Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 2 - Do Not Take Advantage of Me —You Don’t Deserve It

Chapter 2: Do Not Take Advantage of Me —You Don’t Deserve It

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Luosang thought to herself, ‘This man can’t see very well, can he?’

“Mr. Nian, I am definitely a real woman,” she explained kindly. “We carers often need to take care of patients like you, and sometimes we have to do heavy lifting. After practicing a couple of times, my strength naturally grows, but you are very sturdy. I strained every musle to lift you just now.”

Nian Junting sneered and said, “Did you? I didn’t feel that. On the contrary, I felt it was quite easy for you.”

Luosang squeezed in a smile and responded, “Well in fact, I was born quite strong.”

Nian Junting looked at her sullenly and said with a frosty voice, “I forgive you this time, but next time… I don’t need you to lift me; just help me up.”

Luosang nodded and pushed the wheelchair into the bathroom. She stopped by the toilet.

“Help me up,” said Nian Junting.

Luosang remembered his request, so she only tried to help him up. However, his spine couldn’t fully support his body, and she failed to get him to sit on the toilet after trying for quite a while.

Nian Junting struggled a few more times. Suffering from long-term injuries had given him a sense of powerlessness, which ignited the anger in his heart and made him shove Luosang directly to the ground.

Thud! The back of Luosang’s head hit against a bathroom cabinet, and almost fell unconscious. She lost her eyesight for a moment from the pain and starting hearing a buzzing noise.

She touched her head with her hand. Fortunately, she wasn’t bleeding.

‘No wonder the carers before me all quit.’ She smiled bitterly and thought to herself. ‘This man is so moody.’

However, the job paid well, and she needed to earn enough money for college. She really needed to hold on, no matter how hard it might be.

Nian Junting turned back, glared at her coldly, as if expecting her to cry out in fear and say ‘I quit’. To his surprise, she only rubbed her head before holding the wall to stand up and walk towards him. She then carried him onto the toilet in a slightly aggressive manner.

He felt both infuriated and humiliated, but before he could call out, Luosang began talking. She said, “Mr. Nian, I’ve seen many patients like you. Some even needed amputations and could never get back on their feet. I heard that you have injured your spine, but you will recover, and this situation is only temporary. I know you’re in a bad mood, but holding your urine for too long can lead to urologic diseases. If that happened it would be quite embarrassing for you to go see a urologist, wouldn’t it? Anyways, you shouldn’t shove people like that. I’m not just worried about getting hurt, but I’m worried that the strain might worsen your spine injuries and slow down your recovery.”

Looking at the faint smile on her face, Nian Junting felt like he was punching a bag full of cotton.

He raised his head to looked at her carefully again. Her black-rimmed glasses covered a large half of her face, and her bangs were thick. She was a very average-looking woman, but she had this indescribable, equable temperament that made him want to keep looking at her.

He suddenly gave an order and barked, “Alright, then you can come over and take off my pants.”

Luosang paused for a second. Her heart skipped a beat when she looked at his breathtakingly handsome face glowing under the lamplight.

Earlier when she pushed the wheelchair into the bathroom, she didn’t expect this to happen. Of course as a carer, she often needed to do things like this, but this was her first time taking care of such a young and good-looking man. So despite her composure, she now had other thoughts rushing through her mind.

For work, she made herself look frumpy and told the others that she was already thirty, but her real age was twenty-two. In addition she had no clue about sex yet.

“Don’t look at me like a predator! I’m telling you not, do not take advantage of me because you don’t deserve it,” said Nian Junting, all cold and proud. His words immediately killed all the thoughts in Luosang’s head.

“Predator”? What part of me looks like a predator? This man really knows how to flatter himself.

“Mr. Nian, you misunderstood me. I was just a little shy,” said Luosang.

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