Grasping Evil

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Mountain and Earth Collapsed

Chaotic times bring about true evil!

Seeing Ning Gu harmed by practicing the evil art — the “Fate Sealing Ruler”, Ning Fan could not let this go.

He set up an absolute murdering formation around the one hundred mile radius of the Heavenly Beast School. It covered a grand scope, making it difficult for others to realize that it was a grand formation!

The Yue people had never seen a grand formation that encompassed one hundred miles.

Ning Fan trod on an icy ray across the forest while casting immortal jades from his hand with lightning speed and the utmost formational accuracy.

Moreover, he imprinted his divine will into the immortal jades and immortal ores to communicate with the earth vein, creating a grand momentum.

There were no two similar terrains in this world and thus, there were no identical formations. In order to connect the grand momentum, at least 7,000 formation eyes were necessary.

Ning Fan meticulously calculated all of this, expending countless amounts of effort. As time passed, Ning Fan became pale as his body shook from side to side.

“This body is too weak. I must refine a Jade Royal Dan to wash my physique and marrow once when I get back to Seven Apricot City…” Ning Fan murmured.

At the same time, a mysterious feeling gradually appeared in Ning Fan’s mind. It was the sensation of being connected with the heaven and earth’s grand momentum.

“Void rank formation — Mountain and River Reverse Displacement”. Once this formation is successfully completed, it will reverse the grand momentum and then use its power to destroy the Heavenly Beast School!

This grand formation might be of Void rank, but it was only of Mortal Void rank. Even though it was shaped, it didn’t have enough supporting immortal jades… However, it was still enough to completely destroy the Heavenly Beast School.

It was quite dangerous because if a Gold Core old devil found Ning Fan using his divine will, then Ning Fan would surely die.

However, they did not notice while being immersed in the school tournament, and School Master Wuxie was in seclusion… This was an opportunity granted by the heavens!

This grand formation couldn’t be repeated. The grand momentum of the Heavenly Beast School would naturally be destroyed after experiencing this formation.

There was only one opportunity to destroy the school using the immortal jades in his hands.

Ning Fan endured his feebleness and forcibly formed the formation. As long as this grand formation was finished, he would go to the Heavenly Beast Mountain to destroy this school!

Just like that year when the old monster destroyed the All Pleasure School, Ning Fan would destroy the Heavenly Beast School!

“My life… No father or mother, all alone, with only one little brother…” Ning Fan fell down to the ground with his pale expression; he was unable to take another step.

This body, after all, only has a Harmonious Spirit cultivation. It was too difficult to prepare a “Void” rank grand formation.

Even though this body had cultivated, its foundation was still too sickly and weak.

Behind him was the leisurely little demoness yawning lazily. However, each time she looked at Ning Fan’s eyes, a glimmer of surprise appeared.

The little demoness had a different intention when she wanted to follow Ning Fan even though she only said it was for fun. She also didn’t truly put Ning Fan into her sight. The Ancient Chaos inheritor with only a Harmonious Spirit cultivation and was even bullied by the Heavenly Beast School — way too weak.

However, her attitude towards Ning Fan gradually began to change.

Ning Fan did not look at her with a covetous gaze like other men.

Ning Fan clearly was a Harmonious Spirit, yet he dared to form a Void rank grand formation and was even almost successful.

When she saw that his strength was expended and fell to the ground, unable to get up, it felt a bit unbearable.

This world was very vast and filled with many interesting things. And this little demoness came from the Four Heavens World above the Nine Worlds.

In that place, there were “Godly Void Burials” with inheritances of the immemorial Godfiends. In addition, there were also ancient Buddhas and Heavenly Gods along with Immortal Emperors…

It was the place where the powerful gathered, competing for the heaven and earth. For a young boy like Ning Fan, there were those who were one hundred times more powerful than Harmonious Spirit.

The experts there can cover the ocean with one speck of dust and slice the sun and moon with a blade of grass. Their breaths could change the reincarnation cycle of the heaven and earth.

However, at this second, the little demoness suddenly felt that this Ning Fan in front of her eyes could be even stronger than these Godfiends’ descendants in the future.

“Ancient Chaos inheritor… Should I give a position of the Godly Void Pavilion in the Nine Worlds to him or not…? Nevermind, that is for the future…”

The little demoness shook her head and eased her thoughts. Her soft and slender hand tapped on Ning Fan’s back and channeled some energy inside.

Ning Fan, who was near comatose, began to recover after receiving this strand of energy.

He slowly opened his eyes and got up from the ground. After heavily exhaling, he looked over at the little demoness with an extremely complex gaze.

“Why do you want to help me?”

“Little Fan Fan, did I help you?” The little demoness cutely blinked several times.

“Thank you, Miss, I am indebted to you.”

“Hehe, you better not owe me a debt. Anyone who owed me a debt had all died.”

The little demoness stroke her black hair and suddenly felt that being together with Ning Fan was very relaxing. Even though his cultivation was weak, he didn’t look at my eyes with a fearful expression. Right, much more relaxing compared to the fearful gazes of those old men.

“You are the ‘Ancient Chaos’ inheritor, I am the ‘Godly Void’ inheritor. Above the nine heavens, we will eventually have a battle, so you do not owe me a debt. I am going now, it took three hundred years in the Rain World to finally wait for your arrival. The next stop will be the Sword World…”

She indistinctly sighed. This lamentation was not of pretension. There was a vague sense of loss when departing with Ning Fan.

“Little Fan Fan, off I go!”

The little demoness’ brows curled and smiled, creating a crescent moon. It appeared that she was taking a stroll, but each step traversed across thousands of zhang. In just a few breaths, she was nowhere to be found.

It only left Ning Fan behind with a confused feeling.

“So in this world, I am not the only Immortal Emperor’s inheritor. According to this girl, it seems that there are many of them above the nine heavens… I am the Ancient Chaos inheritor, and she is the Godly Void inheritor…”

He shook his head and withdrew his complex emotions regarding the little demoness. At this time, the most important matter was still to create the formation.

The Mountain and River Reverse Displacement formation was two-thirds complete. After an hour, Ning Fan had completed the grand formation. He trod on an icy rainbow and went back to the Heavenly Beast School’s floating jade platform.

The old monster was already waiting outside the gate. His face was furious when seeing Ning Fan.

“Little Ning! Your father told you to not run around, yet you still ran around!”

“Yes, I went to do something to give the Heavenly Beast School a great present…”

“Present? What present? Hurry up, I found your little brother in the 15th venue… There are only four Gold Cores guarding it; you lure one away and I will kill the other three!”

“No need for so much trouble. Master, didn’t you teach me what we need to destroy schools with a bang!? Today, we will destroy the Heavenly Beast School’s ground!”

Ning Fan, standing on top of the jade platform, coldly looked down at the Heavenly Beast School below.

“I laid out a grand formation. Today will be the end of the Heavenly Beast!”

“You laid one out? Which formation?”

The old monster had not yet responded, but Ning Fan was already murmuring a word in his mouth.


At the same time, Ning Fan’s mind activated the 7,000 formation eyes as the grand momentum of the world reversed. A vast source of aura began to rise from the Heavenly Beast Mountain.

In an instant, the old monster seemed to recognize something. He looked at Ning Fan as if he was looking at a ghost.

“This is, this is… a ‘Mortal Void’ rank formation!”


The Heavenly Beast School’s School Master, Si Wuxie (Void of Evil), was referred by others as School Master Wuxie. He was a young master dressed up in white, just like an immortal, training in seclusion to break through to Nascent Soul at the Heavenly Beast Mountain.

With a feminine figure , his features were as beautiful as a painting, making it hard to tell whether he was a man or a woman. Unknowing people would assume that this person was a woman.

“Once I break through to Nascent Soul, this clone will achieved a small result and could fool the world’s barrier to cultivate…”

He evoked a cold sneer but suddenly, his expression greatly changed.

He felt a boundless and destructive grand momentum of the world, rising from the Heavenly Beast Mountain.

“Impossible…” He shockingly exclaimed.

Inside the Sky Temple, a wretched old Gold Core woman was lying in bed, favoring a young man while creating an ugly sight.

She undertook the Lotus Blossom sex position on top of him. After a few rounds, his eyes turned white and died miserably on the bed. And the old grandma sucked out all of his prime Yang energy, effectively ending his life. She got down from the bed and coldly spoke: “Common dual cauldron, such bad result. Hehe, Ning Gu… Not long from now, he will reach Harmonious Spirit. At that time, I will immediately take him and show him a nice time…”

Before she could finish laughing, she felt a strange reversal of the world’s grand momentum.

“Eh, today, the sky looks a bit strange…”


In the Banished Immortal Temple of the Heavenly Beast School, there was a place dedicated to greeting guests.

In the temple, the Heavenly Beast School vice school master, a late stage Gold Core, was hosting more than ten evil sect’s elders.

The Everlasting School, the Corpse Seizing Sect, the Extreme Yin Gate… Nearly all of Yue’s powerful Evil Sects.

“Seven Apricot City, Alchemist Lord Han Yuanji… This person isn’t easy to mess with… However, this could be an excuse to force the Sinister Sparrow School to hand over the ‘Mysterious Yin Energy.’ This item is one of the twelve ‘Heavenly Crystallized Cold Energy,’ an item that School Master Wuxie requires… At that time, everyone just needs to help my school to pressure the Sinister School.”

“Really now, the Mysterious Yin Energy isn’t easy to control…”

“It is fine, School Master Wuxie will have a way…”

The vice school master revealed a meaningful smile.

Right when everyone was negotiating, they all felt the reversal of the world and became startled with uncertainty.

“Strange, how odd. What is going on?”

On the floating jade platform, the school tournament was still in progress. Before anyone knew, there were a lot of people in the 15th venue. The majority of these people were attracted by the cold-hearted killer, Ning Gu.

Ning Gu, wearing his black robe that was fluttering in the wind, was swinging his huge Icy Ruler. No tenth level Vein Opening cultivator could handle three moves from him.

He killed people with each swing of the ruler, maintaining a still expression. Only in his eyes was a hidden glint of sadness.

It was as if he lost his memories and his soul. He didn’t remember why he needed to kill people. He felt that he should have a big brother named Ning Fan. However, he couldn’t remember anything relating to Ning Fan.

His memories were a complete blur…

Each time he killed a person, a bit of his life force also disappeared. He was not afraid of dying, but he had some regrets in his heart. He wanted to remember everything about his older brother.

“Who is Ning Fan…”

The moment the two words “Ning Fan” appeared in his head, he felt as if his head was split open. He let go of his Icy Ruler and fell down to the ground.

The four Gold Core old devils noticed the strangeness in Ning Gu, so one person immediately went to the stage to check it out. But before this person could come, suddenly, there was a icy rainbow flashing by, turning into a young man dressed in a distinctive black and white style, appearing in front of Ning Gu.

“Hah! Such fast speed! This boy is only Harmonious Spirit but his flying speed is not much less than me.”

This young man was Ning Fan. He wore the Broad Wintry Cloth to hide his face. He gently helped Ning Gu up with an amiable smile. This smile pained Ning Gu’s heart for he couldn’t remember where he met this person before…

“Who are you, do I know you… I can’t remember, why can’t I remember!?” Ning Gu felt his headache intensifying.

“No need to think about it, no need to think about anything, only remember that I am your older brother — this is enough… Let us go home…!”

He pulled Ning Gu out of the venue and completely ignored the four Gold Cores.

Meanwhile, the Gold Cores’ expressions greatly sank.

Ning Gu was a dual cauldron wanted by Elder Song, how could they let this person take him away!

“Junior! Stop!” The four Gold Cores coldly snorted and exerted their pressure. However, in an instant, there was an even stronger domineering pressure suppressing downward.

“He is your father’s disciple. He wants to destroy your Heavenly Beast School and smack your faces! Get the hell away for your father!”

The old monster soared forward and stood on the sky. He spewed out eight Black Fire Dragons from his mouth and loudly laughed on the jade platform, intending to massacre freely.

The venue suddenly became chaotic with horrified disciples racing to get away.

The four Gold Cores saw the black flames of the old monster, and they immediately recognized his identity.

“Black Evil Inflammation, Han Yuanji!”

Unbelievable! Completely unexpected! It was astonishing that the Heavenly Beast School hadn’t retaliated against Han Yuanji, yet he dared to come cause trouble at the school first.

However, a matter even more frightening soon appeared.

The Heavenly Beast School was not the only thing shocked. In this second, all of the Yue Country and even a few peak Void Fragmentation old devils of the Rain World were stupefied as well!

Ning Fan turned into an icy rainbow while carrying Ning Gu, standing side by side with the old monster in the sky!

His tyrannical eyes revealed a bullying look. He coldly smirked and exclaimed a phrase that frightened all under the heavens.

“Black Evil Sect Master Ning Fan has come for vengeance and to destroy the Heavenly Beast!”

These words were mixed with an Immortal Emperor’s murderous aura!

The moment these words came out, the mountains and rivers collapsed. An explosion destroyed the heaven and earth!

Mountain and River Reverse Displacement — the grand formation has begun!

Under the grand momentum of the heaven and earth, all worldly bodies will be annihilated! On top of the Heavenly Beast School, the bloody rays appeared as everything collapsed and the earth quivered.

An angry roar emanated from behind the Heavenly Beast Mountain.

“A Mortal Void rank grand formation! Who are you…? What, a little bug from the Black Evil Sect!”

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