Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 3 - I Don’t Want the Others to Know That I Was Carried in a Woman’s Arms

Chapter 3: I Don’t Want the Others to Know That I Was Carried in a Woman’s Arms

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“You can be shy?” Nian Junting didn’t believe Luosang, so he scoffed, “You insisted on pushing me in for this exact purpose, didn’t you?”

Luosang’s mouth corners twitched slightly as she responded, “I have explained that it’s because Steward Wu isn’t feeling well.”

“And you expect me to believe that?” asked Nian Junting, both his tone and eyes revealing his scorn. “You have only been here for a few days; don’t make it sound like you’re close with Steward Wu.”

Luosang didn’t know what to say. She felt that she had no way to explain herself to this man.

“I’ll just take off your pants for you.” Tired of explaining, she took a step forward, bent over, dragged down his pajama pants with one hand, and gently supported his hip with the other.

Nian Junting felt so awkward, he tightened his entire body. He turned his head, saw Luosang’s forehead next to his shoulder, covered by her thick bangs. He couldn’t see her eyes as they were covered by her hair too. It was his first time looking at her so closely, and he found her facial skin rather delicate. Maybe because she really felt shy, her cheeks were slightly red like cherry.

He heard from Steward Wu that she was already thirty years old.

‘But, can a thirty-year-old woman’s skin be in such a good condition?’ He wondered.

He had also sensed a faint scent from her body. It was somewhat similar to the aroma of pear blossom, light and refreshing, completely unlike a fragrance that a mature woman should have.

He felt that her hand, which was gently supporting his hip, was so soft, it was as if no bones existed in it.

He shivered suddenly, realizing that he was actually distracted by a woman older than himself.

‘No, I’ve got to divert my attention,’ he thought.

“You’re thirty years old, so I suppose you are married and a mom already, right?”

“No.” Luosang didn’t dare to lower her head to look at his body, so after holding him up, she pulled off his pants and swiftly turned her head away.

Nian Junting’s eyes landed on her, then he said, “You have bad taste in fashion, so it’s normal for you to be left on the shelf.”

“I’m used to this.” Her face showed no sign of being hurt by his words.

Nian Tingjun now didn’t know how to respond. He suddenly felt that this conversation was boring. “You can go out now. I’ll call you when I finish,” he said.

After walking out of the bathroom, Luosang hurriedly went downstairs to pick up the broom, then came back up and cleaned the broken cup in the bedroom.

Soon later, she opened the bathroom door and walked back in. Nian Junting was still sitting on the toilet, and he had pulled up his pajama pants slightly to cover his private part.

She supported his hip with a hand again, then pulled up his pants for him and carried him back into the wheelchair.

Nian Junting was still very unhappy to be carried by her, yet he had no choice but to tolerate it.

After lying back on the bed, he warned her, “If tomorrow Steward Wu asks you if I got up to use the bathroom tonight, you will tell him that I didn’t, because I don’t want the others to know that I was carried in a woman’s arms.”

“… Alright.”

‘This man is really sensitive about his reputation,’ she thought.

“Now go and get me a cup of water. I’m thirsty.” He gave her another order.

Luosang sighed and said, “Mr. Nian, you have already drunk two cups of water tonight. You drink too much water, and that’s why you always need to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Besides, you’ll get puffy if you drink too much water.” She felt that she really needed to say this out loud.

Nian Junting snorted coldly, threw her a sideways glance, and replied, “You think I don’t know that you said this only because you don’t want to get up at night over and over again to help me to the bathroom? Do you wanna slack off? In your dreams! Can anyone earn money so easily? If you can’t stand this, you can go.”

Feeling a little helpless, Luosang said, “Of course not. I said that for your good. Getting up at night may reduce your sleep quality, and that is not good for your recovery.”

“Do you think I want to keep drinking water? I’ve been like this since I was little. I’ll feel uncomfortable once my mouth is dry, even slightly. I need to keep my mouth moisturized to sleep. But I never get puffy, probably because I’m already used to drinking this much water.” Nian Junting frowned and said this with an impatient look.

For a moment, Luosang didn’t know how to respond.

‘What kind of goddamn obsession is this?’ she wondered.

“This… Can’t you try and quit this habit?”

“No, I can’t!” He was adamant when he refused.

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