Grasping Evil

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Mountain and Earth Collapsed

A Void rank grand formation was capable of flattening the mountains and calming the torrential ocean. As the blood light blocked the sky, everything within a hundred miles immediately shattered into pieces.

In just a moment, the Heavenly Beast Mountain fell apart like a dried rotten branch. Castles for one hundred miles all perished in a split second. The plants withered and everything turned into smoke!

Under this bloody light, the Heavenly Beast School’s Vein Opening disciples, facing the shock of the reverse momentum, immediately exploded into bloody mist. As for the Harmonious Spirit experts, they were able to hold on for several breaths before their immortal veins were cut apart and then minced by the grand momentum.

Only the Gold Core experts were able to stay alive, but their Gold Cores fragmented as their cultivation dropped down to Harmonious Spirit! Moreover, they will never form a new Gold Core again!

Because there weren’t enough immortal jades, it was not enough to show the real power of a Void rank formation. Otherwise, even Nascent Soul and Spirit Severing cultivators would also be grounded by the grand momentum. These old devils wouldn’t just be losing their Gold Cores.

The power of this formation should be around the peak Nascent Soul level.

Only one person remained unscathed in the entire Heavenly Beast School.

School Master Wuxie — Si Wuxie!

Behind the mountain, he trod on the stars on top of the sky with a cold glare.

The Heavenly Beast School was annihilated… Destroyed by the Black Evil Sect. This was humiliating to him!

Si Wuxie knew about the old monster, Han Yuanji. He was not afraid of the old monster for he knew that the old monster’s cultivation had fallen.

“Han Yuanji! I won’t ask why! Today, both of you can die!”

“Haha! I, your father, has not lived enough and doesn’t want to die!”

The old monster stepped out and shouted with a grave tone. He shattered through Si Wuxie’s pressure while continuously sneering.

The old man waved his sleeve and summoned the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron. It grew larger as the eight Flame Dragons flew around. The old monster’s hair and beard fluttered crazily as his evil aura covered the sky. With the point of his finger, the Flame Dragons and the black cauldron came straight down towards Si Wuxie. The clouds in the sky evaporated from the heat of the Fire Dragons.

This cauldron carried a power capable of deterring a Gold Core. In the Heavenly Beast ruins, there were more than ten injured Gold Cores. They looked up to the sky in horror!

Dan Fragmentation Cauldron! Black Evil Inflammation!

With the help of these two things, the old monster had killed a late Gold Core and replaced this person to become one of Yue’s ten great masters.

But outside of this, the old monster was quite low-key and never left his place, causing others to wonder whether it was only by luck when he killed that Gold Core.

While he is only at the late Harmonious Spirit realm… But with his Earth Vein Demonic Flame, the old monster could battle an ancestor in the land of Yue.

Behind the old monster, Ning Fan’s face was a bit pale. He furrowed his brows while carrying his little brother, Ning Gu.

‘The old monster’s power is undeniable, but Si Wuxie is also quite bizarre.’

First, he did not see the sex of Si Wuxie; he couldn’t tell if this person was a man or a woman!

Secondly, his Yin Yang Locket was trembling while facing Si Wuxie.

This trembling seemed to be excitement and joy; it was as if there was something on Si Wuxie’s body that the locket desired and coveted.

Third, Si Wuxie’s aura!

This aura gave Ning Fan the feeling that Si Wuxie was not any weaker than the old monster!

Could this person also be a grand character with a crippled cultivation just like the old monster?

No, it seemed to be different.

Not outside of Ning Fan’s expectations, Si Wuxie was not afraid when seeing the old monster using his Dan Fragmentation Cauldron and Black Evil Inflammation. His pretty brows simply batted once.

His sleeve fluttered as a sweet smelling wind appear. A light shot out from the sleeve towards the cauldron, creating a thunderous explosion.

The collision of the light and the cauldron resulted in a draw.

The long sleeves were fluttering in the air as the lights danced chaotically with raging magical powers.

It was difficult to determine a victor between the two in a short amount of time. Si Wuxie turned his little light into countless swords while the old monster controlled his fire to block while reciting spells nonstop. Each of these spells were all above the Nascent Soul level.

Landslides started with rolling boulders as strange phenomena appeared in the sky. The entire land of Yue faintly felt the fluctuation that originated from this place.

Nascent Soul level techniques were extremely consuming. Although both the old monster and Si Wuxie were not ordinary people, the old monster was only at Harmonious Spirit, being one realm lower than Si Wuxie.

These two men appearing in the land of Yue, the Rain World… Ning Fan felt that this was quite strange.

The old monster seemed to be hiding in this place, but what was Si Wuxie’s reason?

Such a person would claim to destroy Seven Apricot City knowing that the old monster was not easy to mess with just for an elder?

Clearly, he had a different plan… There was something in this Yue Country that he desired. Such a person did not need fame nor hegemony. It surely had to be a treasure…

It was quite amazing that Ning Fan was able to speculate this far. As for Si Wuxie’s exact plans, he couldn’t come up with it.

Ning Fan could not intervene in this fight. Even the Gold Cores nearby did not dare to participate. However, watching from a far distance with his Immortal Emperor’s vision, he clearly saw the light from Si Wuxie.

What was this light? It was a thunder-like small sword of a silver color…

What surprised him was not the sword itself, but the tiny thunderous light inside the sword…

“This is, a broken piece of ‘Immemorial Star’! Isn’t this a divine weapon created by Godfiends in the immemorial era with divine materials!?”

Ning Fan was quite surprised but not too shocked. Divine weapons forged from Immemorial Stars had a special characteristic; that is, the weapons themselves could rise in ranks!

Normally, once a treasure was formed, its rank was determined and could not be increased. In order to increase the power of treasures, there was a new profession in the Four Heavens and Nine Worlds — Spirit Augmentation Master.

Even though the rank of these treasures could not increase, their powers could be strengthened through the use of techniques. For example, the old monster’s Dan Fragmentation Cauldron had the “Body Locking” technique, and Ning Fan’s Shadow Chasing Sword — taken after killing Wu Dongnan — had the “Shadow Chasing” technique.

Magical treasures not being able to rank up is common sense, but there was a type of divine material that could break this common sense.

Immemorial Star!

Ancient Godfiends used Immemorial Stars to create divine weapons. Along with ranking up, these weapons would also refine themselves continuously before finally becoming divine weapons capable of suppressing all the worlds.

For example, there was some Immemorial Stars in the Yin Yang Locket within Ning Fan’s dantian.

There was even a rumor that stated that, during the Immemorial Era, there was an emperor who ruled over one billion worlds and used an entire domain of Immemorial Stars to forge an unbeatable treasure!

To Ning Fan’s surprise, Si Wuxie actually had a heaven-defying Immemorial Star and even forged a flying sword from it. It was no wonder why the Yin Yang Locket was vibrating. In the end, both of them had things that belonged to the Immemorial Era.

The Rain World belonged to the lower realm, and it absolutely could not have a divine material like the Immemorial Star. It seemed like Si Wuxie’s background was not ordinary. He could be from one of the Four Heavens in the upper realm.

The special characteristics of Immemorial Stars appeared in Ning Fan’s mind as he searched for a method to counter this Immemorial divine weapon.

‘Immemorial divine weapon — the day this treasure is completed, the galaxy will shatter…’

‘Immemorial divine weapon — able to shatter the stars and slice the moon…’

‘Immemorial divine weapon — one could not control it without being a Godfiend…’

A glimmer appeared in his eyes. The last point seemed to be the weakness of Immemorial divine weapons!

Only Godfiends were able to use Immemorial divine weapons. But what are Godfiends? Godfiends were the inheritors of the Immemorial Evil Veins. They were people like the old monster and himself. However, Ning Fan took a careful look and found that Si Wuxie was not one of them!

‘Strange, he does not have a Godfiend body, so why does he have an Immemorial divine weapon…’

Although perplexed, Ning Fan came up with an idea at this time.

‘If I could take this sword, then I’m sixty percent certain that I could steal it…’

There was a glint of hesitation in his eyes. Sixty percent of seizing this sword, forty percent of dying under the blade…

‘I can’t just rely on the old monster…’

‘Saving Ning Gu and destroying the Heavenly Beast, these were my choices…’

‘I can’t defeat Si Wuxie, I have to… play dirty…’

During Ning Fan’s moment of hesitation, the battle between the old monster and Si Wuxie was coming to an end.

Relying on his flying sword ray, Si Wuxie stood still in the air and simply controlled the sword with ease. And as time passed, the old monster’s disadvantageous circumstance gradually appeared.

Their battle prowess were equal, but their magical reserves were far from the same. Si Wuxie had a half-step Nascent Soul magical power, which was at least dozens of times greater than the old monster’s late Harmonious Spirit. In a fight to the death between magical treasures, mana consumption was the highest issue. After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the old monster’s mana reserve began to empty as his energy also became chaotic.

“Ning Gu has been saved, I need to find a way to escape now…” The old monster frowned.

“Want to run!? Not leaving anything behind!?” Even though Si Wuxie exclaimed outwardly, he secretly sighed in relief. He also did not wish to fight the old monster to the very end.

They were both grand characters. In a tacit manner, they did not announce a vengeful second meeting. This was only a lower realm’s school, it was not worth fighting to the death over…

But Ning Fan did not want to go…

He had laid out a grand formation to annihilate countless disciples of the school, and his hands were stained with blood.

However, this was not enough blood…

He looked up towards the sword shadow of Si Wuxie with resolution!

He placed Ning Gu onto the clouds while he stepped on an icy light, then he turned into an icy rainbow. He used his own flesh to head towards the shadow of the flying sword.

“Sixty percent survival, forty percent death… But I am someone with the Yin Yang Locket… I will absolutely not die!”

A light flashed as the sword sliced through Ning Fan’s body with bloody light filling the sky.

The old monster’s expression greatly sank while Si Wuxie was a bit taken back, then he sarcastically smiled.

“You want to steal my Spirit Severing divine weapon? Unfortunately, you are not enough…”

“Is that so?”

As the bloody light dispersed, Ning Fan — covered in blood — tightly grasped the sword’s body with his hands.

In just a flash, Si Wuxie’s smiling countenance turned pale as he could no longer remain calm. He felt that the communication between him and the flying sword was gradually fading away.

This body was not the original body and could not freely control the divine weapon, but a Harmonious Spirit like Ning Fan shouldn’t be able to seize the sword!

Si Wuxie looked again at the bloodied Ning Fan with his two hands gripping the flying sword.

The flying sword had pierced his chest. Another half an inch and it would penetrate his heart and thus, ending his life.

However, Ning Fan recalled Ancient Chaos’s memories and used his crazy blood to draw a magical seal on top of the sword’s body.

The Yin Yang Evil Vein suddenly moved. The flying sword immediately escaped from Si Wuxie’s control and accepted a new master!

Immemorial Star treasures were divine weapons, and non-Godfiends could not dominate them!

‘Si Wuxie, no matter how bizarre you might be, at this moment, your flesh is merely mortal and you are not qualified to control this sword!’

‘From today on, you are my sword! I shall name you “Beast Sever”! Meaning, severing all of the Heavenly Beast!”

Ning Fan gripped it with one hand. A small light turned into three feet of blade that was as clear as water, and electrical crackles appeared on the surface!

Beast Sever… This was not just a sword, it was also Ning Fan’s determination!

“Si Wuxie, I will ask you one last time, is there a way to dispel the Fate Sealing Ruler…?”

“No!” Si Wuxie’s gaze was gloomy. This sword might be a divine weapon, but it only had very few Immemorial Stars and was not essential. However, he was angry because an insignificant mouse like Ning Fan repeatedly offended him.

‘Why…? Why am I so weak like this? Like this, so unbearable…’

A burning fiery sword intent emerged from Ning Fan’s body as he lifted Beast Sever up in a horizontal stance as he had a murderous gaze.

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