Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 15 - Does She Need to Sponge-bathe Nian Junting Every Day?

Chapter 15: Does She Need to Sponge-bathe Nian Junting Every Day?

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“You have to accept it. I know how my son is. He’s just way too hard to please,” said Murong Cheng, her face filled with dislike. “Tell me, what’s your name? How old are you?”

Luosang was surprised a little. Didn’t people say that the ladies from wealthy families were all exceptionally picky and hard to get along with? But Mrs. Nian seemed to be unexpectedly nice. And her questions… Why did she make this whole thing sound like a blind date?

“My name is Luosang, and I’m thirty years old.”

“Ah… Thirty…” Murong Cheng’s voice tailed off, sounding full of regret. But soon, she smilingly called Sister Lan over and said, “As of now, Luosang can have meals with Tingting, and they’ll have exactly the same food. She’s a carer, not a maid. They’re employer and employee, and it’s an equal relationship.”

“Mom…” Nian Junting glared at his mom sullenly and said, “This is my home, can you stay out of this? If you do this again, I’ll refuse to eat.”

“Whatever,” said Murong Cheng carelessly, “The food can be saved if you don’t eat. When you get hungry, go and eat outside on your own if you can, or maybe cook some food for yourself. But since you look so much like a disabled man that you even need someone to feed you, I doubt you can do that.”

“You…” Nian Junting trembled with anger.

The trembling Nian Junting reminded Luosang of a stroke patient.

‘Mrs. Nian is awesome,’ thought Luosang.

“Alright, I’m your mom, and I’m the boss of this house unless you don’t want me to be your mom anymore.” Murong Cheng rubbed Xiaosi’s fluffy head as she said, “Also, I prepare to build a house in the South Garden, but I’m short-handed, so I need Steward Wu to help me for a while. Sister Lan and Luosang will be responsible for you.”

Nian Junting paused, then realized that something was wrong. “You should hire people if you’re short-handed. I only have three people, and I can’t move myself, but you still intend to take one of them away. How can you be like that as a mother?”

“Don’t you always prefer fewer people around you? And I heard that Steward Wu is responsible and careful, so I think I can trust him.” While speaking, Murong Cheng looked at her watch and continued with, “Alright, that’s it. I have an important meeting at ten o’clock, so I need to leave now.”

After standing up, she took out a business card from her purse and handed it to Luosang. She said, “Luosang, I’ll leave Tingting to you. Call me if he bullies you.” She left quickly after she finished talking.

“So why on earth did you come?” murmured Nian Junting. He believed that his mom was here for Steward Wu instead of checking on him as claimed.

What did he do wrong in his previous life that got himself a mom like this in his present life?

Nian Junting felt that one day he would be mad at his mom enough to kill himself.

Luosang wasn’t happy either. If Steward Wu went to help Mrs. Nian, she would need to sponge-bath Nian Junting every day, wouldn’t she?

She couldn’t calm down no matter how hard she tried when thinking about the fact that she now needed to face Nian Junting’s little thing every single day.

Nian Junting suddenly reached his hand toward Luosang and said, “Get my phone.” He somehow managed to calm back down within a minute.

After all, Murong Cheng’s attitude toward Luosang was too weird.

Waking up from her thoughts, Luosang hurriedly handed Nian Junting his phone.

Nian Junting quickly called Doctor Han and asked, “Did you tell my mom something?”

“Madam asks about your condition every day. Earlier I mentioned to her that you called me the other day. I think it’s important…”

“Han Ming, I’ll fire you, believe it or not,” said Nian Junting as his face turned extremely dark. “You’re not the only doctor in the world.”

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