Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 13 - Was He Telling Her that She’s No Better Than His Dog?

Chapter 13: Was He Telling Her that She’s No Better Than His Dog?

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Nian Junting suddenly had a weird feeling. When Luosang’s palms pressed on his hip bones, shivers ran down through his entire body from the top of his head and almost made him moan with pleasure.

He couldn’t stop his breath from becoming quicker and heavier.

As his body felt more and more strange, he hurriedly pushed her hands aside.

“What’s wrong?” Luosang thought he didn’t like it.

“I’m tired, I should get to sleep,” he said.

Luosang helped him lie down, then tucked him in.

He closed his eyes. His heavy brows frowned even when asleep, but that didn’t change the smooth lines of his face or affect his stunning appearance.

He truly had a breathtakingly charming face.

Luosang rested her eyes upon him for a few extra seconds. As she prepared to turn away, he suddenly opened his tightly closed eyes and caught her staring at him.

“Don’t stare at me. Turn off the lights, and go to bed,” he said.

Luosang was a little speechless.

‘Who wants to stare at him while he’s sleeping? He really must believe he’s extremely popular,’ thought Luosang.

In the middle of the night, Nian Junting woke up once because of thirst, but he slept much better than the last couple of nights.

In the morning, he unprecedentedly gave Luosang a compliment by saying, “I didn’t expect your massaging skills to be that good.”

Luosang smiled calmly.

She had always been confident about her massaging skills.

The next morning, when Luosang wheeled Nian Junting’s chair into the dining room, she smelled the scent of beef rice noodles. As she dropped her eyes to the table, she found that the breakfast included beef rice noodles. The rice noodle was beautifully colored, and the beef on top of it was cut neatly and covered in oil. Seeing such an enticing bowl of beef rice noodles in morning greatly boosted her appetite.

It definitely tasted better than the beef rice noodles she had yesterday.

Luosang was hungry already. Smelling her favorite kind of noodles, she now felt even more hungry and even heard her belly rumbling.

However, she kept her eyes straight, because her parents’ teachings wouldn’t allow her to look hungry.

Nian Junting threw a sideways glance at her, then coldly quirked up the corners of his lips and said, “Sister Lan, your culinary skills are a lot worse than before. I lost my appetite the moment I saw this.”

Steward Wu, who was holding the beef rice noodle and preparing to feed him, paused and asked, “Young Master, then this rice noodle…”

“Discard it. I have no appetite when looking at it.” Once he finished this sentence, he saw Luosang’s calm face move slightly, so he elegantly grinned and asked her, “What’s wrong, Luosang? Do you want it?”

“No…” Luosang shook her head and responded. “But I think it’s quite wasteful to discard it.”

Nian Junting remained silent and thought for a while, then said with a smile, “It’s wasteful indeed. Steward Wu, go bring Xiaosi here from the backyard. This morning, he’ll have beef rice noodles for breakfast.”

Xiao Si…

Luosang paused, suddenly thinking of the well-groomed man who visited the night before last.

‘Does he live in Nian Junting’s backyard?’ she wondered.

When Steward Wu came back with a black and white Alaskan malamute, Luosang realized that she was wrong.

Nian Junting named his dog after his close friend.

It was so awful.

‘How can this kind of person have friends? It’s inconceivable. His friends are so unlucky,’ Luosang thought.

Xiaosi seemed to be well-trained. Once he received the order from Steward Wu, he nimbly hopped onto a dining chair and squeezed his giant body together, looking very fitting.

“Give him a fried bread stick too,” said Nian Junting while glancing at Luosang again. Seeing her face twitch slightly, he was very delighted. “Ah, don’t forget Luosang’s steamed bread,” he added.

Had he been clearly telling her that she was no better than his dog?

Luosang was used to this.

Steward Wu was speechless.

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