Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 18 - Don’t Play the Game that You Played the Last Time, I Don’t Like It

Chapter 18: Don’t Play the Game that You Played the Last Time, I Don’t Like It

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It was her first time walking into this two-hundred and fifty square foot closet. Three walls were occupied by wardrobes, with matching suits hanging neatly within them. She opened a random drawer, in which mens underwear were placed in rolls.

Her face blushed slightly.

These…there were too many colors, and she didn’t know how to choose.

At last, she closed her eyes and grabbed one: a pair of red boxer shorts.

When she came out, Nian Junting threw her a sideway glance while switching channels with the TV remote control, then said, “I don’t want you to give me the sponge bath, but there’s no one else in this house. Don’t overthink this, as I have no interest in you. And don’t play the game that you played the last time, I didn’t like it.”

Luosang felt speechless, as she felt that he was the one who had been overthinking things this whole time.

‘Forget it, he’s the boss so he can say whatever he wants,’ she thought.

She took a deep breath. Somehow, she managed to calm down and started seeing him as an ordinary patient.

This time, she didn’t dare to be even a little careless and wiped all distracting thoughts from her mind. She understood that she had to get used to this, because Steward Wu wouldn’t be around for quite some time. In his absence, she would have to deal with this kind of work.

While wiping his thighs, she again turned her face away. But soon, she sensed something strange.

It was like a little tree suddenly became a towering one.

As she wondered what was happening, she forgot the lesson learned from last time and turned her head to look at where she was wiping.

As soon as she saw it clearly, she was dumbfounded.

Nian Junting had frozen as well.

Last time his body only reacted slightly, but now he felt it stronger when she wiped his thighs. Everything happened too fast, and once he realized what had happened, his body was already out of control.

He breathed deeply as he couldn’t believe that he had truly recovered.

However, he wished that he didn’t recover at this very moment,

He really didn’t want this woman to witness his recovery.

It was worth mentioning that he had told her to not overthink about this just now.

“Why are you staring at me again?” Nian Junting accused Luosang before she could say a word.

Luosang woke up suddenly from the shock, only to find that the situation was even more awkward and astonishing than last time.

Hearing him yell, she hurriedly helped him put on clean shorts. However, the situation turned even more awkward after she put the shorts on him. “Sorry, I didn’t think that… and, this pair of shorts are a little too tight…,” she stammered.

She didn’t manage to finish talking and blushed, her heart thumping.

Nian Junting couldn’t raise his head to look at her, but he could imagine how weird this whole thing was. He breathed deeply then said grimly, “Have you forgotten what I said to you just now? You’re a woman, but why don’t you know what ‘shame’ is?”

Luosang was a little annoyed by his ridiculous accusation. There were certain things that she hadn’t experienced, but that didn’t mean she knew nothing about them. So she couldn’t help but contradict, “That has nothing to do with me. I was just wiping you but who knows…”

She meant that was his own problem.

“I haven’t had a sex life for long, but this is a natural physical reaction. This happened when Steward Wu gave me the sponge bath too,” he said.

“Then you shouldn’t blame me for it,” she said.

Now, Nian Junting didn’t know what to say.

After remaining silent for a couple of seconds, he responded proudly, “Anyway… It’s wrong for you to stare at my body.”

He would blame her no matter what.

Luosang again felt speechless, but she didn’t want to continue arguing with him.

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