Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 17 - Mr. Nian… You Don’t Need to Be Shy

Chapter 17: Mr. Nian… You Don’t Need to Be Shy

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Nian Junting woke up at three o’clock in the afternoon. After joining a short video conference of his company by using his phone, he started feeling extremely bored.

Seeing this, Luosang said to him and said, “Mr. Xiao brought a bunch of books for you to read when you were sleeping.”

“Book?” Nian Junting was surprised as he believed that it was scarce for a tasteless guy like Xiao Si to read any book. “Show me,” he said.

Luosang blushed slightly, but she turned back and carried all of the books on the tea table to Nian Junting, then said, “There’s quite a lot. Take your time.”

Nian Junting thought those were normal magazines, but when he picked one and gave a look, his face even turned green. He directly threw the magazine out, yelling, “What the hell is that? Are you trying to make me sick?”

“But… Mr. Xiao said that these are your favorite,” Luosang blinked and said. She didn’t want to believe that this was Nian Junting’s real reaction and wondered if he was pretending. “Mr. Nian, actually… You don’t need to be shy. I can understand it, that you… You’ve been lying on the bed for so long after all, and… According to estimates by psychologists, many men like these things…”

“Understand my ass.” Nian Junting couldn’t help but swear. He believed that Luosang made him angrier on purpose.

He didn’t want to say another word to Luosang, but called Xiaosi directly.

Once the call connected, Xiao Si bursted into laughter on the other side of the phone and said, “Tingting, did you get my present? Those are awesome, right? You like them, don’t you?”

“Xiao Si, not everyone is like you, OK?” Nian Junting felt that he had lost his face completely, as Xiao Si actually made Luosang believe that he was into this kind of vulgar magazines.

“What? I did it for your good. You said that your body finally responded, so I think you may recover if you spend more time reading these stuff to stimulate your body,” said Xiaosi with an innocent tone, “I was going to send you some videos, but you have that lady taking care of you and I thought it’s not appropriate for you two to watch that kind of video together. I mean, she’s unmarried, and you are energetic. A single man and a single woman… you know? So, if you lose control and do something bad… I don’t think that’d be good…”

Nian Junting subconsciously glanced at Luosang who stood beside him. He didn’t want her to hear what Xiaosi said, so he stayed calm and quickly turned down the volume of his phone. After that, he called Xiaosi ‘psycho’ and then hung up on the phone.

Then, he raised his head to look at Luosang, who was wearing old-fashioned clothes. Recalling Xiaosi’s words, his handsome face twisted as he said to Luosang, “Get these magazines away. If Xiaosi ever brings any other strange things, reject him directly.”

“Alright…” Seeing the look in his face, Luosang felt confused. Did he really not like these things? Wasn’t he pretending?

It seemed that she did need to regard him with special respect.

At night, since Steward Wu wasn’t here, the sponge bath had become a very awkward thing.

Because of what happened the last time, Luosang was worried the whole time and didn’t dare mention the previous sponge bath.

Nian Junting didn’t want to do it either. He felt uncomfortable, as he thought that Luosang might find some excuse again to eye-rape him. And if his body reacts again, that would be way too embarrassing.

At ten o’clock, Sister Lan came upstairs to remind him, “Young Master, it’s late. You should take the sponge bath then get to sleep.”

While speaking, she smilingly looked at Luosang.

Luosang sneakily glanced at Nian Junting. Seeing that he remained silent with a dark face, she knew that she would have to give him that sponge bath tonight. So, she silently went to prepare the warm water.

When she came back out, Sister Lan had already left.

“Get me a pair of clean underpants from the drawer in the closet.” Nian Junting directly gave an order without even looking at her.

“Okay.” Luosang put down the basin of water and turned to go to the closet.

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