Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 21 - Mr. Nian, Yi Jingxi From the Xu Group Asked to See You

Chapter 21: Mr. Nian, Yi Jingxi From the Xu Group Asked to See You

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Hearing Xiao Si, Nian Junting glanced at Luosang silently.

The way she made tea seemed to be quite skillful indeed. “Have you learned how to make tea before?” He asked.

Luosang smiled and responded with, “The older you get, the more you know.”

Nian Junting snorted coldly and said, “I don’t think you know anything besides eating. And a little compliment can make you so proud. If you are really so capable, why did you become a leftover lady?”

Lousang shut her mouth, speechless. She couldn’t understand why Nian Junting saw her as someone who knew nothing but how to eat.

Xiao Si gave him a glance and said, “Tingting, can you not say such mean things? Let’s talk about the business. Later, a man will come over to discuss a plan. Please meet him for my sake. One of my good friends insisted on introducing him to me, so let’s just see him as a new friend.”

“Who?” asked Nian Junting.

“Yi Jingxi, the president of Xu Group.”


Luosang was turning back to refill the kettle, but upon hearing that name, she forgot to watch her feet and stumbled over a chair, almost falling to the ground. After regaining her balance with quite a bit of effort, she could hear nothing but a buzzing noise from her head, until Nian Junting’s angry yell woke her up suddenly.

“Why are you so careless?” He said.

“I’m… I’m sorry,” Luosang apologized. She was afraid that the others might detect her emotion, so she didn’t dare raise her head, and instead turned around to turn on the water cooler and refill the kettle.

Only she knew that her hands were shaking.

She really didn’t expect to hear Yi Jingxi’s name again after she came to a strange city, or even run into him.

She had once loved that man so much for so long. She wanted to give him her heart and soul. But now, her heart was filled with nothing but hatred when she heard his name. She wanted to cut his chest open with a knife to see his heart and ask him why he treated her as he did.

However, now was definitely not the right time for her to see him again.

At that moment, Nian Junting’s scornful voice was heard again. “Yi Jingxi? Is he the man you mentioned the last time who relied on a woman to climb up and snatched the stake of Xu Pictures?”

“Don’t say that,” said Xiao Si. “We know that that man is shrewd, but what businessman isn’t dark-minded? Do you remember the half-developed, large, outdoor film studio in the River East that is laying as waste because the capital chain is broken? Yi Jingxi took it over, but his fund is insufficient. So he wants to work with us. We can become a shareholder, or find a few investors to fund the project. We’ll get fifteen percent of commission, which is quite considerable. And the case is very feasible.”

Luosang paused. She had heard about the large outdoor film studio in River East. It was said that the film studio cost billions. She didn’t think that Yi Jingxi had so much money to take it over. She underestimated him, and she didn’t know how many more secrets he had kept from her. She remembered that when she first met him, he was just an ordinary man who was capable, but had no distinguished family background.

If the outdoor film studio succeeds, Yi Jingxi would become a highly influential person in the entire film industry.

Nian Junting carelessly twisted his thin lips and said, “Em, this man, Yi Jingxi, is really ambitious. It seems that controlling the Xu Group isn’t enough for him, so he wants to build a large-scale outdoor film studio for filming and for tourism. I’m afraid he’s gonna rule the entertainment circle one day.”

“That’s why I said this case is worth talking about,” said Xiao Si.

Lu Kang knocked the door, then walked in and said, “Mr. Nian, Mr. Yi from the Xu Group is downstairs. He asked to see you, and he said that he has an appointment with Mr. Xiao.”

“Tell him to come up,” said Nian Junting flatly.

Luoang’s heart skipped a beat. She subconsciously lowered her head to look at her clothing. It wasn’t time for her to meet Yi Jingxi again, and she didn’t want him to see her like this.

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