? But this girl doesn’t seem to have a malicious intent against me….’

‘Guarantee not to cause any trouble for me? Your existence is what bothers me…’

“Come… I have to go deploy a formation to destroy the Heavenly Beast School. You can follow if you want to…” Ning Fan did not hide his intentions to the demoness. There was nothing she didn’t know, so trying to lie to her would be too funny.

“Oh really? Deploy a formation eh, on a mountain, you want to deploy the ‘Mountain and River Reverse Displacement’ right… Hmm, this formation is more than enough to destroy the Heavenly Beast School’s ground. However, it is a bit difficult to set up; I don’t believe that you can do it, but if you ask me for help…” The little demoness let off a naughty smile, but Ning Fan didn’t want to ask for her help.

The two of them went out of the mysterious flying jade platform. Ning Fan wanted to jump and fly away, but the little demoness pulled him back and playfully winked several times.

“I don’t know how to fly, hold me and fly…”

“…” Ning Fan absolutely did not believe that this girl didn’t know how to fly. A Void Fragmentation old devil not knowing how to fly? Are you trying to fool a child? However, he didn’t want to offend her at this moment, so he followed her whim.

He hugged the little demoness; her slender waist felt very soft to the touch, but Ning Fan did not have the slightest amount of disrespectful intentions. This was a Void Fragmentation old devil, an old hag that had lived for several ten thousand years, she was nothing like a young girl…

He trod on an icy light and gently floated in the air like an immortal while holding the little demoness. Then, he flew one hundred miles away from the Heavenly Beast School.

He needed this much distance in order to destroy the Heavenly Beast School. One hundred miles was the limit of Nascent Soul cultivators’ divine sense. If there was any commotion within one hundred miles, the hidden experts of the Heavenly Beast School would immediately notice.

The figures of the two on top of the icy rainbow above — in the eyes of nearby spectators — would simply be a Harmonious Spirit old monster carrying his mortal concubine to go sightseeing, so it did not attract attention from others.

Ning Fan circled around a one hundred miles radius around the Heavenly Beast School three times in order to grasp its geography. A huge, vividly portrayed formation then appeared in his mind.

He landed on the mountain and let the little demoness loose. He closed his eyes and, on one hand, he crossed through the wild forest while using his divine sense to carve the formation array into the ground, as well as placing immortal jades and immortal ores to form the formation’s eye.

The art of formations required meticulous preparation. Ning Fan was not dumb and, along with the experience of an Immortal Emperor, it made his mind as deep as the ocean. Preparing a formation was not difficult!

And behind him was the little demoness, skipping around with her little hands behind her back while carrying an interested and playful gaze.

‘Hee hee, Ning Fan, truly interesting… Only at Harmonious Spirit yet is able to set up a ‘Mortal Void’ level grand formation. Although this formation’s diagram is now shaped, but without millions of immortal jades to power the formation’s power…. Ah, but this is already not bad… Following him for ten lifetimes, maybe it is not so bad… Aizz, unfortunately, he is still a little too small and weak…’

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