Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 10 - Didn’t She Say She Needs to Go Back To Pick Some Clothes? But She’s Here Having Beef Rice Noodles

Chapter 10: Didn’t She Say She Needs to Go Back To Pick Some Clothes? But She’s Here Having Beef Rice Noodles

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Hearing her, Steward Wu said no more.

Ten minutes later, Luosang left the villa with her backpack.

Nian Junting looked at her back and his dark eyes showed a trance of discontent. Last night, his body finally reacted because of her touch, and so he decided to be extra nice and offer her a lift, but she turned out to be so ungrateful.

The villa was quite far away from downtown, so Luosang walked for more than ten minutes before she finally caught a bus. Forty minutes later, she got off the bus and walked into a noodle restaurant.

She had nothing but cabbages and steamed bread yesterday, so she now desperately wanted to taste some flavor. She finally got a chance to go out and now she wanted nothing more than a great meal to comfort herself a little.

She ordered beef rice noodles, some fried bread sticks, and some soy milk. The breakfast was brought out quickly, and she began eating joyfully.

Concentrating on eating, she failed to notice that a black Rolls-Royce stopped slowly by the road. Sitting in the car was none other than Nian Junting, who was heading to the hospital for physical therapy.

Ever since he got injured, he had to go to the hospital three times a week for physical therapy sessions.

He spent a while listening to the radio, and then the car stopped for what seemed like ages. His brows knitted and he frowned as he asked impatiently, “Why is this taking so long?”

“Young Master, the New Year is coming and the people who work overseas or in other cities are all coming back, so today, the cars on the street are several times more than usual,” explained Steward Wu.

Nian Junting fretfully turned his eyes to look out of the car window, and suddenly noticed the familiar figure in the humble noodle restaurant by the roadside. The figure was wearing a black sweater and a large black-rimmed glasses…wasn’t that the woman who left the villa this morning?

Didn’t she say that she had to go home to pick up some clothes? But now she was here, having beef rice noodles.

‘Look how she’s cramming food down her throat,’ Nian Junting thought when he saw her bite a fried break stick while chewing rice noodles, all washed down with a drink.

As he watched her munching on the food with a satisfied look, his handsome face instantly turned sour.

Did she refuse his offer to give her a lift because she wanted to come here for beef rice noodles and fried bread sticks?

This woman really did like eating and she had been finding so many excuses to do so.

The temperature in the car dropped sharply. Steward Wu quickly detected this strange vibe, so he turned to look where Nian Junting was staring at and saw Luosang. Suddenly, he felt sorry for her.

How could she be unlucky enough to let him see her here?

Steward Wu sneakily glanced at his Young Master’s face and found it to be icy-cold. He tried to lighten the mood so he squeezed out a smile and said, “Haha… Isn’t that Luosang? Looks like steamed bread wasn’t enough for her…”

‘So Young Master, it’s understandable for her to come out and have beef rice noodles, please don’t so betrayed as if your dog refused to touch his food and went to eat bones given by some other people,’ thought Steward Wu.

“Yeah? Are you saying that I didn’t treat her well?” asked Nian Junting with a fake smile

“No, steamed bread is nutritious; the northerners have that every day,” said Steward Wu.

“It seems that she likes beef rice noodles,” said Nian Junting while suddenly twisting his thin lips. He continued, “The breakfasts made by Sister Lan have been boring lately, so let’s have beef rice noodles, fried bread sticks and soy milk for breakfast tomorrow.”

“Eh… alright,” Steward Wu paused for a second then nodded quickly.

“Did I misunderstand Young Master? Is he not as mean as I thought he is? He saw that Luosang likes to eat beef rice noodle, and he now wants Sister Lan to make that for breakfast tomorrow… Hmm, It seems I need to be nice to Luosang too,” Steward Wu thought.

Luosang had no idea that someone was watched her eating. After filling her stomach, she wiped her mouth with satisfaction, paid the bill, and then took the subway to her rented room.

She didn’t have many things, so she finished packing very soon. On her way back, Sister Miao from the Nursing Service Center called, said, “Luosang, how are you doing at work these days in Nian Family? Are you sure you can handle it? Don’t push yourself too hard.”

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