Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 20 - He Couldn’t Help but Glance at Her for A Couple of Times

Chapter 20: He Couldn’t Help but Glance at Her for A Couple of Times

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After the car was parked, Lu Kang helped Nian Junting get out of the car, and Luosang followed closely behind. They took the private elevator to the fifty-second floor, then headed straight to the conference room.

The door opened, and sitting in the room were about twenty top managers in nice suits. Luosang stopped by the door, but Nian Junting suddenly crooked his finger toward her and said, “come in and help me.”

Luosang had no other choice but to walk in. She tried her best to make herself invisible, but still felt countless gazes landing on her.

Fortunately, she had been in such situations with her father before, so she took a deep breath, and started to calmly make tea for Nian Junting. Even Nian Junting couldn’t help but look at her for a little longer, as he was surprised by her composure. After all, the people sat in this room were all intimidating personalities. He remembered that even Lu Kang was quite nervous when he followed him into this room for the first time.

“Mr. Nian, are you feeling better?” someone asked with concern.

“Do I look like I’m feeling better to you?” Nian Junting knitted his brows and countered back. He made the man too embarrassed to continue talking.

“Alright, this is the year-end summary meeting. Let’s save time and begin now,” Nian Junting said.

Once he finished this sentence, the atmosphere in the conference room turned more serious than before. Luosang felt that those top managers didn’t even dare to breathe too loud. However, what impressed her more was the fact that, although Nian Junting had been talking with a flat tone, every single sentence he said pointed out an essential problem. No wonder he could build a great company at such a young age.

Suddenly, Nian Junting asked with a cold voice, “I have a question. Why don’t I see that sum of money from Gao Jian?” and then the conference room fell silent.

A long while later, Yang Fan from the finance department stuttered to explain, “Gao Jian has been suffering losses in the latter half of the year. We’ve sent people to ask for the money a few times, but their CEO is in the hospital now. Their money has been used for patching up holes. If we push them harder now, that old man might really die…”

Nian Junting sneered, veins throbbing in his temples as he said, “We’re running a company, not a charity. Do you know that other large companies have invested Gao Jian too? They want profits at the end of the year, and if you don’t give them money, they’ll give you trouble. Who can patch this hole then? The others are all waiting for the money to come so that they can have a happy New Year. If he doesn’t give his money but threaten to jump from the top of this building, will you take the responsibility?”

Yan Fan blushed, remained silent.

“Before getting off work today, I want you to collect the money no matter what. Tomorrow is the 29th, the last workday of the year. I think you all understand that you won’t be able to have a happy New Year if the money isn’t in our shareholders’ accounts on time,” demanded Nian Junting. After throwing out this last word with a frosty tone, Nian Junting ended the meeting.

It was eleven o’clock in the morning, and Luosang stood in a bright luxurious office. She could see the hanging garden covered in plants, the tennis court, and the swimming pool through the window.

Building a skyscraper like this must cost hundreds of millions.

Luosang remembered that the company owned by the Xu Family was far less luxurious.

She couldn’t help but to look at the young and handsome Nian Junting again, who was focused on all kinds of forms at the moment. She kept looking at him from the corner of her eyes until Xiao Xi elegantly walked in through the carved door.

“You’re sitting in a wheelchair, yet you’re working in the company,” he said.

“As the deputy general manager, you didn’t attend the year-end summary meeting, and you’re late to work. If we relied on you, the company would have tanked long ago,” said Nian Junting as he glared at him with a dark face. Nian Junting continued, “If I weren’t here, those idiots would have lost Gao Jian’s money.”

Xiao Si dragged himself a chair to sit down and said, “That’s not their fault. That old man Gao Jian is too sneaky, and it’s a special case.” Luosang poured him a cup of tea. He picked up the cup and took a sip, then praised, “Wow, sister, I didn’t know that carers could make nice tea too.”

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