Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 14 - A Thousand Per Day? That’s Too Little

Chapter 14: A Thousand Per Day? That’s Too Little

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Yesterday, Steward Wu thought that his Young Master was stung by his conscience and finally decided to improve Luosang’s diet to the level of beef rice noodles.

However, he really overestimated his Young Master.

“Eh… Young Master, I don’t think Xiaosi can have beef rice noodles,” Steward Wu kindly reminded Nian Junting as he discovered that Xiaosi staring at his bowl. “And it seems pretty spicy…”

Nian Junting suddenly stared at Xiaosi with a pair of cold dagger eyes and said,”Is our dog really so pampered?”

Under pressure by Nian Junting, the poor Xiaosi painfully lowered his head to eat the beef rice noodles.

Luosang couldn’t help but show pity for the dog.

Being Nian Junting’s carer was miserable, but being his friends and dog was probably worse.

Suddenly, the sound of a car was heard from the backyard, and followed by the clicks of high-heels.

Luosang turned her head and saw a strange yet beautiful woman walking in. She looked between thirty and forty years old, had an oval face, arched eyebrows, and her black coat matched perfectly with her long white dress. Her well-cared for black hair fell over her shoulders, making her look elegant and graceful.

“What brings you here?” said Nian Junting as his mouth dropped at the sight that woman.

“I’m your mother, and I care about you. I’m here to see if you’re feeling better. Watch your attitude.” The woman set down her small black purse on the couch, and then walked toward the dining room.

Luosang paused for a second. This woman looked so young that Luosang thought she was Nian Junting’s sister. However, judging by what she said, she was none other than Murong Cheng, the president of Zhong Zhou Group Corporation. Luosang was almost frightened by the overwhelming aura of a successful, powerful woman.

“If you care about me then why do you still have the spirits to dress up?” scoffd Nian Junting who showed no intention to conceal his scorn and disdain.

Murong Chen scolded, “You’re not disabled permanently. You’re a man but can’t cope with this little difficulty. You want to yell at everyone every day, fine, but do you really want your mother to cry endlessly for you and to look like an ugly old woman?” Murong Cheng smiled coldly and continued, “I’m not old yet, so of course I’m going to dress up to try and find love again as soon as possible.”

Nian Junting pressed his thin lips together, and then turned his eyes away. The expression in his face was a little complicated.

Luosang lowered her head to chew her steamed bread and pretended to not hear this shocking news about this rich and powerful family. It turned out that Nian Junting didn’t get along with his parents.

“Ahyaya, are you crazy? How could you make Xiaosi eat this spicy rice noodle?” cried Murong Cheng. She finally discovered the poor Xiaosi and quickly walked over to drag the dog off the dining chair.

“Ow!” Xiaosi raised his mouth, it was covered in oil. His eyes were filled with tears because the rice noodle was too spicy.

Murong Cheng glanced at Xiaosi with pity, then shifted her eyes to Luosang. Pausing shortly, she frowned and said to Nian Junting, “Is she your new carer? The dog is eating beef rice noodle while your carer has steamed bread. Tingting, do you want me to get you a shrink? I know you feel bad being stuck in this wheelchair, but you can’t vent all your anger towards other people?”

Nian Junting slightly moved his thin lips and said,”It’s none of your business.”

“Child…” Murong Cheng gave him a threatening glance then abruptly turned to Luosang. She smiled to her and said, “I’m really sorry, my son doesn’t know how to be nice. It’s my fault, I failed to educate him properly. Being a carer is an exhausting job. From now on, you can have whatever you want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – just let Sister Lan know. And, I heard that you’re paid a thousand yuan per day, right? That’s too little! I’ll add on another thousand.”

Luosang had always been a calm person, but Murong Cheng’s exceptionally warm smile made her feel she was in a dream. When she realized what was happening, she hurriedly refused and said, “Thank you, but you don’t need to. A thousand is enough, and I’ve already signed the contract with Steward Wu earlier.”

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