Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 11 - Mr. Nian Can Shake Xia City by Stomping His Foot

Chapter 11: Mr. Nian Can Shake Xia City by Stomping His Foot

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Luosang’s heart was warmed. She had been in Xia City for quite long, but few people had ever cared about her.

Sometimes people cared about each other, but not because they were close or had known each other for long. She had known Yi Jingxi forever, yet he betrayed her without hesitation.

“Sister Miao, I’m young and energetic. I can handle it, and I’m good,” she responded.

“That’s good to hear,” said Sister Miao, “There’s something I didn’t tell you before. The Young Master Nian, who you have been taking care of, isn’t an ordinary rich man. You may not know about this as you’re not from Xia City, but this Mr. Nian can shake the entire city by simply stomping his foot. The family members on his father’s side in three generations were mostly military leaders, and his mother is the president of Zhong Zhou Group Corporation.”

“Zhong Zhou Group Corporation?” Luosang paused. She knew little about the business world, but she had heard from her father that the Zhong Zhou Group Corporation is one of the world’s top 300 companies and have set foot in real estate, finance, tourism, the health industry, and all sorts of other industries. Its total assets had reached four trillion.

“Yeah, his grandfather is the group chairman,” Sister Miao continued, “Young Master was going to follow his father’s footsteps and serve in the military, but sadly, when he was twenty-one, he got injured in the army during a mission. He couldn’t stay in the army after that, so he went abroad to study. When he returned, he started an investment company, and in just four years, that company is already valued at ten-billion dollars.”

Luosang was astounded.

That picky, OCD-like patient turned out to be so capable.

Luosang felt that she had lived her life in vain when comparing herself with him.

“So you should do the job well, and don’t make him dislike you. Knowing him, you will never need to be afraid of being bullied in Xia City,” said Sister Miao with laughter. “That man is like a prince. By the way, the New Year is coming, and I heard the housekeepers in his family each receive hundreds of thousands of dollars as the year-end bonus.”

Luosang smiled faintly and responded, “Sister Miao, I won’t daydream about that. I’m not a senior housekeeper in Nian Family. I’ve been there for only two days, and I don’t think Mr. Nian likes me. He’s rich, indeed, but he won’t waste his money for nothing. And, I have no plan to stay in the Nian Family for my whole life. I’ll leave when Mr. Nian recovers.”

Sister Miao sighed, but then praised, “Luosang, you’re young but not greedy at all. People always want extra money nowadays, and you’re the only one who surprises me.”

Luosang gave a bitter smile, then cast eyes on her own blurred reflection in the subway window.

That was probably because she grew up in a privileged environment. She never worried about money before, and she had gotten used to it. Even though she had nothing now, she didn’t intend to change herself.

After coming out of the subway station, she went to the supermarket nearby and bought some instant noodles, snacks, and vegetables, because she planned to cook for herself when she got hungry at night or had spare time. After all, she poorly slept almost every night and had nothing to eat but steamed bread; she needed to figure out a solution to that situation.

When it was half past eleven, she returned to the villa. Nian Junting wasn’t back yet, so she decided to make herself some food first. She walked into the kitchen with the vegetables that she just bought and asked Sister Lan, “Sister Lan, can I borrow the stove to make something for myself?”

“Eh? Why did you get your own groceries?” Sister Lan really felt ashamed for her Young Master. “Just help yourself to the food in the fridge.”

“It’s alright, these are cheap anyway,” Luosang said smilingly while opening the plastic bag in her hand.

Sister Lan glanced at the bag and frowned, as she found that it was all discounted, cheap vegetables the Nian Family would never buy. She assumed that Luosang had been living a difficult life and learned how to pinch pennies. Somehow, she thought of her own daughter and felt sad for Luosang, but she had no way of changing Nian Junting’s bad temper.

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